"The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history."

-George Orwell, "1984".



Scripture, Historic, Citation, and Reason based Refutation of the modern, Jesuit-created lie of supposing the Reformers were initiates, and/or agents of the Gnostic Hierarchy, which is in contradiction to:

All available ancient records, documents, and testimonies, both from Christian as well as Heathen sources, and from the available citations of the Jesuit Order, and the Superior General himself in the Secret Conference of 1824, as well as dozens of other times in which their esoteric views were exposed to the Light of day, through the Grace of God.

 - Article still under work. -

"Admonish a friend, it may be he hath not done it: and if he have done it, that he do it no more.

Admonish thy friend, it may be he hath not said it: and if he have, that he speak it not again.

Admonish a friend: for many times it is a slander, and believe not every tale."

- Ecclesiasticus 19:13 - 19:15 KJV

"... In the mouth of two or three witnesses shall every word be established."

- 2 Corinthians 13:1 KJV 

"But ye, brethren, be not weary in well doing.

And if any man obey not our word by this epistle, note that man, and have no company with him, that he may be ashamed.

Yet count him not as an enemy, but admonish him as a brother.

Now the Lord of peace himself give you peace always by all means. The Lord be with you all."

- 2 Thessalonians 3:13 - 3:16 KJV

"Against an elder receive not an accusation, but before two or three witnesses."

1 Timothy 5:19 KJV

"Do not err, my beloved brethren."

- James 1:16 KJV

"But avoid foolish questions, and genealogies, and contentions, and strivings about the law; for they are unprofitable and vain. 

A man that is an heretick after the first and second admonition reject; Knowing that he that is such is subverted, and sinneth, being condemned of himself."

Titus 3:9 - 3:11 KJV

"Any man is liable to err, only a fool persists in error."


"errare humanum est, sed perseverare diabolicum: 'to err is human, but to persist (in the mistake) is diabolical."

- Seneca "the Rhetorician"

Despite what the following author, and many other writers of the 20th & 21st century Erroneously Theorize about the reality of the events of the 16th century (That the Reformation was an act of Gnostic Conceit), it is an incontrovertible fact supported by countless documents, testimony, both primary and secondary, as well as from testimony by the Priesthood of Absolute Evil itself, that the Hierarchy was in no position at that point in time to conspire such an extensive design, let alone carry it out.  

To begin to reprove this absurd idea, here are the spoken words of,

the Jesuit Church Sant'Antonio Abate, in Cheiri, Italy

20th Jesuit Superior General Luigi Fortis S.J.

(The first adherent to the Prince of Evil himself, and arguably the most knowledgeable man on the face of the earth concerning the Mystery of Iniquity, in his day)

speaking at 'the pregnant mother of their future proceedings, wherein they would concentrate all the ideas they had formed upon the epoch, so as to turn them to the aggrandizement of the church.', which took place in the Jesuit Novitiate within the Jesuit Church Sant'Antonio Abate, in Cheiri, Italy, 1824.

2oth Jesuit Superior General Luigi Fortis S.J.

Note: it must be stated, contrary to the aforementioned author using the Protocols of Zion as the basis in his theory regarding the Reformers and Reformation (A document meticulously created by the Order over a period of no less than 70 years, to deceive the common man, and usher in the Third Reich; destroying all their enemies across Eurasia, both alive and in the grave, as conspired in this conference)

The contents of this conference were never meant to meet the eyes and ears of the 'profane': As Unbeknownst to the General and Curia, through the Grace of God, the entirety of the cited Secret-Conference was written down by the Pen of a Novice-In training hidden away in a back room, Jacopo Leone S.J. (The Author of "The Jesuit Conspiracy; The Secret Plan of the Order", published in 1848.)

The Words of the Superior General himself. "the whole naked truth" regarding the "the horrible outbreak of the sixteenth century":

"I would not have any one despair of the great future success of our enterprise because our beginnings are small. What could be more inconsiderable in appearance than was our Company at its commencement? Yet but a few years had elapsed ere it proved to be full of vigor, and was already become rich and powerful. 

And, in later times, what throne but owned the mysterious ascendancy of our genius? From the review which has been taken of the matter, you must perceive that the Church, notwithstanding the immense aggregate and the value of its materials, is far from being in the condition of an edifice solidly raised upon its foundations and completely finished. 

It is still altogether in a rough and disorderly state. If, then, it has narrowly escaped an overthrow on the first shock, let us look to the causes of its weakness. It wanted a skillful and rigorous architect, who would have taken care to examine and prove each several stone; who would have rejected the bad ones outright; who would have sought out the hardest granite to strengthen the most exposed parts; and would have seen that the whole was united together by the strongest and most tenacious cement. 

The greatest amongst the Popes themselves have never possessed a clear and living light, they have only groped in the dark; and this explains to us wherefore a work, which is in itself gigantic, presents so little homogeneousness and harmony. 

If, when the Barbarian hordes overran our country and took possession of it; when the Roman Empire fell to pieces, and Christianity was driven to change it's abstract form for one better adapted to fascinate the imaginations and the senses of the new comers; if, at the moment when the Papacy arose out of the universal degradation, it had fallen into the hands of men of large and enterprising views, it would have been able in times so propitious to efface, secretly and by degrees, all records of the ancient state of things, and to blot out every trace of the transformation of the Episcopal Aristocracy into a Papal Monarchy. 

It might have effected this by retrenchments from and additions to the writings of Councils and of Fathers, employing on this task minds capable of accomplishing it; and then, what a glorious position for us! 

The great strife between Catholicism and Protestantism would never have arisen, or at least it would wholly have confined itself to the authenticity of the primitive writings. This work of retrenchment and addition ought to have been confided to a Roman school, well trained to the purpose, so as to imitate with dexterity the style peculiar to each writer. 

What was wanting in the ninth century was a Pope who should have eclipsed the glory of Charlemagne. Gregory VII with his gigantic, but too vague ideas; Innocent III with his marvelous Institutions, Confession, Inquisition, and Monks, came too late. Five centuries earlier, some genius equal to his, and ourselves to aid with the vast idea that now engrosses us, would have rendered the Romish Church the Sovereign arbiter of the whole world. 

Instead of this, the two centuries which preceded Hildebrand supplied Popes madder than Caligula, and more monstrous than Nero, so that it is impossible for us to give a color to their History which may be deemed-I will not say excusable, but even tolerable. 

Neither the fourteenth nor the fifteenth century offers a single example of talent and intelligence capable of foreseeing, and consequently of preventing by the abolition of the most flagrant abuses in the Church, 

the horrible outbreak of the sixteenth century. 

What, in fact, do we see in the two centuries which precede Protestantism? The Roman See occupied either by men of less than ordinary abilities, or by haughty voluptuaries. Such beings ruin a construction rather than help to build it up. They have no prudence to guide them; they exhibit to the people in their own persons a spectacle of turpitude, as if the people were brutes, absolutely incapable of reflection. 

Under such Popes, with a Clergy, Bishops, and Monastic Orders (The supposed all-powerful Rosicrucian Order the author says existed would be under this section) of the same stamp, was it to be hoped that the Church should wax great and strong so as to hold Nations and Monarchs compressed in its great embrace? Can we be surprised that it still remains in a state of aberration in spite of its immense resources? 

It is my desire that among ourselves everything be spoken out, and that the whole naked truth be uttered; for it is in the highest degree useful and necessary to us to know and to study it, as it is. 

Are we so blind as not to perceive clearly that whatever was done then was done entirely with greedy and interested views (no word of Gnostic, "jewish" intergenerational heglian designs), and that the same observation applies also to the present times? 

Nothing has ever been contrived as subordinate to the execution of a vast plan. 

You are acquainted with the infamous abuses of nepotism, and its frightful consequences: what a degradation of the Papacy!

 That high and inestimable dignity was no longer coveted but as a means of glutting the mad ambition and insatiable avarice of a few families. 

Meanwhile, a vast catastrophe was impending, and the veil of the temple was about to be rent in twain. Alas! when those selfish dreamers suddenly awoke and everywhere lighted exterminating fires for heretics, it was too late.

Men's eyes were opened, they had learned to think, their indignation was aroused, the fire of it was in their hearts. The death of a great number of heretics only bestowed on a party already strong and filled with the most perverse ideas, the dangerous prestige of possessing its martyrs. 

Thus, by an excess of imprudence on our part, heresy took its stand as a power, to which novelty and persecution gave attraction and strength. 

(What a marvel! the Jesuit General himself admitting Imprudence as being the cause for the rise of the Reformation; himself representing Gnostics worldwide! This is not the language used to describe some all intelligent design to intentionally split Roman Catholicism)

How much time was thus lost; and what conflicts was the church compelled to sustain, no longer for the purpose of extending her sway, but simply to save herself from imminent and utter ruin. 

Leo X-that Sardanapalus enervated by Asiatic luxury-did nothing but blunder. 

(Ouch! doing "nothing but blunder" isn't orchestrating an intergenerational Hegelian stratagem!)

Those who succeeded him followed but too closely in his footsteps. 

(The reformation was "a Grand Gnostic Conspiracy"? How about it was the result of centuries of building fallible human err capitalized on by the Grace of God to save souls from the complete and utter evil of the 'dark ages'!)

At length, the hurricane had almost dispersed the riven planks of the Bark, and no one could suggest any practical expedient for keeping them together. All grew pale at the demand for an Ecumenical Council, and it is certain that that of Trent would have been the grave of Rome but for the ability of our Company.
We, resolute and unswerving, succeeded in baffling the multitude of heretics who were eager to attack the very foundations of Catholicism. 

(Heretics means Protestants! Specifically those who have been given understanding of the entirety of scripture, now called "Calvinists"; enemies most hated by the Jesuit Order according to their secret, and public writings)

With History in their hand, they were prepared to question the Bible, the Fathers, the Councils, to trace them from age to age, and explore the origin of each institution, dogma, and practice.
What secrets would then have come to light! 

The symbol of the ancient faith, the primitive mode of solving questions, the progress of the Papal power, the precise date of every innovation and change, the immense chaos of past ages, so well covered until then, would all have been exposed to the eye of day.

Sifted after this fashion, nothing would have been preserved but what is expressly supported by some text of Scripture; the rest would have been remorselessly burnt as stubble. Nor could the Pope have flattered himself with the hope of remaining an honored Patriarch; this very title of Patriarch, they would have told him, was but of recent invention. 

There was a general conspiracy against it, bent on reducing it to the measure of what it was when many Bishops of the east and even of the west despised it so openly, and when Cyprian, Ireneus, and Polycarp held it in so little esteem. 

How many Bishops, indeed, flocked to Trent with hostile intentions! How far might not their boldness have proceeded, had heresy been permitted to spread freely before them in its pernicious erudition?

 But we intrepidly defended the breach, and the young hydra strove in vain to break into the palace. 

(It's strongly suggested to stop reading modern erroneous, Gnostic Jesuit/Catholic fabrications of history, and to get to work studying the Truth! The Reformation was not ever intended by Gnostics being viewed as a singularly unique disaster in the history of the Mystery of Iniquity Post-A.D.)

Thus, after three centuries of indefatigable labor, after we had been as a cuirass on the breast of Rome, her enemies determined to tear us thence, and almost succeeded, convinced that as long as we remained, Rome was invulnerable. 

But if Rome, in her weakness, bent for a time like a palm-tree beneath the raging winds, she soon raised her head again; and now, let us trust, she has gained an accession of strength that will enable her for the future to defy storm and thunder. 

(The most powerful man on the face of the earth, and the highest initiate of Gnosticism, themselves, said that it required "three centuries of indefatigable labor" to even remotely extinguish the flames of truth lit ablaze in the 15th, 16th centuries, and reconquer lost dominion seized by the Uninitiated Protestant Sovereigns: To suggest the Reformers were Gnostics conducting a Grand Conspiracy, when such indefatigable means were required, is utter lunacy)

Kings call upon us-they feel the need of our narcotic cup for their people; but they shall drink of it themselves also, and deeply! We will not, however, forget to wet its rim with honey. 

Two principles-amongst the many we possess-two principles of inexhaustible power and attractiveness ought to hold the first place in our consideration; and this we must continually call to mind. We must thus argue with men in power, and especially those at Court:-Heresy having been the cause of all the complications which arose precisely when Church and State were on the point of entering into a happy alliance, the results of which could not but have been solid and most satisfactory, it is of the highest importance that we should at length realize what three centuries of anarchy have postponed. 

As soon, then, as positive conclusions shall have been laid down, the following should be the two leading principles of a new code, devised for the regulation and conservation of the vast interests of the two powers at length united:-



After this, we have only to be logically consistent, and since it is a maxim of the [Mystery] schools that you cannot be less than, it will not be difficult to contrive that the Spiritual Power, the omnipotent divinity of the Holy See, shall entirely absorb the Temporal Power. Only let them give up to us the souls of the people, let Kings second us with their encouragement and their wealth, and our hierarchy, at present dwindling about like a river, shall soon spread wide as the sea, and cover hills and mountains. 

But it is mainly important that we should know how to extinguish, one by one, the multitude of phosphoric flames that glitter in every direction. We must have the art to accustom the mass of the people to look up to none but our men; and thus we shall train them for the day when, excited by some crying injustice, an increase of taxes, or some such cause of discontent, they shall furnish us with an opportunity to hurl forth a thundering manifesto from Rome, a signal of its rupture with all Governments, and consequently of a decisive and final struggle, in which we shall be bravely supported by the innumerable and ardent host which we or our successors shall have so well disciplined

(Extinguish all "phosphoric flames", i.e. Reformed Theology? Why would they divest precious time, material and means to such an enterprise of "accustom the mass of the people to look up to none but our men", if they controlled the movement, and intended it to spread as deception? This is a direct contradiction to the utterly ludicrous claim that the Reformation was a Gnostic Conspiracy.)

Would that we might be certain-but at least we can hope-that when that crisis comes, a considerable portion of the hierarchy will have undergone a radical and complete change; that the loftiest thrones of the sanctuary will be inaccessible to men incapable of understanding us; that Bishops and Cardinals will know how to follow up their brave words with braver deeds; and finally, that, after so many sacrifices, we may have to glory in a man embodying, in his own person, the most enterprising Popes of past times, a man wearing one of those heads, in fashioning which Nature expands her compasses to her full stretch.

The artisan, when plying his ordinary labor, is never discouraged by the hardness of the wood or the metal on which he works, because he has at hand such implements as will reduce these materials into whatever forms he pleases. Let us so take care to be well provided with implements. 

When the ebullition which we are secretly fomenting shall have reached a sufficient point, the cover shall be suddenly removed, and we will pour our liquid fire upon those political meddlers, who are ignorant and unreflecting enough to serve as tools in our hands, and our efforts will result in a revolution, worthy of the name, which shall combine in one universal conquest all the conquests that have yet been made. 

For this purpose, let our unceasing exertions be directed to the conversion of souls, and let us so preach that deathbeds may be the fruitful source of donations, riches, jewels, and all sorts of legacies. Means of action are indispensable to us, and these means must be as vast as our projects. 

Let nothing resist us; whilst, enveloped in mystery from head to foot, we ourselves remain impenetrable. Friends, we must conquer or die! The higher classes are always very inaccessible to the lower ones; let us nourish their mutual antipathy. Let us accustom the mob, which is, in fact, an implement of power, to look upon us as its warmest advocates; favoring its desires. Let us feed the fire of its wrath, and open to its view a golden age; and let the Pope, Rome, Catholicism, or the Church, let each of these words become for the people the expression of all its rights, the point on which its eye is fixed, the object of its devotion, the moving spring of its thoughts and intentions. 

A day will come-but it will be too late-when it will be seen that expedients the most ridiculous have given birth to marvelous effects, and that those who believed themselves wise, were fools. 

Yes, brethren! We also are Kings! Our arsenal is perhaps as rich as theirs, and even, if I mistake not, more efficient! Our Chaplets, our medals, our miracles, our Saints, our Holy-days, in fine, all that immense battery which we have this day passed in review, will be worth as much, I imagine, as their powder, their soldiers, their cannon, and their moving forests of bayonets. 

All depends upon the skill with which we combine this infinity of means, discipline our troops, and by exciting their zeal and their courage, prepare them for the day which must bring to nothing, or crown with triumph, the long series of our labors.

Let them make a jest of our processions round the profane Jericho, let them mock us and the sound of our trumpets, provided that at the seventh circuit, and assuredly it will be made, the walls of the city fall down, and those who inhabit it fall a prey to us. 

What we have to do, then, is to erect again upon its pedestal the prostrate papal colossus. We engineers, here assembled, have to concert a special plan for this purpose, to point out the machines to be used or to invent new ones, to form workmen and place in their hands levers and cables, and then, provided the whole be directed by superior intelligence, success will be infallible. Such is our task."

(This is the language used by The most powerful Satanist in the four quarters of the Globe during that time, Luigi Fortis; and in no wise suggests that the Reformation was intentional, or desired. That on the contrary the Reformation was a singularly unique occurrence of thousands of individual waves that collected together to form a Destructive Tsunami that brought the near complete destruction of the Mystery of Iniquity itself. History, and Scripture teaches us that such a monumental rupture of world-history, and defeat of the forces of darkness, cannot happen but by the Special Divine Intervention, and Predetermined Will of God.)

"...if some keen and penetrating spirit, drawing aside the corner of the veil, should point out the corrosive side of our doctrines, we must then make every effort to cover this audacious wretch with infamy, or denounce him as a dangerous conspirator, deserving of exemplary chastisement." -Jesuit Provincial of United Kingdom

For the entirety of the Conference, with HOSTS of other citations from the highest reaches of Satanism in the world, which are in direct contradiction to the Author's erroneous theories about the Reformers, see here.

The following works which are to be refuted are from the website Thereisnothingnew.com 

It must be stated, the author is known personally, and that the Intention of their writings were without nefarious ends, least of all the intention to spread Deception. 

However, men are liable to err, especially when they continue in the woeful path of trying to prove something that is untrue; the result generally is that Theory replaces Fact (1), and the Truth becomes Distorted to fit what they have set out to prove (2)

Unsound, modern sources are consulted over the universally acknowledged annals written in the day by men who dedicated their life to preserving the primary and secondary sources (3), and the very Evil they in truth desired to expose, ends up gaining the victory through their ignorantly designed Rewriting of History (4).

As one who has studied extensively the historic progression of Those who Serve Satan, and The Mystery of Iniquity, and Those who have labored to expose them; far, far too often Evil is ascribed battles which it did not win (5), powers which it did not possess (6), influence which it did not exercise (7), and doctrines which it did not believe (8)

Regrettably, the author of the following discourse has fallen victim to all 8 numbered Errs. It is hoped, that the following refutation shall serve as admonition, to the author, and those who believe the same.

As to heavy theological refutations pertaining to what is commonly referred to as 'calvinism', it shall be left to the Learned Puritan men the author maladroitly attempts to paint as all being deceived, and/or agents in a non-existent conspiracy. 

John Gill's The Cause of God and Truth

John Owen's "A display of Arminianism" The death of death in the death of Christ"

Jonathan Edward's "Freedom of the Will"

Thomas Vincent's "the shorter catechism explained from scripture"

Note: there are many, many, other 'puritan' works available to refute the Jesuit/Gnostic created Doctrine of Arminianism.

For those who do not possess the affinity to reading, this video series by the late RC Sproul shall avail to much.

Refutation Begun:

Erroneous Claim: "Calvinist Puritans were not followers of Jesus"*

Historic Truth: William Tyndale, The Venerable Martyr of the Recieved Texts, who by and large is the reason (through the Sovereign Grace of God) we have Textus Receptus, was a "Calvinist", and essentially Puritan.*, as was John Wycliffe*, Jan Hus*, Robertus Stephanus*Theodor Beza*, Miles Cloverdale* & John Rogers*. The Authorized Version Translation process was Initiated by the Puritans.* All but one of the Authorized Version (KJV) translators were Puritans, And/Or "Calvinists" (The one being Arminian)*, Including King James I*, and the majority of his Court.*

The Author of this spurious claim, contradicts themselves and their (correct) stance that the KJV is the perfected Word of God: "The KJV has and will in the future take the brunt of criticism as being a Masonic Bible, the private work of King James I, having been altered by Francis Bacon's (Nome de Plume of Sir Mathew Tobie) Rosicrucian "Knights of the Golden Helmet" or a document written in King's English. This is a bold faced lie; it is the Authorized Word of God, the primary physical Witness of God and the Holy Ghost in written form.", "The KJV is the 7th Purified Word promised in Ps 12:6; if you don't have one you don't have the Word of God." , "the KJV is not subject to the slightest error or in need of any Private Interpretation"*

For if "Calvinist Puritans" were not followers of Jesus, implying they were Not Born-Again and indwelt by the Holy Ghost, how could they have produced the very Holy Word of God in which the author so (rightfully) clings to, without any err? If the author would then claim that the Lord worked through such accused (by the author) unsaved, Christ hating men, than he himself is a proponent of the tenents laid out in the Synod of Dort; as it would have required an un-resistible type Grace.  

It is wondered, why the author would discard dozens, and dozens, of modern testimonies, with "ample" evidence of James I being a Sodomite, yet will claim that Calvin was, without any (Or if they do claim to evidence, they must cite Gnostic Catholic Priests, and Jesuits which themselves could never produce any) ? Or why the Author rejects the plethora's of evidence that James I, and the Authorized Version had Occult Connections, yet will claim that the Reformers were Gnostics simply because of the name they were born with, that they had Jewish friends, used a symbol,  or had some Catholic connections prior to conversion? (It must be stated that I myself do not believe James was a Sodomite, nor that the KJV was Gnostic influenced; I am merely stating the acute Double Mindedness of the Author, and their blatant prejudice and inability to correctly discern history without Bias; seriously giving hinderance to their authority and credibility as a website dedicated to the truth. )

The fact of the matter is, is that the host of testimonies and evidence which attempts to vilify the KJV, and James I, can be traced to Gnostic Jesuit/Catholic Sources and generally only came into wide-spread printed existence after the Jesuit Order's restoration in 1814, and more particularly in the 20/21st centuries. The Exact Same can be said of the host of testimonies which attempt to vilify the Reformers, and the Reformation, which the Author readily accepts as Truth. 

The author is either 1. Historically illiterate,  2. A Blatant bigot, or  3. an 'Agent' of the Jesuit Order.

* "Calvinist Puritans were not followers of Jesus" - Howard Ratclife, theresnothingnew.com/reformation (2021)

*"The KJV has and will in the future take the brunt of criticism as being a Masonic Bible, the private work of King James I, having been altered by Francis Bacon's (Nome de Plume of Sir Mathew Tobie) Rosicrucian "Knights of the Golden Helmet" or a document written in King's English. This is a bold faced lie; it is the Authorized Word of God, the primary physical Witness of God and the Holy Ghost in written form.", "The KJV is the 7th Purified Word promised in Ps 12:6; if you don't have one you don't have the Word of God."* - Howard Ratclife. https://theresnothingnew.com/articles/authorized-bible-versus-new-bible-versions/  https://theresnothingnew.com/articles/false-teachers/ (2019)

"By grace (that is to say, by favour) we are plucked out of Adam, the ground of all evil, and grafted in Christ, the root of all goodness. In Christ God loved us, his elect and chosen, before the world began, and reserved us unto the knowledge of his Son and of his holy Gospel, and when the Gospel is preached to us, openeth our hearts and giveth us grace to believe, and putteth the spirit of Christ in us, and we know him as our Father most merciful, and consent to the law, and love it inwardly in our heart, and desire to fulfil it, and sorrow because we cannot: which will (sin we of frailty never so much) is sufficient till more strength be given us; the blood of Christ hath made satisfaction for the rest: the blood of Christ hath obtained all things for us of God. Christ is our satisfaction for the rest: the blood of Christ hath obtained all things for us of God. Christ is our Satisfaction, Redeemer, Deliverer, Savior from vengeance and wrath. Observe and mark in Paul's, Peter's and John's Epistles, and in the Gospel, what Christ is unto us."  , "Why does God open one man's eyes and not another's? Paul (Rom. 9) forbids to ask why; for it is too deep for man's capacity. God we see is honoured thereby, and His mercy set out and the more seen in the vessels of mercy. But THE POPISH can suffer God to have no secret, hid to Himself. They have searched to come to the bottom of His bottomless wisdom: and because they cannot attain to that secret, and be too proud to let it alone, and to grant themselves ignorant, with the apostle, that knew no other than God's glory in the elect; they go and set up free-will with the heathen philosophers, and say that man's free-will is the cause why god chose one and not another, contrary unto all the scripture."  - William Tyndale. A Pathway Into the Holy Scripture. (As well as other works; not to mention his last prayer which Caused [As it was a prayer in correlation with the Will of the Lord, who thereafter wrought it] the Reformation. Tyndale never met, nor read a writing of Calvin. Is the venerable martyr of Jesus to be accused of being a Judaizing Gnostic as well? His Coat of Arms had symbols which Gnostics used after all! Or perhaps it's possible to use a symbol of something created, benevolently, while others intend it to be malicious? O fallen man! How Poor and Degenerate is thy state! How fallen art thee from thy first Edenic love, and trust, so as to believe none but thyself!')

*""neither place nor human election makes a person a member of the church but divine predestination in respect of whoever with perseverance follows Christ in love, and in abandoning all his worldly good suffers to defend His law." - John Wycliffe, de ecclesia, edited by J Loserth (London, 1886) page 76. (as well as other citable passages of Wycliffe's works) 

"The unity of the catholic church, consists in the bond of predestination, since the individual members are united by predestination, and in the goal of blessedness, since all her sons are ultimately united in blessedness."  - John Hus, "on the church", 1413. (as well as other citable passages of Hus's works)

* Robert Stephanus was an open friend, and follower of Calvin who published Calvin's Institutes and Commentaries in Geneva. - 1559 edition of John Calvin's Institutes of the Christian Religion, and other works, which bears Robert's seal. (Stephanus was forced to flee Paris to Geneva by the persecutions at the hand of the Gnostic Priesthood, and was the first to introduce Chapters and Divisions to Textus Receptus; was this the work of Jewish Gnostic influence? Certainly not)

*Tabula Praedestinationis, Beza. (Scrivener in his Parallel New Testament-Greek and English proves that the KJV Calvinist translators relied heavily on Beza's Translation, so much so that Scrivener says they deviated from Beza only about one hundred and ninety times. Further, Scrivener proves that they not only relied on Beza's Greek, but his Latin Translation as well. Beza, therefore, The successor and essentially the first follower, and dearest friend of Calvin, the great Reformer and Champion against the Roman Curia, had a prevalent and distinct influence on the KJV, and it's translators through His works.)

*" Coverdale, Goodman, Gilby, Whittingham, Samson, Cole, Knox, Badleigh, and Pullam, all celebrated puritans, during their exile at this time, made a new translation of the bible, which went under the appellation of the Geneva bible. They first published the New Testament in 1557, the first that had ever been published with numerical verses; and the whole bible, with marginal notes, was printed in 1560, and dedicated to queen Elizabeth. The translators aver that they were employed in the work, with fear and trembling, night and day, and call God to witness, that in every point and word they have faithfully rendered the text to the best of their knowledge: But the marginal notes having given some offence, the work was not permitted to be printed in England during the life of archbishop Parker. It was afterwards printed in 1576, and went through twenty or thirty editions in a short time. It was long after printed under the name of the reformer's bible." -Select Memoirs of the English and Scottish Divines (As well as writings of Myles himself, and other contemperary sources describing his Providentially blessed life.)

* "When, after about fourteen years' absence, he returned to England with sympathies steadily crystallizing into the sternest Calvinism, he became immediately absorbed in current conflicts. It is true, reality had been given to Wycliffe's dream of wider popular knowledge of the Scriptures, but the old enmities remained, and Rogers was in no mind to shirk what he regarded as his responsibilities. At St. Paul's Cross he denounced the misuse of the properties of the suppressed monasteries. His refusal to comply with the regulations respecting the use of vestments led to his suspension from the divinity lectureship at St. Paul's. Three days after Queen Mary's arrival in London he boldly condemned cc all pestilent popery, idolatory, and superstition." At the instigation ofBonner, the Bishop of London, he was removed to Newgate. Then, when brought to trial, Gardiner sentenced him to death as an ex-communicated person and a heretic, brutally refusing his request to be allowed to see his wife. On the morning of February 4th, 1555, he was led to the stake, but not before Bonner had formally degraded him from the priesthood by directing his canonical dress to be tom piecemeal from his shoulders. Rogers was bumt alive at Smithfield"- John Rogers and the Bible,  T.B. Fowler, (Moreover one may reference the Matthew Bible's commentary, and the fact that Roger's was a close, and intimate friend of Tyndale; and that there are no recorded theological disputes between the two men. As already stated, Tyndale was indefinitely 'calvinist')

*"Historical truth is, that upon the importunate petitions of the Puritans, at his Majesty's coming to this Crown, the Conference at Hampton Court having been appointed for hearing their complaints: when by force of reason they were put from all other grounds, they had recourse at the last, to this shift, that they could not with good conscience subscribe to the Communion book, since it maintained the Bible as it was there translated, which was as they said, a most corrupted translation. And although this was judged to be but a very poor and empty shift; yet even hereupon did his Majesty begin to bethink himself of the good that might ensue by a new translation, and presently after gave order for this Translation which is now presented unto thee. Thus much to satisfy our scrupulous Brethren." - The Translators to the Reader. Authorized Version, The 7th Purified Word of God. (London, 1611) (What, then, are we to make of this? That the KJV was initiated by Gnostic, Christless initiates? "God forbid", as Paul would put it! The "Calvinist" Puritans were, and are, followers of Jesus; and generally speaking the most scripture saturated! How about we take some time to actually read their works, and their history, instead of villainizing those who were most easily discerned to be the Lord's beloved) 

*"Predestination to Life is the everlasting purpose of God, whereby (before the foundations of the world were laid) he hath constantly decreed by his counsel secret to us, to deliver from curse and damnation those whom he hath chosen in Christ out of mankind, and to bring them by Christ to everlasting salvation, as vessels made to honour. Wherefore, they which be endued with so excellent a benefit of God be called according to God's purpose by his Spirit working in due season: they through Grace obey the calling: they be justified freely: they be made sons of God by adoption: they be made like the image of his only-begotten Son Jesus Christ: they walk religiously in good works, and at length, by God's mercy, they attain to everlasting felicity. As the godly consideration of Predestination, and our Election in Christ, is full of sweet, pleasant, and unspeakable comfort to godly persons, and such as feel in themselves the working of the Spirit of Christ, mortifying the works of the flesh, and their earthly members, and drawing up their mind to high and heavenly things, as well because it doth greatly establish and confirm their faith of eternal Salvation to be enjoyed through Christ, as because it doth fervently kindle their love towards God: So, for curious and carnal persons, lacking the Spirit of Christ, to have continually before their eyes the sentence of God's Predestination, is a most dangerous downfal, whereby the Devil doth thrust them either into desperation, or into wretchlessness of most unclean living, no less perilous than desperation. Furthermore, we must receive God's promises in such wise, as they be generally set forth to us in holy Scripture: and, in our doings, that Will of God is to be followed, which we have expressly declared unto us in the Word of God." -The Thirty-nine articles of 1571, Article XVII: Of Predestination and Election.  (Articles in which all translators believed, although some had indifferences, all believed some tenants of "Calvinism", apart from John Richardson. Were the translators the most learned men in the world, as we who know the truth of the KJV attest, or were they terribly deceived in their fundamental theology?  It cannot be the one and the other: Either they who so magnificently through Grace brought that lovely work to fruition had the true understanding of scripture, or the KJV is not the perfected word of God, for Thomas Bilson & Miles Smith who were the divinely chosen men who oversaw the final edit and printing of the KJV, were fundamentally "Calvinist". These two Saints were the Ambassadors of England sent to work on the scripturally impeccable, and Jesuit-Hated Synod of Dort. Further, Thomas Bilson trained and raised the great Puritan John Owens, who the Author refused to receive admonition from, and ignorantly vilifies as not being a follower of Jesus! Both Bilson and Owens would reprove and defend the Reformers against such horridly erroneous accusations, as well as defend the truths of scripture which the author so grievously attempts to vilify as "Gnostic", and "Jewish" lies)

*"God hath two wills: a revealed will toward us, and that will here is understood; he hath also a secret will in his eternal counsel, whereby all things are governed, and in the end made to turn into his glory: oftentimes drawing good effects out of bad causes, and light out of darkness, to the fulfilling either of his mercy, his justice, etc. The first Article of the Apostles creed teacheth us, that God is Almighty, however Vorftius and the Arminians think to rob him of his eternal decree, and secret will, making things to be done in this world whether he will or not." - Rovs, F. Testis Veritatis. The Doctrine of King James our Late Sovereign of famous Memory of the Church of England (London: W. I. 1626), p. 1     (As well as James in his work "Basilikon Doron", 1599.  Before the Author undertakes to cite James to justify his undue bias against the Puritans as Demonic and not followers of Jesus; it will be stated to save themselves the fruitless effort, that; James only ever was against the Puritans on Political Theology, and not Spiritual Theology; which he himself generally agreed with, as shewn in these two works, and many others.)

* As already stated, the The Thirty-nine articles of 1571 are distinctively Calvinist, and all of King James's advisors were conformed in belief to them, by and large. 

I ask the reader to ponder, if the Author can be both so historically and rationally incorrect, in this grand claim (as therein lies a focal point of their entire Jesuit-created theory regarding the Reformation), how much more shall they be so Woefully self-deceived in as well? 

Ignominiously vilifying the 'extirpated & annihilated' Waldensians as Gnostics (The slaughtered men, women, and children in Piedmont would disagree), trampling under proud-footing tens of thousands of Calvinist/Puritan Martyrs as having died in vain (not being true followers of Jesus), claiming there was no need for Reformers to seek the True church, and that it is sinful to pray for the Universal Church, (when our Lord and Savior did so in his great farewell prayer), and further degrees of Pitiful deception shall be seen in the following discourse; 

Which it is hoped, and prayed for, shall avail to, through the Grace of God, the saving of the Author from this most terrible spreading of Deception, and Lies, which assuredly shall be brought before them in a far, far, more unsavory and terrifying manner at the Judgement if they do not accept such admonition of it, in this life now.

Speaking to the author, peradventure it happens they read this 'treatise'; 

"Friend, refrain from vilifying the Reformers (and Reformation) who were moved by the Holy Ghost, and who are the reason you have the KJV today, if you have any sense. Admit to err, as all men are liable to, and recant such terrible lies, the majority of which have their root in the Jesuit & Roman Curia's. I will not attempt to convince you to believe thee said scriptural truths that the translators, and countless others understood through the Holy Ghost to be true; however I would encourage you to pray for the same help to. Refrain from attempting to understand the Mystery of Iniquity in the 15th, 16th and 17th centuries Superficially; as it takes years of meticulous study, to even Begin to fully unravel those Enigmatic years, which stupefied Kings, Emperors, and Entire Nations, as to the truth of how, and why such events took place. Do not trust those fallacious sources used over the prior annals Carefully handed down by those dedicated to the truth. And peradventure you do wish to undertake to gain proper understandings into those mysterious centuries, Lord willing, I will most cheerfully help you in such an enterprise.

Written with intense care to detail, some indignation against untruth, and most importantly underlying brotherly love. Your unceasing & long-laboring friend in the Lord Jesus Christ, Aaron."

"Merovingian Franks

(450-741) were Germanic Pagans "Marranos" who made false conversions to Christianity; Merovingians claimed ancestry from Jesus and Mary Magdalene popularized in the Holy Grail myths; their Monasteries later became Benedictine/Franciscan/Cistercian Monasteries used by the Knights Templar, the same Money Changers Jesus turned the tables on before His rejection. Benedictine Monk, Pope, Saint Gregory the Great was the first Monk to become Pope. Scripture does not contain the words Monk, Monastery, Nun, Convent, Missionary because they are not of God. Paulicians, Johnitters, Waldensians, Albigensians, Bogomils, Begards, Lolards, Dolcinists, Cathars were all Gnostics impersonating God's people as Simon Magus once did.

From 1305 to 1378 the papal curia was at Avignon and the cardinals were nearly all Frenchmen; All human and divine law was entrusted to the Pope alone: whoever resisted his power, resisted the ordinance of God. "Popes, Cardinals, and officials of the Chancery appointed bishops, collected taxes, and decreed excommunications in association with princes; bankers and clergy weighing and reckoning money as the Pharisees did. Charitable covers for raking in illicit funds multiplied. Sees were left vacant or filled in ways that furthered the increase of gross curial muscle and wealth. Legal cases were painfully delayed so as to milk more loot from long-suffering plaintiffs and defendants."

The Merovingian Bloodline, and family, Was undoubtedly important to the Mystery of Iniquity; however, they possessed no great affinity to foresight, and were in general debased, unwitting sovereigns under the control of the Vatican Hierarchy that contributed little to the progression of the Mystery of Iniquity, besides indulging in the horrid rites of debauchery (continuing an important bloodline of Esau) they treasured which was ministered and overseen through the Roman Catholic Hierarchy.  

It would appear the majority of the content the author uses to support the idea of an all powerful  Merovingian, Rosicrucian Conspiracy, comes from a few spurious writings on www.angelfire.com, which provide no sufficient documentation/citation, are written for the target audience of modern Catholics, and are in contradiction to the primary and secondary sources of the 16th, 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries. (Quite possibly being disinformation promulgated by the Order.)

For, generally speaking, there is no trace of any substantial work detailing a "Merovingian conspiracy" prior to the 20th and 21st centuries, when the Order had solidified the power of their infamous empire of Secret Societies which they formed after their restoration in the 19th century.

Ultimate refutation of this erroneous, modern theory, is found in the History of the Iniquitous works of the Order (1), incontrovertibly shewing they had to fight against most of the world to restore the Mystery of Iniquity, and in the words of the Jesuit Superior General himself (2):

"Neither the fourteenth nor the fifteenth century offers a single example of talent and intelligence capable of foreseeing, and consequently of preventing by the abolition of the most flagrant abuses in the Church, the horrible outbreak of the sixteenth century."

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Erroneous Claim: "Waldensians, Albigensians, ...  Lolards, ... were all Gnostics impersonating God's people as Simon Magus once did."

Historic Truth: Such an absurd claim as grouping the Waldensians and Lolards, into the same ilk as Bogomils, Albigensians and Cathars, shows a historic illiteracy, which much to my dismay, is prevalent throughout the entirety of the Authors supposed "exposé"  of the Reformation. 

It's easy enough to make any claim without backing, disfiguring historic events (which ordinarily takes months at the least, and justly years to fully understand), into whatsoever you please; however the (remaining) facts of history clearly vindicate the Waldensians and Lolards against the author's fallacious and outlandish claims; unless you would consult the Roman Curia's equally absurd claims of them being Arian Gnostics, making the claim after extirpating and annihilating all traces of the Waldensian's works, so as to have no proof against such a satanically hypocritical claim. 

Two works of the many, that may be consulted to reprove such a satanic accusation against the Waldensians, and Lolards: James Aitken Wylie's "History of the Waldensians ", and  Williston Walkers "A History of the Church"

The following is the first chapter of James' History of the Waldensians, which gives a glimpse of the Truth of those venerable Martyrs, persecuted and hounded by the Gnostic Roman Curia so ruthlessly:

"It was the ninth century, and superstitious beliefs and idolatrous rites were overspreading the Church, when Claudius, Bishop of Turin, who was deeply imbued with the spirit of Augustine, set himself to arrest the growing corruption with all the fervour of a living faith, and the vigour of a courageous and powerful intellect. To the battle for the purity of doctrine he joined that for the independence of the Churches of Lombardy. Even in Claude's day they remained free, although many Churches more remote from Rome had already been subjugated by that all-conquering power. The Ambrosian Liturgy was still used in the cathedral of Milan, and the Augustiuian doctrine continued to be preached from many of the pulpits of Lombardy and Piedmont. This independence of Rome, and this greater purity of faith and worship, these Churches mainly owed to the three Apostolic men whose names adorn their annals-Ambrose, Vigilantius, and Claude. When Claude went to his grave, about the year 840, the battle, although not altogether dropped, was but languidly maintained. Attempts were renewed to induce the Bishops of Milan to accept the epis copal pall, the badge of spiritual vassalage, from the Pope; but it was not till the middle of the Beleventh century (1059), under Nicholas II., that these attempts were successful. Petrus Damianus, Bishop of Ostia, and Anselm, Bishop of Lucca, were dis patched by the Pontiff to receive the submission of the Lombard Churches, and the popular tumults amid which that submission was extorted sufficiently show that the spirit of Claude still lingered at the foot of the Alps. Nor did the clergy conceal the regret with which they surrendered their ancient liberties to a power before which the whole earth was then bowing down; for the Papal legate, Damianus, informs us that the clergy of Milan maintained in his presence that "The Ambrosian Church, according to the ancient institutions of the Fathers, was always free, without being subject to the laws of Rome, and that the Pope of Rome had no jurisdiction over their Church as to the government or constitution of it."* But if the plains were conquered, not so the mountains. A considerable body of Protesters stood out against this deed of submission. Of these some crossed the Alps, descended the Rhine, and raised the standard of opposition in the diocese of Cologne, where they were branded as Manicheans, and rewarded with the stake. Others retired into the valleys of the Pied montese Alps, and there maintained their scriptural faith and their ancient independence. What has just been related respecting the dioceses of Milan and Turin settles the question of the apostolicity of the Churches of the Waldensian valleys. It is not necessary to show that missionaries were sent from Rome in the first age to plant Christianity in these valleys, nor is it necessary to show that these Churches have existed as distinct and separate communities from early days; enough that they formed a part, as unquestionably they did, of the great evangelical Church of the North of Italy. This is the proof at once of their apostolicity and their independence. It attests their descent from apostolic men, if doctrine be the life of Churches. When their co-religionists on the plains entered within the pale of the Roman jurisdiction, they retired within the mountains, and, spurning alike the tyrannical yoke and the corrupt tenets of the Church of the Seven Hills, they preserved in its purity and simplicity the faith their fathers had handed down to them. Rome manifestly was the schismatic, she it was that had abandoned what was once the common faith of Christendom, leaving by that step to all who remained on the old ground the indisputably valid title of the True Church. Behind this rampart of mountains, which Providence, foreseeing the approach of evil days, would almost seem to have reared on purpose, did the remnant of the early apostolic Church of Italy kindle their lamp, and here did that lamp continue to burn all through the long night which descended on Christendom. There is a singular concurrence of evidence in favour of their high antiquity. Their traditions invariably point to an unbroken descent from the earliest times, as regards their religious belief. The Noëla Leygon, which dates from the year 1100, * goes to prove that the Waldeuses of Piedmont did not owe their rise to Peter Waldo of Lyons, who did not appear till the latter half of that century (1160). The Nobla Leygon though a poem, is in reality a confession of faith, and could have been composed only after some considerable study of the system of Christianity, in contradistinction to the errors of Rome. How could a Church have arisen with such a document in her hands 2 Or how could these herdsmen and vine-dressers, shut up in their mountains, have detected the errors against which they bore testimony, and found their way to the truths of which they made open profession in times of darkness like these? If we grant that their religious beliefs were the heritage of former ages, handed down from an evangelical ancestry, all is plain; but if we maintain that they were the discovery of the men of those days, we assert what approaches almost to a miracle. Their greatest enemies, Claude Seyssel of Turin (1517), and Reynerius the Inquisitor (1250), have admitted their antiquity, and stigmatised them as "the most dangerous of all heretics, because the most ancient." Rorenco, Prior of St. Roch, Turin (1640), was employed to investigate the origin and antiquity of the Waldenscs, and of course had access to all the Waldensian documents in the ducal archives, and being their bitter enemy he may be presumed to have made his report not more favourable than he could help. Yet he states that "they were not a new sect in the ninth and tenth centuries, and that Claude of Turin must have detached them from the Church in the ninth century." Within the limits of her own land did God pro vide a dwelling for this venerable Church. Let us bestow a glance upon the region. As one comes from the south, across the level plain of Piedmont, while yet nearly a hundred miles off, one sees the Alps rise before one, stretehing like a great wall along the horizon. From the gates of the morning to those of the setting sun, the mountains run on in a line of towering magni ficence. Pasturages and chestnut-forests clothe their base; eternal snows crown their summits. How varied are their forms! Some rise like castles of stupendous strength; others shoot up tall and tapering like needles; while others again run along in serrated lines, their summits torn and cleft by the storms of many thousand winters. At the hour of sunrise, what a glory kindles along the crest of that snowy rampart I At sunset the spectacle is again renewed, and a line of pyres is seen to burn in the evening sky. Drawing nearer the hills, on a line about thirty miles west of Turin, there opens before one what seems a great mountain portal. This is the entrance to the Waldensian territory. A low hill drawn along in front serves as a defence against all who may come with hostile intent, as but too frequently happened in times gone by, while a stupendous monolith-the Castelluzzo-shoots up to the clouds, and stands sentinel at the gate of this renowned region. As one approaches La Torre the Castelluzzo rises higher and higher, and irresistibly fixes the eye by the perfect beauty of its pillar-like form." But to this mountain a higher interest belongs than any that mere symmetry can give it. It is indissolubly linked with martyr-memories, and borrows a halo from the achievements of the past. How often, in days of old, was the confessor hurled sheer down its awful steep, and dashed on the rocks at its foot! And there, commingled in one ghastly heap, growing ever the bigger and ghastlier as another and yet another victim was added to it, lay the mangled bodies of pastor and peasant, of mother and child ! It was the tragedies connected with this mountain mainly that called forth Milton's noble sonnet: "Avenge, O Lord, Thy slaughtered saints, whose bones Lie scattered on the Alpine mountains cold. in Thy hook record their groans Who were Thy sheep, and in their ancient fold, Slain by the bloody Piedmontese, that rolled Mother with infant down the rocks. Their moans The vales redoubled to the hills, and they To heaven." The Waldensian valleys are seven in number; they were more in ancient times, but the limits of the Vaudois territory have undergone repeated curtailment, and now only seven remain, lying between Pinerolo on the east and Monte Viso on the west- that pyramidal hill which forms so prominent an object from every part of the plain of Piedmont, towering as it does above the surrounding mountains, and, like a horn of silver, cutting the ehon of the firmament. The first three valleys run out somewhat like the spokes of a wheel, the spot on which we stand-the gateway, namely-being the nave. The first is Luserna, or Valley of Light. It runs right out in a grand gorge of some twelve miles in length by about two in width. It wears a carpeting of meadows, which the waters of the Pelice keep ever fresh and bright. A profusion of vines, acacias, and mulberry-trees, fleck it with their shadows; and a wall of lofty mountains encloses it on either hand. The second is Rora, or Valley of Dews. It is a vast cup, some fifty miles in circumference, its sides luxuriantly clothed with meadow and corn-field, with fruit and forest trees, and its rim formed of craggy and peaked mountains, many of them snow-clad. The third is Angrogna, or Valley of Groans. Of it we shall speak more particularly afterwards. Beyond the extremity of the first three valleys are the remaining four, forming, as it were, the rim of the wheel. These last are enclosed in their turn by a line of lofty mountains, which form a wall of defence around the entire territory. Each valley is a fortress having its own gate of ingress and egress, with its caves, and rocks, and mighty chestnut-trees, forming places of retreat and shelter, so that the highest engineering skill could not have better adapted each several valley to this very purpose. It is not less remarkable that, taking all these valleys together, each is so related to each, the one opening into the other, that they may be said to form one fortress of amazing and matchless strength-wholly impregnable, in fact. All the fortresses of Europe, though combined, would not form a citadel so enorimously strong, and so dazzlingly magnificent, as the mountain dwelling of the Vaudois. "The Eternal, our God," says Leger, "having destined this land to be the theatre of his marvels, and the bulwark of his ark, has, by natural means, most marvellously fortified it." The battle begun in one valley could be continued in another, and carried round the entire territory, till at last the invading foe, overpowered by the rocks rolled upon him from the mountains, or assailed by enemies which would start suddenly out of the mist or issue from some unsuspected cave, found retreat impossible, and, cut off in detail, left his bones to whiten the mountains he had come to subdue. These valleys are lovely and fertile, as well as strong. They are watered by numerous torrents, which descend from the snows of the summits. The grassy carpet of their bottom; the mantling vine and the golden grain of their lower slopes; the châlets that dot their sides, sweetly embowered amid fruit-trees; and, higher up, the great chestnut-forests and the pasture lands, where the herdsmen keep watch over their flocks all through the summer days and the starlit nights: the nodding crags, from which the torrent leaps into the light; the rivulet, singing with quiet gladness in the shady nook; the mists, moving grandly among the mountains, now veiling, now revealing, their majesty; and the far-off summits, tipped with silver, to be changed at eve into gleaming gold-make up a picture of blended beauty and grandeur, not equalled, perhaps, and certainly not surpassed, in any other region of the earth. In the heart of their mountains is situated the most interesting, perhaps, of all their valleys. It was in this retreat, walled round by "hills whose heads touch heaven," that their barbes or pastors, from all their several parishes, were wont to meet in annual syuod. It was here that their college stood, and it was here that their missionaries were trained, and, after ordination, were sent forth to sow the good seed, as op portunity offered, in other lands. Let us visit this valley. We ascend to it by the long, narrow, and wind ing Angrogna. Bright meadows enliven its entrance. The mountains on either hand are clothed with the vine, the mulberry, and the chestnut. Anon the valley contracts. It becomes rough with projecting rocks, and shady with great trees. A few paces farther, and it expands into a circular basin, feathery with birches, musical with falling waters, environed atop by naked crags, fringed with dark pines, while the white peak looks down out of heaven. A little in advance the valley seems shut in by a mountainous wall, drawn right across it; and beyond, towering sublimely upward, is seen an assemblage of snow-clad Alps, amid which is placed the valley we are in quest of, where burned of old the candle of the Waldenses. Some terrible con vulsion has rent this mountain from top to bottom, opening a path through it to the valley beyond. We enter the dark chasm, and proceed along on a narrow ledge in the mountain's side, hung half-way between the torrent, which is heard thundering in the abyss below, and the summits which lean over us above. Journeying thus for about two miles, we find the pass beginning to widen, the light to break in, and now we arrive at the gate of the Pra. There opens before us a noble circular valley, its grassy bottom watered by torrents, its sides dotted with dwellings and clothed with corn-fields and pasturages, with a ring of white peaks encircling it above. This was the inner sanctuary of the Waldensian temple. The rest of Italy had turned aside to idols, the Waldensian territory alone had been reserved for the worship of the true God. And was it not meet that on its native soil a remnant of the Apostolic Church of Italy should be maintained, that Rome and all Christendom might have before their eyes a perpetual monument of what they themselves had once been, and a living witness to testify how far they had departed from their first faith ?"

For further consultation on the true nature of the Waldensians, discourse recorded by Luigi Desanctis (Formerly Parish Priest of the Church of the Maddalena alla Rotonda at Rome, Professor of Theology, Official Censor of the Inquisition) may be read in his work "Popery, Puseyism, Jesuitism", Pages 30-38An extract of which shall be given in brief length here: 

"... We talked of many things; then Mr. Manson began to speak of the beautiful churches that are seen in Rome, and of the stupendous monuments of antiquity, especially the ecclesiastical, and concluded with saying that if those Dissenters who cry out so much against the Roman Church could see Rome, and conscientiously consider its monuments, observing its magnificent temples, the majesty of its rites and of its hierarchy, it is certain they would not exclaim so much against it.

"My opinion is quite opposed to yours," said the Waldensian; "and I maintain that & sincere Protestant who sees Rome as it is, finds precisely in its monuments, in its temples, in its hierarchy, in its rites, the strongest arguments to condemn it and to judge it as fallen from the pristine faith preached by St. Paul to the inhabi-taints of that city. I also say that if a sincere and enlightened Roman Catholic, not brought up in prejudice, would seriously AYaminn these things, he would have to abandon his Church if he wished to be a logical Christian." They said many things upon this question. Mr. Manson warmly maintained, his position; the Waldensian, cold as ice, did. not concede an inch of ground. Mr. Sweeteman sought to maintain the intermediate position, and I trembled at heart, but was silent, because I would not disobey my master. But I thought within myself that without disobedience I might enter into the conversation, because they did not speak on the subject of the Bible, but of monuments and rites.

Whilst I was in this uncertainty, Mr. Sweeteman addressed himself to me, saying: " Signor Abbe, you ought not to be silent on a question which so closely concerns you." " Signor Abbe is silent," said the Waldensian, " because he knows well that reason is on my side, but it does not suit him to confess it."

At these words I felt my face become burning and a feeling of holy zeal excited me to fling myself on that obstinate heretic to teach him to speak better of our holy religion. I no longer remembered the prudent counsels of my master, and! with a voice suffocated with indignation, I replied that my silence was quite the reverse of a tacit approval; it was rather compassion for his obstinacy in error, which made him reason wrongly; and I was silent because such sophisms did not appear to me worthy of answer. " How," I added, " seeing such monuments which attest the venerable antiquity of Catholicism, can you conclude that it is false? Must a religion, to be true, be modern? "

The Waldenaian, instead of being offended, took my hand in sign of friendship, and pressing mine in his, said: " This confirms me still more in the good' opinion that I had conceived of you; you are a sincere Roman Catholic; you are such because you believe the truth; should you come to know yourself in error I am certain, that you will abandon Roman Catholicism to embrace the Gospel." ..."

For those who do not possess a great affinity to Literacy, as I suspect the Author does, the following video may be consulted for an honest and truthful account of the Waldensians, and Lolards, as well as the Reformers: (However it must be stated, the video features depictions of Christ, and the Apostles, which I do not condone; thus it's encouraged to read rather than watch; however, if one does watch, it's advised not to take such depictions as accurate) 

"Knights Templar

 (Gnostic International Military-Bankers), a continuation of Norman Bankers who kept accounts in the Domesday Book under William the Conqueror, were disbanded over Usury and were welcomed by the Celtic Church of Scotland who formed the Order of the Rosy Cross "Rosicrucians". Tartan means Canaanite/Phoenican Cloth, a means of identifying Pagan Scottish Klans; Tartan was the Assyrian Army Commander in Sargon II day (ca 700bc); today central to the Presbyterian Church. Kirkin O' Tartan on April 6 celebrates the capture and replacement of Israel through a treasonous pact with Ephraim; most Mormons falsely claim descent from Ephraim. Knights became part of the Scottish Government as the appointed Royal Bodyguard; today called the Vatican Swiss Guard. Chaldeans impersonating Christians "Marranos" and Jews "Cryptos" are called Culdees eg Robber Barons like Rockefellers, JP Morgan, Andrew Carnegie. Culdee John Wycliffe is called the "Morning Star of the Reformation"; Jesus is the real Morning Star; Lucifer is the fake Morning Star. Ancient Order of the Culdees of Iona: Culdee means "Chaldea"; Chaldeans pronounce the word Chaldee as Kaldee or Culdee; the Assyrian, Greek, Coptic, Russian Orthodox Churches are all of Chaldean Origin as is the Six Pointed Star in Israel today. Chaldeans originated with Abram's nephew Chesed (Gen 22:22) seen in Chasidic and Chabad Lubavitch Jewry today.

In Prague Jan Hus took up Culdee religion; Communion "Eucharist" being given to the Laity as Trans-substantiated bread and wine (Roman Catholics, and Lutherans claim this today); the chalice became the symbol of the Hussite Revolution; the real Communion is SPIRITUAL. Unitas Fratrum (Unity of Brethren) is the Moravian Church or Bohemian Church (Bohemian is similar to Gypsy "One who lives outside norms of society"); Egypt the wellspring of Osiris (Saturn) religion was named by Greeks Aegyptios; Bohemianism is the oldest of all Protestant churches, seen today in Bohemian Grove https://theresnothingnew.com/articles/bohemian-grove/. Prague became a Mecca for those interested in esoteric and scientific studies from all over Europe attracting men like John "007" Dee (.007 is 1/137 the odds an atom will absorb a Photon aka Fine Structure Constant; Science and Kabbalah are enmeshed over solving the mystery of 137) QEII Court Astrologer, Edward Kelly, Giordano Bruno and Johannes Kepler (Planetary Orbits). Luther and Calvin, a Jew "Cohen" were influenced and financed by Jews"

Errors committed by the Author:

1. The non existance of the Rosicrucian Order during the period claimed, and the author's ignorance of it's creation at the hands of the Jesuit General. 

This is refuted in writings pertaining to the subject of Rosicrucianism. 

2. Promulgation of the theory of a nonexistent Jewish-Conspiracy, and the authors historical illiteracy on this point. Such terrible lies are refuted in detail later. Suffice to say: it cannot be proven, as they (the Jews) had no sufficient structure to conduct such an extensive conspiracy (and there never has been documents brought fourth to prove such; and on the contrary, there has been plethora's of documents brought fourth revealing the True Conspiracy, spearheaded by the Jesuit Order: both reason, history, and God's Grace demand that if the Mystery of Iniquity is being carried out by a particular organization in a point in history, there will be widespread exposure of it: Such is not found with the fallacious Jewish-conspiracy.). Further, all such hideous claims find their root in the writings and labors of the Satanic Jesuit Order/Vatican (A fact readily admitted even by Modern Scholars, ref, "The Popes Against the Jews"). The verses in scripture speaking of the Synagogue of Satan are spiritual in nature; dealing with Ignorant Jews: In far greater number than such statements in Revelation, there are verses speaking of Jews not being involved. 

3. Vilifying men, such as Jan Hus, for having Catholic connections, when such was the societal norm, and they were only just beginning to Reform from over a millennia of satanic deception, with all the satanic weight of the World against them. 

Jan Hus was a gnostic agent? His disintegrated remains from being burned at the stake for heresy by the Universal Head of Gnosticism, would speak otherwise. 

Vilifying a man who sang Psalms as he was burning (Seldom has it ever been found such acts committed by the Unsaved), is not Christian, and should seriously call into question the Author's scriptural orthodoxy. 

Ultimate refutation of this erroneous, modern theory, is, again, found in the History of the Iniquitous works of the Order (1), incontrovertibly shewing they had to fight against most of the world to restore the Mystery of Iniquity, and in the words of the Jesuit Superior General himself (2):

"Neither the fourteenth nor the fifteenth century offers a single example of talent and intelligence capable of foreseeing, and consequently of preventing by the abolition of the most flagrant abuses in the Church, the horrible outbreak of the sixteenth century."

1. John Foxe's English Book of Martyrs (1563), Arthur Dent's History of the Jesuits (1607), Rudolf Wirth's Swiss History of the Jesuits (1619), Ludovicue Lucius's Swiss History of the Jesuits (1627), Adam Contzen's History of the Jesuits (1657), Ex-Jesuit Melchoir Inchofer's Italian history of the Jesuits (1648), Antoine Arnauld's History of the Jesuits (1667), Catholic Christian's History of the Jesuits (1667), William Waller's English History of the Jesuits (1692), William Prynne's English History of the Jesuits (1695), Pierre Boyer's History of the Jesuits (1726), A protestant's History of the Jesuits (1775), John Poynder's History of the Jesuits in Two Volumes (1816), Calvin Colten's American History of the Jesuits (1836), Maria Monk's Canadian History of the Jesuits (1836), Unknown Author's History of the Jesuits (1839), Edward Dalton's English History of the Jesuits (1842), Henry Fish's English History of the Jesuits (1842), Jules Michelet's French History of the Jesuits (1843), Eugène Sue's history of the Jesuits (1844), Alexandre Dumas's French History of the Jesuits (1844), Alexis Saint-Priest's Russian History of the Jesuits (1845), A continental oberver's English History of the Jesuits (1846), Ex-Jesuit Andrew Steinmetz's History of the Jesuits (1848), Alexander Duff's English History of the Jesuits (1848), Issac Taylor's English History of the Jesuits (1849), John Pitrat's American History of the Jesuits (1851). Luigi Desanctis's Italian History of the Jesuits (1852), William Waterworth's English(?) history of the Jesuits (1852), Giovanni Niccolini's Italian History of the Jesuits (1852), Raffaele Ciocci's English History of the Jesuits (1852), Unknown Author's Canadian History of the Jesuits (1853), Edward Michelsen's English History of the Jesuits (1855), Challis Paroissien's English History of the Jesuits (1855), William Brewer's English History of the Jesuits (1859), J.H. Elliott's English History of the Jesuits (1863), James Clements's American History of the Jesuits (1865), richard cordwell's English History of the Jesuits (1867),Robert Brown's English History of the Jesuits (1869), Margaret Cusack's Irish History of the Jesuits (1871), Charles Newdigate's English History of the Jesuits (1872), Charles Sauvestre's French History of the Jesuits (1880), James Wylie's Scottish History of the Jesuits (1881), Theodor Griesinger's German History of the Jesuits (1883), Charles Chiniquy's History of the Jesuits (1886), Justin Fulton's American History of the Jesuits (1888), J.J. Roy's English History of the Jesuits (1889), First Congregational Church's American History of the Jesuits (1890), Oliver Murray's American History of the Jesuits (1892), Thomas Harris's American History of the Jesuits (1897), Ex-Jesuit Paul Hoensbroech's German History of the Jesuits (1911), Jeremiah Crowley's American History of the Jesuits (1912), Burke McCarty's American History of the Jesuits (1922), LutherKauffman's American History of the Jesuits (1922), Ex-Knight of Malta Teofilo Gardini's English History of the Jesuits (1946-1988), LeoLehmann's American History of the Jesuits (1942), Peter J. Doeswyck's History of the Jesuits (1960), Edmund Paris's French History of the Jesuits (1970), Ex-Jesuit Alberto Rivera's History of the Jesuits (1981), Fredrick Saussy's American History of the Jesuits (1999). Bill Hughes's American History of the Jesuits (2002), P. D. Stuart's American History of the Jesuits (2008)

2. Jacopo Leone's "The Jesuit Conspiracy: the secret plan of the order", 1848. 

"Martin Luther

Luther was a Black Cloistered Augustinian monk of the Strict Observance ("Strict Observance" was coined by Baron von Hund, a German 33rd degree Freemason) in a German monastery appointed, in accordance with the "Rule of Saint Augustine". St Augustine was no Saint, he is the Phoenician (Canaanite) trained father of Zionism. Luther was later released from his Vows, but God holds everyone accountable for Oaths and Vows; this is why James admonished every Christian above all else to "Swear Not" "Strict Observance" is the 33rd Sovereign degree in Freemasonry Luther's personal seal was the Rosicrucian Rose symbolizing the lost tribes of Israel. The 13th Tribe by Arthur Koestler and Brit-Am-Israel promote the "Lost Tribes" doctrine; it's all based on myth; I suggest letting Jesus figure that out.

Wars of the Roses between the Houses of York and Lancaster with each side represented by a rose; York by a white rose, and Lancaster by a red rose. At the end of the Civil Wars Henry Tudor became king; the Zohar claims the Roses Israel; a lie. Henceforth the red and white petal 'Tudor Rose' became the symbol of the English monarchs and therefore of England itself. It still is an official symbol of Britain. The Tudor Rose has ten petals whereas the 'Rose of Israel' described in the Zohar has thirteen but then England being dominated by the tribe of Ephraim represents only ten out of the original thirteen Israelite Tribes." British=Birthright Covenant; Britain is Edomite not Ephraimite; Ephraim assumed the name Israel after a treasonous pact was made with Tartan, the Assyrian Army Commander. Luther's Rose was actually a symbol of the Phoenician god Astaroth "Guardian of Hell" Luther's seal appeared a century later on a Rosicrucian Manifesto, The Chemical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz German Pietist adepts were called Perfecti, as were Gnostic Cathars. Rosicrucians, again under the monicker RC Christian commissioned the Georgia Guide Stones 3/22/80 (Society 322 is the Germanic Brotherhood of Death) calling for the extermination of all but 500M people from Earth; Universal Health Care was Unconstitutionally signed into law on 3/22/10 at 3:22UTC; Rosicrucianism is indeed alive and well. "Christian Rosencreutz" is really just an allegorical tale about the Protestant Reformation. There is a connection with the Cathars, Bogomils and the Manichaeans, or followers of Mani. Luther and the de Medici Bankers collaborated to "precipitate a schism" in the Roman Catholic Church."

"Noah's Flood The 5th Lateran Council in 1517 by Giovanni Lorenzo de Medici (Pope Leo X) adopted the Gnostic concept "Indestructibility of the Soul" as Catholic Dogma; Lateran means "Hidden Frogs" the unclean spirits of Satan, Antichrist and False Prophet (Rev 16:13; 12:9) the Mother of all Religions is the Jesuit HQ at St John Lateran Archbasilica; Sede vacante (Vacant Seat) will be filled by the False Prophet; a theology called Chiliasm with endeavors to sit a man descended of King David on King David's Throne (Satan's Seat Rev 2:13) in a rebuilt Temple in Jerusalem. On October 31 (Druid Samheim "All Hallow's Eve" = Reformation Day) Martin Luther nailed his Ninety-Five Theses to door of Wittenberg Chapel right on schedule written originally by the Essenes in 11Q13 "Prince Melchsiedek Scroll" stating "After 10 Jubilees Prince Melchisedek shall return"; 2017-18 was the 10th Jubilee. Oct 31 "All Hallow's Eve" is considered the date Noah's Flood began on the 17th day of the 2nd month (Heshvan) at the end of October or beginning of November on the Gregorian calendar. This date falls precisely on All Hallow's Eve which is the pagan celebration of the "Day of the Dead." Halloween is the counterpart of the Druidic Feast of Samhain, which was held in honor of the "Lord of the Dead" (Satan) and ushered in the Druidic New Year. Halloween and the two days which follow, the Feasts of All Saints and All Souls, are ancient commemorations of Gen 6 "Giants" which God destroyed with the Flood.

Giovanni de Medici son of Lorenzo the Magnificent was tonsured and ordained a priest at age 7, a Bishop at 13 and made Pope at 37. St. Peter's Basilica, full of priceless treasures was demolished to make way for the new St Peters largely built on the sale of indulgences. St Peter was never in Rome nor was there any Apostolic succession to Pope Constantine the Great; it's truly a religion built on sand with the audience hall built as a Viper. The Reformation effected a marriage of Rosicrucianism and Protestantism. Perhaps the most identifiable relic of Martin Luther is the Christmas Tree, a Covenant with the Canaanite god Baal-berith"

Erroneous Claim: "God holds everyone accountable for Oaths and Vows; this is why James admonished every Christian above all else to "Swear Not""

Historic, Scriptural Truth: If this is true to the extent the Author suggests, implying God cannot forgive past Oaths uttered whence in spiritual darkness, in an unregenerate natural fallen state, how much more will it be to those who swear when in a saved state of regeneration? 

I mean by this point, that if using modern filthy language, and oath swearing (They are one in the same; I strongly suggest all to study the historic progression of oath taking; modern 'swear' words are by all means the same as prior profane oaths of heavenly realities. Both are forbidden in the NT!), is truly unforgivable as the author alleges, that God shall hold them accountable for regardless of repentance and Christ's atonement, then all are unrecoverably damned, including the author who frequently uses filthy language (And refused admonition to change).

The heresy of this spurious claim, is trusted, is plainly seen; and holds no scriptural validity to the Author's attempted vilification of Luther. One could make the rightful statement that this is based from a Private Interpretation. 

Erroneous Claim: "Luther and the de Medici Bankers collaborated to "precipitate a schism" in the Roman Catholic Church.""

Historic Truth: Such an outlandish claim cannot be proven, and only has it's source in the extremely questionable, and historically illiterate www.angelfire.com (The entire article the author basis their theory about the Reformation on only uses the word Jesuit 22 times; in all instances it fails to shew even remotely adequately the true nature of the Order, and it's power: Either they are painfully historically illiterate, or are Agents of the Order.)

Again, it must be stated, the theory the author espouses is in direct contradiction to the Jesuit General's Conference of 1824, and countless of other sources which expose the Satanic Hierarchies true views regarding the 16th century Reformation. 

The version of history promulgated from this source, is disinformation, and is the base root of all the Author's Temporal arguments against Luther.

Erroneous Claim: The Vilification of Luther for once being an Augustinian Monk

Historic Truth: Nearly every single early contributor to Textus Receptus, and the Reformation had Catholic connections, as it was Universal, and the Societal Norm for the day. Is Moses to be hounded as a gnostic initiate of Egypt simply because he possessed the learning of them? Is the book of Daniel to be thrown aside as the satanic writings of a Chaldean priest because he was learned in all their ways? Obviously, there is a certain incomparability between Prophets, and post AD fallible men. However the point stands: Men can possess the learning of their country in their day, and still effect mighty works: such does not hinder them to it, but rather enables it. 

Erroneous Claim: "Luther's Rose was actually a symbol of the Phoenician god Astaroth "Guardian of Hell""

Historic Truth: Luther's Rose, according to all sources of his time, did not contain any occult significance; and was only adopted when he was pressured to have an identifiable symbol by John Frederick. 

The claim itself reveals an appalling prejudice, in the following manner:

James I of England, and all translators had coat of arms, and symbols whereby they were identified.

Here are only three for an example: 

Richard Bancroft

Lancelot Andrews 

James I of England

Richard Bancroft's symbol hosts the Mitre of Dagon, does this mean Bancroft was a secret worshiper of Satan, the prince of demons? Lancelot Andrews' symbol has mounted upon it The mitre of Dagon and Three Stars! A symbol of the Thrice Great Hermes, does this mean that he worshipped the God of this world? James I has upon it no less than 5 satanic symbols, Including a rose, does this mean that he worshipped Astaroth, Mithra, and the primeval prince of the power of the air, the spirit who now works in the children of disobedience? 

No, No and No. As we know from sources of their time, and they themselves, they represented entirely different ideas than that which they represent in the Mystery Cults. 

In short, not everyone who uses a symbol is a Satanist: it is the result of a superficial, ignorant view of history (particularly in the reformation era) that utilizes a principal of discernment (Symbols) which demands careful wielding, in such a vilifying, and careless manner.  

Objection: Then why do you say the Jesuit's, who themselves used symbols which Can have innocent meaning, were indeed Satanists using symbology to depict their inward, esoteric belief? 

Because the following 2 reasons: 

1. The History of the Jesuit Order, as well as countless primary and secondary sources give reasonable clause to. While Luther has no such clauses. 

2. The principal of discerning by Fruits: The Jesuit Order's fruits are no less than the systematic extirpation and annihilation of over 5 million men, women, and children, who were Christians, in less than 100 years of their foundation. Luther has No Such Evil Fruits: on the contrary, one can factually speak that the Fruits of his labors included the resuscitation of the Christian Faith, and the publication of the KJV. (Further, when Tyndale was being secretly harbored at Worms, he more than likely was under Luther's protection; at the least, Tyndale by and large honored Luther as a legitimate servant of Jesus Christ, and was greatly influenced by his writings)

Objection which the Author has already made: Luther, and the reformers and their works, were not necessary to bring about the 'true church'! such an ideal of seeking the true church was not needed! 

The madness, and utter historic ignorance of this claim, and those that they make along with it, are so ludicrous, it shall not begun to be refuted, apart with these few words:

Historically speaking, If it were not for the Reformers; we would not have:

1. The Bible.

2. Any opportunity to believe for "faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God." "... And how shall they preach, except they be sent?": And how shall they preach unless the Scriptures are translated into the vernacular and the universal threat of being excommunicated and martyred is dissipated? Without such means enacted (Which Satan would NEVER have planned; unless you are going to argue the Eternally Evil one is capable of Love)  and be saved from the depths of Eternity in the Lake of Fire thereby.

3. The blessing of  not living in the deepest depths of the Dark Ages, when the Gnostic Roman Curia ruled supreme and wielded the outward power of life and death over all the civilized world.

Erroneous Claim: "Oct 31 "All Hallow's Eve" is considered the date Noah's Flood began on the 17th day of the 2nd month (Heshvan) at the end of October or beginning of November on the Gregorian calendar. This date falls precisely on All Hallow's Eve which is the pagan celebration of the "Day of the Dead." "

Historic Truth: It is true, that on October 31st 1517 Luther nailed his 95 Thesis to the Church door at Wittenberg, the day in which most agree the Flood began. This fact is generally the cornerstone to all 21st century attempted satanic vilifications against Luther, and the Reformation; as it is also the day in which a number of Pagan celebrations took place as well.

What the Author, and all of those who make such vilifying accusations seem to fail to understand, however, is that all such Pagan celebrations were instated after the flood, and are ALL in direct response TO the Flood, as shewn in dozens of works (including the venerable work of "The Worship of the Dead" by Colonel J. Garnier. )

As easily as one denounces that it was a nefarious action for Luther to nail his Thesis on this day (Note: Contrary to popular opinion, Luther did not intend this moment to be anything more than the common use of the All Saint's church door: to request a formal discussion with the hierarchy. Further, it was not posted in the Vernacular, but Latin: it wasn't until someone else, without Luther's permission, translated the Thesis to German, that it began to make round throughout Wittenberg and thereafter Europe), it could as easily (and far more rationally) be seen as a Providentially Benevolent action, as it was done on the Day the Flood Began, when God began his judgement on a corrupt world ruled by a wicked theocracy governed by Cainites; whether or not this is true, I shall not presuppose. However, in light of the benevolent results of the Reformation, it is strongly reasonable to believe it to be so.

Erroneous Claim: Martin Luther nailed his Ninety-Five Theses to door of Wittenberg Chapel right on schedule written originally by the Essenes in 11Q13 "Prince Melchsiedek Scroll" stating "After 10 Jubilees Prince Melchisedek shall return"; 2017-18 was the 10th Jubilee."

Historic Truth: "Right on schedule"? it's been roughly Three and a Half years and still no Antichrist: How about we read the full context of the 11Q13 Scroll instead of believing such apocryphal vilifications:

"In [this] year ofJubilee [each of you shall return to his property (Lev. xxv, 13); and likewise, And this is the manner of release:] every creditor shall release that which he has lent [to his neighbour. He shall not exact it of his neighbour and his brother], for God's release [has been proclaimed] (Deut. xv, 2). [And it will be proclaimed at] the end of days concerning the captives as [He said, To proclaim liberty to the captives (Isa. lxi, 1). Its interpretation is that He] will assign them to the Sons of Heaven and to the inheritance of Melchizedek; f[or He will cast] their [lot] amid the po[rtions of Melchize]dek, who will return them there and will proclaim to them liberty, forgiving them [the wrong-doings] of all their iniquities. And this thing will [occur] in the first week of the Jubilee that follows the nine Jubilees. And the Day of Atonement is the e[nd of the] tenth [Ju]bilee, when all the Sons of [Light] and the men of the lot of Mel[chi]zedek will be atoned for. [And] a statute concerns them [to prov]ide them with their rewards."

If this Prophecy is to be considered true in it's proper context; than Melchisedek would have returned in the first week of the Jubilee after the nine prior. Evidently this has not happened; and it is thereto reasonable to conclude that this obscure fragment of papyrus written by spiritually blind Jews, is nothing but the ancient ramblings of madmen. 

The true spiritual power, as attested by incontrovertible testimony, at this time (100b.c.) was the Satanic Roman Mysteries overseen by the terrible Pontifex Maximus, not ascetic Jews. 

Erroneous Claim: "The Reformation effected a marriage of Rosicrucianism and Protestantism."

Historic Truth: The Reformation effected Protestantism, and the Jesuit Order effected the "marriage", or more acutely, the infiltration of Protestantism.

The claim in of itself is contradictory for the following two reasons: 1. Protestantism in any great measurable influence does not precede the Reformer's Reformation, and 2. Rosicrucianism proceeds the Reformation. 

The fact is that there is no trace of Rosicrucianism, prior to certain agents, with direct connections to the Jesuit Order (Robert Fludd for example only gained his gnostic beliefs after he conversed with numerous Jesuits) publishing the 'Rosicrucian Manifesto' between the years 1614-1617 is in of itself a startling fact, which creates a serious problem for the Author's erroneous view of history.

Believing any single word of that document, which both Catholic, Protestant, and modern historians agree is essentially a fabrication, over the reliable sources of the era, is believing the Word of the Jesuit General over the facts of history. 

Johan Valentin Andrea (Pseudonym of Francis Bacon according to Manly P Hall and Arthur E. Waite), the "founder" of the Rosicrucian Order, Published the Book 'Mytholgiae Christianae,' in 1619 with the Jesuit Symbol on the Front Cover, Because, as the Author themselves acknowledges, Francis Bacon, was Tobie Matthews S.J., an extreme oath inducted Jesuit working on direct orders of the Jesuit Superior General and Curia in Rome. 

To base the entire theory of Martin Luther being a Rosicrucian, or even the existence of the Rosicrucian order prior to 1614, relies on the word of the Jesuit General, in an intentionally public, and historically deceptive document (published for the Counter-reformation purposes of effecting a historic-untruth), is of the same degree of err of believing the historic testimony of the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. 

The Author of the single greatest composition of Jesuit-exposing Citations in existence, apart from the Curia's in Rome, exposes this Jesuit-lie quite well in the following words:

 "The entire Rosicrucian Order sums up to be one either two things at most, that being: (1.) they were once very powerful, up until the 16th century, but were conquered from within when the MILITARY Order of the Jesuits had been created, and where ultimately absorbed and/or infiltrated by them; (2.) this entire ‘Sovereign Order of the Elder Brethren Rose Cross’ (claiming to be the original Rosicrucians) is a completely made up hoax, based on Freemasonic documents (from Jesuit created Freemasonry may I remind you) from the 18th century that ‘Philippe L. De Coster’ claims but does not verify—were authored by the Rosicrucians, and thus proving this Order’s existence (when in reality its has been proven by confessing Counter-Reformed Jesuit coadjutor Masonic IHStorians showcased throughout this website, that most if not all of the documents claimed to be from and by this Order’s are actually documents that have already been published by Jesuit created and controlled Freemason Lodges from the 18th Century, and are nothing new. If this alleged original creators of the 16th century Rosicrucian Order from Germany were actually in control of everything, they wouldn’t be hiding, unlike the Jesuit Order who has been a public Order since they were created in 1370, hidden in plain site.

          Furthermore, study the Statues and Articles contained in this Philippe L. De Coster’s book on the ‘Sovereign Order of the Elder Brethren Rose Cross,’ then recall the ‘Constitution of the Society of Jesus,’ the ‘Secret Instructions of the Jesuits,’ and the ‘The Official Plan for Jesuit Education’—and simply discern with an honest heart how these two Orders are complete inverse, upside-down, backwards opposites in every single way.

         There is no possible way this so-called ‘Sovereign Order of the Elder Brethren Rose Cross,’ claiming to be the original creators of the Rosicrucians and therefore secretly created and controls the Jesuit Order and ultimately Rome, as well as the rest of the world ever did, have, nor ever will—the same Jesuit Order which we have just proven created, controlled, and suppressed (a Jesuit dialectic stratagem) THE Rosicrucians. . .

         For we have diligently scoured through over dozens of Counter-Reformed Jesuit coadjutor Masonic IHStorians’ works (published on this website) translating some from even Latin, French, and German, and have documented that it is Jesuit created Masonic tradition and IHStory to promulgate the fact that the Rosicrucians could not have been infiltrated by the Jesuits, as well as the idea that the Jesuits hated the Rosicrucians. The only thing is, the Jesuits had never denounced the Rosicrucian Order, only Masonic IHSstorians 3-200 years later kept alive the tradition that the Rosicrucians were the ones who denounced the Jesuits, just as Jesuit created Freemasonry was when it was created, and just the Jesuit created Bavarian Illuminati did when it was created (a linear Jesuit pattern). There are no other manuscripts dated from before 1616 that suggest it, fairly meaning that the Rosicrucian Order could have only been invented from 1614-16, at most. The only manuscripts literally have available, that suggests the 16th century Rosicrucian Order was originally founded in the 1300s are the 3 Rosicrucian Manuscripts (published pseudonymously) in 1616 by the Rosicrucian Order itself, which in them denounce the Jesuit Order, I wonder why. . .

         It is interesting to note that, the 3 Rosicrucian Manuscripts published in 1616 were intentionally released in a specific area. . . What area would that be? The same exact area where the birth of Protestant Reformation happened (the exact reason the Jesuit Order was solely officiated by the Roman Catholic Church to destroy), the hot-bed Jesuit intrigue, and coincidentally 1616 1 year after Mutio Vitelleschi, S.J. (1562–1645)—the Italian, Polymath, Polyglot, 6th Superior General of the Society of Jesus 1615-45—launched his Jesuit Counter-Reformation First Thirty Years’ War (1614-44), overseeing the Jesuit Inquisition crusade responsible for the loss of 8 million lives in Germany . . . Do the math, not mental Jesuit gymnastics."

Ultimate refutation of this erroneous, modern theory, again, is found in the History of the Iniquitous works of the Jesuit Order (1), incontrovertibly shewing they had to fight against most of the world to restore the Mystery of Iniquity, and in the words of the Jesuit Superior General himself (2):

"Neither the fourteenth nor the fifteenth century offers a single example of talent and intelligence capable of foreseeing, and consequently of preventing by the abolition of the most flagrant abuses in the Church, the horrible outbreak of the sixteenth century."

1. John Foxe's English Book of Martyrs (1563), Arthur Dent's History of the Jesuits (1607), Rudolf Wirth's Swiss History of the Jesuits (1619), Ludovicue Lucius's Swiss History of the Jesuits (1627), Adam Contzen's History of the Jesuits (1657), Ex-Jesuit Melchoir Inchofer's Italian history of the Jesuits (1648), Antoine Arnauld's History of the Jesuits (1667), Catholic Christian's History of the Jesuits (1667), William Waller's English History of the Jesuits (1692), William Prynne's English History of the Jesuits (1695), Pierre Boyer's History of the Jesuits (1726), A protestant's History of the Jesuits (1775), John Poynder's History of the Jesuits in Two Volumes (1816), Calvin Colten's American History of the Jesuits (1836), Maria Monk's Canadian History of the Jesuits (1836), Unknown Author's History of the Jesuits (1839), Edward Dalton's English History of the Jesuits (1842), Henry Fish's English History of the Jesuits (1842), Jules Michelet's French History of the Jesuits (1843), Eugène Sue's history of the Jesuits (1844), Alexandre Dumas's French History of the Jesuits (1844), Alexis Saint-Priest's Russian History of the Jesuits (1845), A continental oberver's English History of the Jesuits (1846), Ex-Jesuit Andrew Steinmetz's History of the Jesuits (1848), Alexander Duff's English History of the Jesuits (1848), Issac Taylor's English History of the Jesuits (1849), John Pitrat's American History of the Jesuits (1851). Luigi Desanctis's Italian History of the Jesuits (1852), William Waterworth's English(?) history of the Jesuits (1852), Giovanni Niccolini's Italian History of the Jesuits (1852), Raffaele Ciocci's English History of the Jesuits (1852), Unknown Author's Canadian History of the Jesuits (1853), Edward Michelsen's English History of the Jesuits (1855), Challis Paroissien's English History of the Jesuits (1855), William Brewer's English History of the Jesuits (1859), J.H. Elliott's English History of the Jesuits (1863), James Clements's American History of the Jesuits (1865), richard cordwell's English History of the Jesuits (1867),Robert Brown's English History of the Jesuits (1869), Margaret Cusack's Irish History of the Jesuits (1871), Charles Newdigate's English History of the Jesuits (1872), Charles Sauvestre's French History of the Jesuits (1880), James Wylie's Scottish History of the Jesuits (1881), Theodor Griesinger's German History of the Jesuits (1883), Charles Chiniquy's History of the Jesuits (1886), Justin Fulton's American History of the Jesuits (1888), J.J. Roy's English History of the Jesuits (1889), First Congregational Church's American History of the Jesuits (1890), Oliver Murray's American History of the Jesuits (1892), Thomas Harris's American History of the Jesuits (1897), Ex-Jesuit Paul Hoensbroech's German History of the Jesuits (1911), Jeremiah Crowley's American History of the Jesuits (1912), Burke McCarty's American History of the Jesuits (1922), LutherKauffman's American History of the Jesuits (1922), Ex-Knight of Malta Teofilo Gardini's English History of the Jesuits (1946-1988), LeoLehmann's American History of the Jesuits (1942), Peter J. Doeswyck's History of the Jesuits (1960), Edmund Paris's French History of the Jesuits (1970), Ex-Jesuit Alberto Rivera's History of the Jesuits (1981), Fredrick Saussy's American History of the Jesuits (1999). Bill Hughes's American History of the Jesuits (2002), P. D. Stuart's American History of the Jesuits (2008)

2. Jacopo Leone's "The Jesuit Conspiracy: the secret plan of the order", 1848. 

Further Erroneous Claims: https://theresnothingnew.com/martin-luther/

Historic Truth: These vilifications against Luther of the Author, which shall not be delved into in any great detail now, as the majority of the citations used, are entirely taken out of context, or are not given adequate exposition, such as the infamously misquoted "'love God and sin boldly'"; Beloved by the Jesuit Order and Catholic Sources, and entirely taken out of context.

As to the rest of vilifying accusations against Luther, they are copy and pasted from Jesus-is-savior.comA seemingly innocent, truth spreading website run by David J. Stewart:

David J. Stewart is anything but innocent; having raped a child while being a supposed professing Born-Again Christian. 

Friends, do not trust such historically illiterate, more than likely demonic sources (Born-again Christians do not rape children), as the Apostles said: 

 "They profess that they know God; but in works they deny him, being abominable, and disobedient, and unto every good work reprobate." -Titus 1:16 KJV

"If any man among you seem to be religious, and bridleth not his tongue, but deceiveth his own heart, this man's religion is vain." - James 1:26 KJV (Admittedly not applicable; how much more, however, does this apply, if a tongue is ones member, to the unbridled use of another member in the raping of a child? Surely it is applicable in this sense that this mans religion was vain)

"If we say that we have fellowship with him, and walk in darkness, we lie, and do not the truth: But if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship one with another, and the blood of Jesus Christ his Son cleanseth us from all sin." -1 John 1:6-7 KJV

"Little children, it is the last time: and as ye have heard that antichrist shall come, even now are there many antichrists; whereby we know that it is the last time. They went out from us, but they were not of us; for if they had been of us, they would no doubt have continued with us: but they went out, that they might be made manifest that they were not all of us." - 1 John 2:18-19 KJV

"Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world."- 1 John 4:1 KJV

 "For there are certain men crept in unawares, who were before of old ordained to this condemnation, ungodly men, turning the grace of our God into lasciviousness, and denying the only Lord God, and our Lord Jesus Christ. " - Jude 1:4 KJV

All is possible with God (Matthew 19:26): and it is thus possible that David J. Stewart is truly one of the elect, and not one of old ordained to condemnation. However, it is possible to sin against the truth (Hebrews 6 specifically mentions Fornication as such a sin) and no longer be given any grace for repentance (2 Timothy 2:25). Such a terrible sin as fornication through raping a child, would more than likely be such a heinous sin; and is a strong indicator of David J. Stewart being Reprobate, and a servant of Evil before of old ordained to condemnation.  


Ignatius Loyola was a Marrano Jew of Spain who with Francis Xavier founded the Jesuit Order; Jesuits are the Militia of Zeus (Jupiter, Tammuz, Horus) and Society of Gesu "Earth Pig". Sephardic Jews are a misnomer; Marranos of Spain are Sepharvaim, Babylonians, Canaanites, Medeans who replaced Israel (2 Ki 17:30) False converts to Christianity called "Cryptos" Chaldean-Saturnian "Jews" following the Talmud and the Kabbala. Jesuits are an Oath based secret society with an elaborate spy system, so that no one in the order was safe. If there was any opposition, death would come swiftly. The Jesuit order not only became a destructive arm of the Roman Catholic Church; it also developed into a secret intelligence service. Jesuits have been forcibly ejected from most every nation on Earth. Ignatius of Loyola was trained at the University of Paris 18 years before John Calvin (nee Cauvin, Cohen)The first Jesuit Oaths were taken on the crypt of St Denis (Dionysus=Green Man=Osiris=Saturn/Satan) Cathedral on the Feast Day of Lucifer Aug 15, 1534 Jesuit Athanasius Kircher whose vast work on Hermetic Egyptology was published in 1652 and who constantly cites with profound reverence the supposed ancient Egyptian priest, Hermes Trismegestus; Kircher invented Germ Theory a lie which governs the Vaccine, Drug driven Medical Industry today."

The lack of in-depth exposition of the historically Invincible Jesuit Order and questionable tendencies to resort to a Jewish Conspiracy, would in of itself be enough to completely put to rest all claims that the author attempts to make regarding the Reformers, and the subsequent eras, as they lack the required understandings to even begin to state any grand claims. However, for their sakes, and others, it shall be further refuted. 

The words of John Poynder's History of the Jesuits (There are many other great citations which could be brought to the defense, varying from Emperors, Kings, Presidents, Czars, Parliaments, entire peoples, Jesuits, and lay men) Should suffice to shew the terrible lack of knowledge this author possesses regarding the Jesuit Order, and thus shew the lack of credibility as a website dedicated to the truth, specifically when dealing with the 16th, 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries. (This lack of Knowledge regarding the Order is acknowledged as well)

"The Jesuits, from the first, aspired to universal empire. They saw, indeed, the difficulty of their enterprise, and were aware how many had failed in the attempt: they observed, that when any particular Monarch had raised against him, and opposed his designs: they therefore contrived a more skilful method; which was, to leave the Sovereigns masters of their dominions, so long as they could domineer over those Sovereigns, and create their own Vice-Kings, Vice-Princes, Vice-Dukes, in short their Ministers; and thus become, in effect, the Sovereigns of the world, by securing to themselves, insensibly, a species of moral government which should not offend the eye, but produce the same result. As they could not prevail over other Monarchs by force, in opposing them by sea and land, like other adventures; they availed themselves of Religion, as the most effectual instrument for restraining the minds and inclinations of mankind, and of governing them by a power apparently divine; which they employed in directing the consciences of Kings, with a view to their own ends and interests. In order to their success, however, it became necessary to proceed in the least alarming, and most attractive way; especially to conceal the artifices of their Institute; to give it an adaption to places and circumstances; to extend it to Members of other Orders, conditions, and even Religions, to Laymen as well as Ecclesiastics, to the married and single , to Bishops, Popes, Emperors, and Kings. It became essential that the Constitution of the Society should be monarchical and despotic; and that the whole exercise of authority, and the direction of the revenues, should be united in the hands of a single chief; that all the members should be blindly dependant, in every thing, upon his absolute will, for their destiny, for the disposal of their persons, their conduct, and their property; for their doctrine, and mode of thinking on all points, in order that all might be one in their Society, and that the spirit of the head might be universally that of every member of the body; that no authority, temporal or spiritual, neither Councils, Bishops, Popes, nor Kings, should effect any thing against the Society, and that it should be exempt from all their laws, and from all dependance upon them; that the Society should unite in itself, the privileges and prerogatives of all other Societies; and appropriate to itself such rights as should give it superiority over all other bodies; that it should be able to bind to itself all individuals, and all bodies, without ever being itself bound in respect of them; and that it should always sport with obligations and engagements, according to the interests of the Society, and as circumstances should require: that money being the sinew of government, it should amass in the hands of its Director, such possessions and wealth as were necessary to its extensive views; for which purpose the Institute should offer all proper facilities: finally, that, in order to attract the world within its own sphere, and to arrive at general influence, it should, on the one hand, soothe the great and the luxurious, by palatable doctrines, by a convenient morality, and by principles friendly to the indulgence of every passion; while, on the other, it should render itself terrible to every opponent, and even formidable to all who should refuse to join it; formed as it was upon maxims which enabled it to silence or destroy its opponents, and cause even crowned heads to tremble. Volumes must be multiplied if we were to follow the Jesuits into all their Establishments, and to report their intrigues in order to introduce themselves into kingdoms and cities best suited to their design of managing all things at their will; for the purpose of establishing, extending, or perpetuating, the universal Monarchy, which they have projected from their origin. The events of the first century of the Society required a fuller detail, since, being more remote, they were less known: those of the second century, being matters of greater notoriety, and more within the reach of the general readers of History, will require somewhat less of expansion. It will be the object, however, of the present and following chapter to present such a summary of them as may suffice to shew that the more modern history of the Jesuits is of the same complexion as the preceding, and that the "consistency" for which credit is taken by the Jesuits in the close of the last Chapter, is only a consistency in evil."

Does the author even slightly, adequately describe the terrible reality about the Order? Is there any mention of the Order's Extreme Oath of Induction, the Secret Instructions, or the Conference of 1824, and Hosts of other citations, which speaks highly contradictory words to the author's claim about the Reformers? 

No. Only a loose, and grievous superficial overview of a fraction of means in which they deployed, a historically appalling generalization of them as only being 'a destructive arm of the Roman Catholic Church', and a tangible, desperate grasp for the connection of John Calvin to them. 

The Extreme oath of induction, which (let alone the thousands of citations, including the Conference of 1824) destroys their entire theory that the Reformers were Gnostic Agents:

'(Superior:) ‘My son, heretofore you have been taught to act the dissembler: among Roman Catholics to be a Roman Catholic, and to be a spy even among your own brethren; to believe no man, to trust no man. Among the Reformers, to be a reformer; among the Huguenots, to be a Huguenot; among the Calvinists, to be a Calvinist; among other Protestants, generally to be a Protestant, and obtaining their confidence, to seek even to preach from their pulpits, and to denounce with all the vehemence in your nature our Holy Religion and the Pope; and even to descend so low as to become a Jew among Jews, that you might be enabled to gather together all information for the benefit of your Order as a faithful soldier of the Pope.

         You have been taught to insidiously plant the seeds of jealousy and hatred between communities, Provinces, states that were at peace, and incite them to deeds of blood, involving them in war with each other, and to create revolutions and civil wars in countries that were independent and prosperous, cultivating the arts and the sciences and enjoying the blessings of peace. To take sides with the combatants and to act secretly with your brother Jesuit, who might be engaged on the other side, but openly opposed to that with which you might be connected, only that the Church might be the gainer in the end, in the conditions fixed in the treaties for peace and that the end justifies the means.

         You have been taught your duty as a spy, to gather all statistics, facts and information in your power from every source; to ingratiate yourself into the confidence of the family circle of Protestants and heretics of every class and character, as well as that of the Merchant, the Banker, the Lawyer, among the schools and Universities, in Parliaments, and Legislatures, and the Judiciaries and Councils of State, and to be all things to all men, for the Pope’s sake, whose servants we are unto death.

         You have received all your instructions heretofore as a Novice, a Neophyte, and have served as Coadjuter, Confessor and Priest, but you have not yet been invested with all that is necessary to command in the Army of Loyola in the service of the Pope. You must serve the proper time as the instrument and executioner as directed by your Superiors; for none can command here who has not consecrated his labors with the blood of the heretic; for ‘without the shedding of blood no man can be saved.’ Therefore, to fit yourself for your work and make your own salvation sure, you will, in addition to your former oath of obedience to your Order and allegiance to the Pope, repeat after me:’

I, ________, now, in the presence of Almighty God, the Blessed Virgin Mary, the blessed Michael the Archangel, the blessed St. John the Baptist, the holy Apostles St. Peter and St. Paul and all the saints and sacred hosts of heaven, and to you, my ghostly Fr. the Superior General of the Society of Jesus, founded by St. Ignatius Loyola in the Pontificate of Paul the Third, and continued to the present, do by the womb of the virgin, the matrix of God, and the rod of Jesus Christ, declare and swear, that his holiness the Pope is Christ's Vice-regent and is the true and only head of the Catholic or Universal Church throughout the earth; and that by virtue of the keys of binding and loosing, given to his Holiness by my Savior, Jesus Christ, he hath power to depose heretical Kings, Princes, States, Commonwealths, and Governments, all being illegal without his sacred confirmation and that they may safely be destroyed.

Therefore, to the utmost of my power I shall and will defend this doctrine of his Holiness' right and custom against all usurpers of the heretical or Protestant authority whatever, especially the Lutheran of Germany, Holland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and the now pretended authority and churches of England and Scotland, and branches of the same now established in Ireland and on the Continent of America and elsewhere; and all adherents in regard that they be usurped and heretical, opposing the sacred Mother Church of Rome. I do now renounce and disown any allegiance as due to any heretical King, Prince or state named Protestants or Liberals, or obedience to any of the laws, magistrates or officers.

I do further declare that the doctrine of the churches of England and Scotland, of the Calvinists, Huguenots and others of the name Protestants or Liberals to be damnable and they themselves damned who will not forsake the same.

I do further declare, that I will help, assist, and advise all or any of his Holiness' agents in any place wherever I shall be, in Switzerland, Germany, Holland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, England, Ireland or America, or in any other Kingdom or territory I shall come to, and do my uttermost to extirpate the heretical Protestants or Liberals' doctrines and to destroy all their pretended powers, legal or otherwise.

I do further promise and declare, that notwithstanding I am dispensed with, to assume my religion heretical, for the propaganda of the Mother Church's interest, to keep secret and private all her agents' counsels from time to time, as they may entrust me and not to divulge, directly or indirectly, by word, writing or circumstance whatever; but to execute all that shall be proposed, given in charge or discovered unto me, by you, my ghostly Fr., or any of this sacred covenant.

I do further promise and declare, that I will have no opinion or will of my own, or any mental reservation whatever, even as a corpse or cadaver (perinde ac cadaver), but will unhesitatingly obey each and every command that I may receive from my Superiors in the Militia of the Pope and of Jesus Christ.

That I may go to any part of the world withersoever I may be sent, to the frozen regions of the North, the burning sands of the desert of Africa, or the jungles of India, to the centers of civilization of Europe, or to the wild haunts of the barbarous savages of America, without murmuring or repining, and will be submissive in all things whatsoever communicated to me.

I furthermore promise and declare that I will, when opportunity present, make and wage relentless war, secretly or openly, against all heretics, Protestants and Liberals, as I am directed to do, to extirpate and exterminate them from the face of the whole earth; and that I will spare neither age, sex or condition; and that I will hang, waste, boil, flay, strangle and bury alive these infamous heretics, rip up the stomachs and wombs of their women and crush their infants' heads against the walls, in order to annihilate forever their execrable race. That when the same cannot be done openly, I will secretly use the poisoned cup, the strangulating cord, the steel of the poniard or the leaden bullet, regardless of the honor, rank, dignity, or authority of the person or persons, whatever may be their condition in life, either public or private, as I at any time may be directed so to do by any Agent of the Pope or Superior of the Brotherhood of the Holy Faith, of the Society of Jesus.

In confirmation of which, I hereby dedicate my life, my soul and all my corporal powers, and with this dagger which I now receive, I will subscribe my name written in my own blood, in testimony thereof; and should I prove false or weaken in my determination, may my brethren and fellow soldiers of the Militia of the Pope cut off my hands and my feet, and my throat from ear to ear, my belly opened and sulfur burned therein, with all the punishment that can be inflicted upon me on earth and my soul be tortured by demons in an eternal hell forever!

All of which, I, ________________, do swear by the Blessed Trinity and blessed Sacraments, which I am now to receive, to perform and on my part to keep inviolable; and do call all the heavenly and glorious host of heaven to witness the blessed Sacrament of the Eucharist, and witness the same further with my name written and with the point of this dagger dipped in my own blood and sealed in the face of this holy covenant.'"

As stated before: The author is either 1. Historically illiterate, 2. A Blatant bigot, or 3. an 'Agent' of the Jesuit Order.

For adequate knowledge of the Jesuit Order, which is an absolute prerequisite to attempting to understand the 16th century Reformation in light of the Mystery of Iniquity, the following works shall avail to much:

 John Foxe's English Book of Martyrs (1563), Arthur Dent's History of the Jesuits (1607), Rudolf Wirth's Swiss History of the Jesuits (1619), Ludovicue Lucius's Swiss History of the Jesuits (1627), Adam Contzen's History of the Jesuits (1657), Ex-Jesuit Melchoir Inchofer's Italian history of the Jesuits (1648), Antoine Arnauld's History of the Jesuits (1667), Catholic Christian's History of the Jesuits (1667), William Waller's English History of the Jesuits (1692), William Prynne's English History of the Jesuits (1695), Pierre Boyer's History of the Jesuits (1726), A protestant's History of the Jesuits (1775), John Poynder's History of the Jesuits in Two Volumes (1816), Calvin Colten's American History of the Jesuits (1836), Maria Monk's Canadian History of the Jesuits (1836), Unknown Author's History of the Jesuits (1839), Edward Dalton's English History of the Jesuits (1842), Henry Fish's English History of the Jesuits (1842), Jules Michelet's French History of the Jesuits (1843), Eugène Sue's history of the Jesuits (1844), Alexandre Dumas's French History of the Jesuits (1844), Alexis Saint-Priest's Russian History of the Jesuits (1845), A continental oberver's English History of the Jesuits (1846), Ex-Jesuit Andrew Steinmetz's History of the Jesuits (1848), Alexander Duff's English History of the Jesuits (1848), Ex-Jesuit Jacopo Leone's Recorded Conference of 1824 (1848), Issac Taylor's English History of the Jesuits (1849), John Pitrat's American History of the Jesuits (1851). Luigi Desanctis's Italian History of the Jesuits (1852), William Waterworth's English(?) history of the Jesuits (1852), Giovanni Niccolini's Italian History of the Jesuits (1852), Raffaele Ciocci's English History of the Jesuits (1852), Unknown Author's Canadian History of the Jesuits (1853), Edward Michelsen's English History of the Jesuits (1855), Challis Paroissien's English History of the Jesuits (1855), William Brewer's English History of the Jesuits (1859), J.H. Elliott's English History of the Jesuits (1863), James Clements's American History of the Jesuits (1865), richard cordwell's English History of the Jesuits (1867),Robert Brown's English History of the Jesuits (1869), Margaret Cusack's Irish History of the Jesuits (1871), Charles Newdigate's English History of the Jesuits (1872), Charles Sauvestre's French History of the Jesuits (1880), James Wylie's Scottish History of the Jesuits (1881), Theodor Griesinger's German History of the Jesuits (1883), Charles Chiniquy's History of the Jesuits (1886), Justin Fulton's American History of the Jesuits (1888), J.J. Roy's English History of the Jesuits (1889), First Congregational Church's American History of the Jesuits (1890), Oliver Murray's American History of the Jesuits (1892), Thomas Harris's American History of the Jesuits (1897), Ex-Jesuit Paul Hoensbroech's German History of the Jesuits (1911), Jeremiah Crowley's American History of the Jesuits (1912), Burke McCarty's American History of the Jesuits (1922), LutherKauffman's American History of the Jesuits (1922), Ex-Knight of Malta Teofilo Gardini's English History of the Jesuits (1946-1988), LeoLehmann's American History of the Jesuits (1942), Peter J. Doeswyck's History of the Jesuits (1960), Edmund Paris's French History of the Jesuits (1970), Ex-Jesuit Alberto Rivera's History of the Jesuits (1981), Fredrick Saussy's American History of the Jesuits (1999). Bill Hughes's American History of the Jesuits (2002), P. D. Stuart's American History of the Jesuits (2008)

Citations Exposing the Satanic Jesuit Order during the 19th, 20th, and 21st centuries (2020)

"John Calvin

John Calvin and John Knox, were descendants of Sephardic Jews. Calvin's followers were Huguenots (Confederate=Against God); Knox founded the Presbyterian Church which used Tartan "Canaanite Cloth" to secretly identify compatriots of Ephraim "Israel" the tribe which made a treasonous pact with the Assyrian Army Commander "Tartan" 2 Ki 18:17.; April 6 is Tartan Day; Kirkin O' Tartan means "Church of Tartan" Calvin's only written testimony was not of his conversion to Jesus Christ but to King David. Calvin never gave a testimony of the new birth; rather he identified with his Catholic infant baptism. Circumcision was a kind of badge to the Jews having little to do with biblical circumcision and more to do with genital mutilation, similar to being initiated by baptism in Christian religions; again this has little to do with a real Baptism of the Holy Ghost.

Baptism substituted for Circumcision, and performs the same function; Nothing! Titus warned Circumcizers were especially adept at deception "For there are many unruly and vain talkers and deceivers, specially they of the circumcision" Titus 1:10 "Circumcision is that of the heart, in the spirit, and not in the letter; whose praise is not of men, but of God" Rom 2:25-29 describes the misconceptions of Genital Circumcision aka Genital Mutilation, prevalent in Calvinist-Protestant Churches, Islam and Judaism. Mohels in Judaism perform ritual Circumcision Brit Milah derived from Gen 17:10-14. In Islam 'Five are the acts quite akin to fitrah: Circumcision, shaving the pubic hair, cutting the nails, plucking the hair under the armpits and clipping (or shaving) the moustache. The practice today removes the entire Prepuce and is far more invasive than Old Testament Circumcision; there is big business in selling Prepuce (Foreskin). https://153news.net/watch_video.php?v=8MYDU78OS626 https://153news.net/watch_video.php?v=W62M8GUG248O "Behold, I Paul say unto you, that if ye be circumcised, Christ shall profit you nothing" Gal 5:2

Calvinism's T.U.L.I.P. was derived from Gnostic Judaism. Total Depravity Unconditional Election Limited Atonement Irresistible Grace Perseverance of the Saints Jesus said "I stand at the door and knock..." We are not Depraved and need to open that door! This is the Condition required for Salvation for anyone and everyone on Earth, acceptance of Jesus' shed blood atones for everyone's sins. Saints? Everybody is a Sinner; time to discard Calvin's BS! The word Cathar comes from the Greek 'pure' as does Puritan. Calvinist Puritans were not followers of Jesus! Albigenses are derived from Albi, a town of the Languedoc (Langue=Language of Oc=Occular=Sight=Illumination of Lucifer); Language of Occcitane is also called Language of Yes (Oui) which in Reverse Speech is I Love You Satan; Green Language is the secret language of Green Man aka Osiris/Saturn or Arab Al Khidr; Bird Language (Ouissex) is Augury, foretelling the future from Priest Augurs.

John Calvin's exegis originated with unbelieving Rabbis who misapplied them to David or Solomon.The Judaizing Calvin: Sixteenth-Century Debates over the Messianic Psalms. Calvin and Luther were ecumenists who prayed for the restoration and unity of the Catholic (Universal) Church." (Harold E. Fey, History of the Ecumenical Movement, Vol. II, p. 123) It is no coincidence the Temple Mount is controlled by the Vatican, a decree issued by Israel PM Shimon Peres (fake Jew Shimon Perski); the future Temple is considered a "House of Prayer for all Religions" Calvin enforced the Old Testament Law in Geneva, Switzerland. "Calvin was vicious toward his enemies, acting more like a devouring wolf than a harmless sheep. He hated the Anabaptists and called them 'henchmen of Satan.' Four men who disagreed with him on who should be admitted to the Lord's Supper were beheaded, quartered, and their body parts hung in strategic locations in Geneva as a warning to others. He burned Michael Servetus for rejecting infant baptism. Calvin wrote about Servetus, 'One should not be content with simply killing such people, but should burn them cruelly." Calvin's Institutes led to the charge of Arianism and his execution of Servetus launched the Unitarian movement. Unitarians (Monotheism) exists today in Christianity, popular among Witches, and in Islam with Alawites (eg Bashar al Assad. Calvinism is of Jewish origin. It was deliberately conceived to split the adherents of the Christian religions and divide the people. Calvin's real name was Cohen. When he went from Geneva to France to start preaching his doctrine he became known as Cauin. Then in England it became Calvin. History proves that there is hardly a revolutionary plot that wasn't hatched in Switzerland; there is hardly a Jewish revolutionary leader who hasn't changed his name. B'nai B'rith celebrations held in Paris, France, in 1936 Cohen, Cauvin, or Calvin was enthusiastically acclaimed to have been of Jewish descent. "As long as there remains among the Gentiles any moral conception of the social order, faith, patriotism, and dignity and until are uprooted, our reign over the world shall not come...And the Gentiles, in their stupidity, have proved easier dupes than we expected them to be. One would expect more intelligence and more practical common sense, but they are no better than a herd of sheep. One of the many triumphs of our Freemasonry is that those Gentiles who become members of our Lodges, should never suspect that we are using them to build their own jails, upon whose terraces we shall erect the throne of our Universal King" (The Universal King is Satan, aka Hashem aka Prince Melchisedek, the Alternative/Anti Christ )'We are the Fathers of all Revolutions and creators of the REFORMATION. Calvin was one of our Children; he was of Jewish descent, and was entrusted by Jewish authority and encouraged with Jewish finance to draft his scheme in the Reformation which was to convince Christians it was alright to charge usury and other damnable heresies which are in violation of God's Laws. Most of the Press in the world is under our Control "Let us remember always that the future Jewish King will never reign in the world before Christianity is overthrown"-B'Nai B'Rith

The Jesuit-Zionist-Masonic plan for 3 World Wars https://libertyforlife.com/nwo/albert_pike.htm calls for WWIII to pit Zionism against Islam with Atheism and Christianity eradicated simultaneously by unleashing Nihilists with no moral compass; Science does this rather well. The Jewish Messiah Hashem is the same Islamic Messiah al Mahdi; Shariah Law is the same as Noahide Law."

A depiction of some of the 'assassins' of Bartholomew. "They seemed but dark shadows as they slid along the walls""

The Jesuitess, "She-Wolf" Catherine Medici, overlooking the massacred Christians

The Jesuit-trained Cardinal of Lorraine recieving the Head of the Valliant Admiral Coligny on behalf of the Jesuit Order,

The Order's Saint Bartholomew's Massacre, August 24, 1572 

Forerunner to the Order's Revocation of the Edict of Nantes, 1685.

'Francis Borgia, the third Jesuit Superior General (1565-1572), having been in secret council with the Monarchs of France in person, laid the plan for this mass-murder of the Huguenot Calvinists including their great leader, Admiral Gaspard de Coligny. Pontifex Maximus Pius V, formerly "Brother Michael" the Inquisitor, exhorted both Queen Regent Catherine de Medici and her son, King Charles IX, ". . . to punish the heretics with all severity, and thus justly to avenge not only their own wrongs, but those of Almighty God; to pursue and destroy the remnants of the enemy, and wholly to tear up not only the roots of an evil so great, and which had gathered to itself much strength, but also the very fibers of the roots . . . Under no circumstances, and from no considerations, ought the enemies of God to be spared." With the sounding of an early morning church bell, the assassins were let loose. This infamous mass-murder, which resulted in the death of over 75,000 men, women and children, was done in obedience to the bloody Jesuit Oath and the Order's evil Council of Trent.'

". . . that women, children, maids, young infants and suckingbabes, were . . . murdered, and cast into the river, and that liberty of execution was given to the vilest and basest sort of the popular, without punishment or revenge of such cruelty done afterwards by Law, upon those cruel murderers of such innocents; this encreased our grief and sorrow in our good brothers behalf."

-Elizabeth I of England

"It is under the inspiration of those diabolical laws of Rome, that 75,000 Protestants were massacred, the night and following of St. Bartholomew." 

-Charles Chiniquy, 1886Ex-Roman Priest, & Close friend of Abraham Lincoln, "Fifty Years In the Church of Rome"

"There is no intelligent reader of French history who is not familiar with the steps taken by this perfidious queen regent after the admission of the Jesuits into Paris, to bring about the terrible Massacre of St. Bartholomew- an event so closely allied with others, of which they were the undoubted authors, that one must close his eyes not to see the evidences which point to their agency in that infamous transaction. They needed such bloody work to give them the mastery over France; although they have since then been more than once expelled in disgrace from French soil, they have returned again and again to torment her people, who still continue to realize, under their Republic, how unceasingly they labor for the entire overthrow of every form of popular government."

- R. W. Thompson, "Footprints of the Jesuits", 1894.

The Order's Assassination of Henry III, August 2nd, 1589.

"The Jesuits had no sooner set their foot in France than they began to spread rapidly over the country, and soon after aspired to enter the university and monopolise the whole of the education of the youth. With part of the immense fortune bequeathed to them by the Bishop of Clermont, of which they at last got possession, notwithstanding the opposition of the parliament, they built a college in the liue St Jacques, near the Sorbonne, and, pretending to obey the orders of the parliament, which enjoined them to renounce the name of the Society of Jesus, they inscribed on the front of it, " College of the Society of the Name of Jesus." But the university would not admit them into its bosom, notwithstanding all the intrigues of the fathers and the orders of the Court. Of this protracted contest, which terminated in favour of the Jesuits in 1616, we shall only transcribe part of an apology addressed by the university to Pope Gregory XITI. - *' We do not," wrote the university, '* vex either churches or private persons; we do not trouble the order of succession; we do not solicit testaments in prejudice of the heirs, or appropriate the profits to our own interest ; we do not plot devices to seize upon the benefices of the monasteries, or of any other ecclesiastical establishment, to enrich ourselves with their property, without being subject to the conditions imposed by the founders ; we do not make use of the name of Jesus to deceive the consciences of princes, affirming that no one remains longer than ten years in purgatory." *

Our history is becoming too pregnant with grave events to allow us to relate matters of secondary importance. We shall therefore bring down our readers to the year 1577, when was formed the celebrated league which gave occasion to the bloody and protracted civil wars of France, and of which the Jesuits were the chief instigators.

Remorse for the massacre of St Bartholomew had deprived Charles IX. of his reason, and brought him to an early grave. His brother, Henry III., who succeeded him, either awed by the fate of Charles, or occupied only with his pleasures, allowed those same Protestants whom, as Duke of Anjou, he had defeated at Moncontour and other places, to live in peace. Henry's indolence favoured the ambitious views of the Duke of Guise, who aspired at nothing less than the throne of France. He and his partisans, particularly the Jesuits, stirred up the fanaticism of the more bigoted of the citizens against the king, who, although a scrupulous observer of all those external practices in which the Popish religion chiefly consists, was considered by the Church party a bad Catholic. A remedy was to be found, lest France should become a Protestant country. An association was accordingly set on foot, which took the name of " the League," or " Holy Union." The vulgar saw in it the bulwark of the faith — Philip of Spain, indirectly the sovereignty of France — and Henry of Guise, the throne. The members of this association took the following oath : — " I swear to God, the Creator, and under penalty of anathema and eternal damnation, that I have entered into this Catholic Association, according to the form of the treaty which has just been read to me, loyally and sincerely either to command, or to obey and serve ; and I promise with my life and my honour, to continue therein to the last drop of my blood, without resisting it or withdrawing from it, at any command, or any pretext, excuse, or occasion whatsoever." * In 1577, Guise was declared chief of the League ; and in 1584, he, a subject, had the audacity to enter publicly into a confederacy with Philip II. of Spain. The Articles of Alliance purported, " that a confederacy, offensive and defensive, was entered into betwixt the king and the Catholic princes in behalf of themselves and their descendants, for the maintenance of the Roman Catholic religion in France as well as the Low Countries : and, on the death of Henry III., to take measures that Cardinal de Bourbon should be appointed his successor; the heretic and relapsed princes being for ever excluded from the right of succession." |Henry III.'s position became very precarious. The Guises were in possession of many of the chief towns, and Duke Henry was the idol of the people. The king, to avoid the impending danger, feigned to adhere to the League — declared himself its chief — waged war with the Protestants — and consented to give more towns and places of security into the hands of* his enemies. Nevertheless the king's opponent* remitted nothing of their hostility, and filled the nation with hatred of his person, venting itself in curses and imprecations. In Paris, the stronghold of the League, the question was publicly discussed whether Henry should be deposed. The king advanced towards the capital with some troops. Guise hastened to it against the king's express command. The people took up arms — barricades were erected — the royal army was defeated — and the king obliged to fly. * Mafici and Cretineau reproach the Duke of Guise for allowing him to escape uninjured. Henry, concealing his hatred, feigned again to submit, summoned a parliament to meet at Blois, and conferred upon Guise almost unlimited power over the kingdom. But in the very moment in which he saw within his grasp the prize which he so eagerly sought, he fell, along with his brother the cardinal, in the royal palace, a victim of the king's revenge. Thus Guise perished, not, as he deserved, by the Sword of justice, l3ut by the poniard of an assassin. The deed cannot be excused. The League thundered anathemas against the king; the University of Paris excommunicated him ; and the parliament declared that " the aforesaid Henry of Valois should be condemned to make honourable amends, dressed only in his shirt, with a rope about his neck, assisted by the executioner, and holding in his hand a lighted torch weighing thirty pounds; that from that moment he should be deposed, and declared unworthy of the crown of France ; and that, renouncing all right to it, he should be afterwards banished and placed in a convent of the Hieromites, there to fast on bread and water for the rest of his days." 

Priests and Jesuits from every pulpit poured out volleys of curses upon that tyrant, who deserved to be swept from the face of the earth. And while the king, now in league with Henry of Navarre, was marching towards Paris, Clement, a Dominican friar, stabbed him at St Cloud, on the first of August 1589.

Great was the consternation of the royalists, and greater the rejoicing of the adverse party, at this tragic event. The Council of Seize * met on the 6tir of September, and addressed a letter to all the preachers, in which, among other tilings, was the following exhortation : — " You must justify Jacques Clement's deed, because it is the same as that of Judith, which is so much commended in Holy Writ." j Henry of Bourbon, king of Navarre, the legitimate heir, after the death of Henry III., assumed the title of king of France, and was supported by the less bigoted of the Roman Catholics and by all the Calvinists. The Cardinal de Bourbon, on the other hand, also took the title of king, and was supported by the fanatic Papists, headed by all the priests and monks in the kingdom. Philip of Spain, the life and guardian of the League, sent an army to its aid ; and the Pope despatched Cardinal Cajetan, accompanied by two Jesuits, with large sums of money, to foment and maintain the revolt against the excommunicated Henry IV.

Sixtus V. at first shewed great zeal in opposing the right of the heretic Henry of Navarre. He promised to send 18,000 infantry and 700 horse into France. He threatened the Venetians with excommunication for having acknowledged Henry IV. as king, and for once relaxed the reins of his well-known parsimony, by sending his legate a sum of money to continue the war in France. But, when he perceived what were the projects of Philip ; when he learned that that monarch proposed to marry his daughter the Infanta to the young Duke of Guise, who was to assume the title of king ; and when Les Seize, instigated by the Jesuits, renouncing every national feeling, went so far as to proclaim Philip king of France, Sixtus, afraid of the domineering spirit of Philip, and the absolute power he would acquire if successful in his design, relaxed in his enmity towards Henry — expressed regret for having excommimicated him — and gave other tokens of the change his opinion had undergone. The legate, however, disregarding the Pope's intentions, carried out his first instructions with unremitting' zeal. *

The civil war, with all its horrors, lasted for five years. To shorten it, Henry descended to an act which has tarnished his glory, and the fame of his virtue. He abjured the doctrines of Calvinism to enter into communion with the Church of Rome, which he despised, and excused himself by saying, " Paris vaut bien une messe" — Paris is well worth a mass.

But his apostasy availed him little. The Parisians continued firm against him. The monks, and especially the Jesuits, encouraged them in their resistance. Priests and soldiers simultaneously, they passed from the pulpit to the besieged walls, replacing the sacerdotal robes by a coat of mail, the crucifix by a spear. Solemn processions crossed the town and called upon the people to be firm in defence of their faith, trusting in God to protect them and to bless their impious enterprise. The Pope's legate, dressed in his pontifical robes, was foremost in these processions, and supported the fanaticism of the multitude, to whom he dispensed a thousand benisons. On the other hand, Mendoza, the Spanish ambassador, the same who, after the assassination of Henry, wrote to his master, *' We must ascribe this happy event to the Almighty alone" — Mendoza, to divert the hunger of the deluded Parisians, distributed, in the name of his Most Catholic Majesty Philip, some Spanish coin to the populace, who, thus encouraged, raised the shout, " Long life to our king Philip!" It is painful to think of all the horrors which this misguided people endured while they listened to the persuasions of the priests to persist in their rebellion. At last hunger, all-powerful hunger, proved stronger than the king's army. Famished Paris yielded, and Henry ascended the throne of his ancestors.

Thus ended the League. Let us now see what share the Jesuits had in it. Mezarai, speaking of the League, says, "The zealous Catholics were the chief instruments in it ; the new monks (the Jesuits) the paranymphs and trumpeters; and the nobles of the kingdom the authors and chiefs."* From its very beginning, the Jesuits were the most ardent promoters of the League. They ran from place to place, from country to country, to enlist new supporters, and to strengthen the tie of the holy union. Claude Matthieu, the Provincial, went several times from Paris to Rome, to obtain the Pope's approval of the holy union.* He was called the messenger of the League; and Pascuier, in his old, quaint style, in speaking of another Jesuit, says, "As the Company of the Jesuits was composed of all sorts of people, les uns pour la plume, les autres pour le poil, so they had among them one Father Henry Sammier, a man inclined and adapted to all kinds of daring. He was sent by the League in 1581 to various Catholic princes pour sibder ke gyem, to sound the ford; and, to speak the truth, they could not have chosen a fitter man, for he changed himself into as many different forms as the different affairs he had to undertake — sometimes dressed as a trooper, sometimes as a priest, sometimes as a simple beggar. He was acquainted with cards, dice, ... as well as with his canonical hours ; and in doing this, he said that he could not sin, since it was to arrive at a good end. But, without referring to ancient authors, two lines from Cretineau will say more than we could. " It was at this epoch" (1584), says he, '' that the League acquired all its consistency, and it is at the same epoch that you may see the Jesuits in Paris, Lyons, Toulouse, joining the insurrection and organising it."§ And of this insurrection, or civil war, Pasquier, an eye-witness, says, — " It was less a civil war than a coupe-gorge — a cut-throat. The colleges of the Jesuits were, as was notorious, the general rendezvous of persons hostile to the king. There were fabricated their gospels in cipher — se forgoient leurs Evangiles en cliiffre — which they sent into foreign countries. There their apostles were distributed among the different provinces, some, to keep the troubles alive by their preaching, as did Father Commolet in Paris, and Father Rouillet at Bourges ; others, to preach murder and assassination, as did Father Varade and the same Father Commolet * But we need not multiply quotations to prove that they had a great share in exciting these troubles. They themselves confess it with pride. In their Litterae Annuae of 1589, they represent the murder of the king as a miracle which happened the very day they were expelled from Bordeaux. When Clement's mother came to Paris, the Jesuits called upon the people to worship her; the portrait of the assassin, now called a martyr, was exposed on the altars to public veneration, and they even proposed to erect a statue to him in the cathedral of Notre Dame."

"Henry III was a man of strange passions. He wore large gold earrings, surrounded himself with a group of effeminately bedizened young people whom he called his mignons, and entrusted to them the greater part of the most important affairs of state [excluding the Jesuits]. Indifferent to religious matters, he did not scruple to resist the increasing influence of the Catholic nobility by allying himself with the Huguenot party. It was then, however, that the warning which [Jesuit General Diego] Laynez had once uttered to the king's mother was fulfilled. The Catholic nation rose up against its heretically inclined ruler, and united to form the revolutionary league while from every pulpit the people were exhorted to armed rebellion, the agitators using as their principal argument the doctrine, once propounded by Laynez, of the 'sovereignty of the people.'"

The Order's Assassination of Good King Henry IV, May 14th, 1610.

"With the continual attempts of these pertinacious wretches against the liberties of England, and the lives of Elizabeth and James I., every English reader is familiar: the names of Crichton, Garnett, Parry, Cullen, Gerard, and Tesmond, successively engaged in the design of assassinating the protestant queen, or in the attempt to blow up our English Solomon and all his parliament, will for ever perpetuate their abhorrence in England; and in Ireland the general massacre of the protestants in 1641, which they were principally concerned in exciting, and similar proceedings in that country, will keep alive their remembrance there. But of all their atrocities there are none which more affect one with indignation, than their persecutions and murder of Henry III. and Henry IV. of France. In 1563, according to Mezerai, the famous catholic league took its rise, the object of which was to extirpate the protestants in France. The Jesuits became the soul of this infamous federation. Henry III. assembled the states at Blois in 1579, for the purpose of dissolving this conspiracy; and from that time, was marked for destruction. Sammier, a Jesuit, traversed Germany, Italy, and Spain, to excite the princes of those countries against him. Matthieu, another, styled the courier of the league, made several journeys to the pope, to obtain a bull against him; and though the pope hesitated at this, he delivered his opinion that the person of Henry should be secured, and his cities seized. Commolet and Rouillet were the trumpets of sedition. In the college of the Rue St. Jacques, the Jesuits met and conspired the murder of the king. It was there Baniere came to be stirred up by the doctrines of Varade,-and that Guinard composed the writings, for which he was hung. It was there that the Sixteen signed an absolute cession of the kingdom to Philip of Spain ; and that Chastel acquired the lesson of parricide he afterwards acted upon. There Clement, animated by such horrible instructions, formed the resolve which he fulfilled on the first of August, 1589, the assassination of Henry III. Henry IV., a generous spirited and noble monarch, was educated in protestantism ;-this was enough to arouse their murderous and unappeasable hatred. It was almost by miracle that he escaped, then a youth, from the massacre of St. Bartholomew. On his coming to the throne, he was pursued by them with such continual animosity, that to allay their fury, he consented to embrace catholicism. This produced no effect-he was a man of liberal opinions ; and such a man they could not tolerate. They made his life miserable, and at length nearly effected his murder by the knife of Baniere, at Melun, in August, 1593. On the 27th of December, 1594, his life was-again attempted by Chastel, another Jesuit. He struck at him with a knife, but missed his aim, and instead of killing him, only cut his lip, and struck out a tooth. This circumstance, and the ferment of infernal fanaticism, which induced the papists and Jesuits to continually seek the destruction of the king, caused the banishment of the whole order. This, however, did not mend the matter, as it regarded the king; he had only the same enemies in disguise, and, if possible, ten times more imbittered. With that good nature which characterized him, he at length consented to allow them to return. It was in vain that Sully, his minister, represented to him that no kindness could soften such foes;-he recalled them, and fell a victim to their instigations, being stabbed by Ravaillac, on May 14th, 1610. Many books had been written of late by the Jesuits, vindicating and commending the killing of kings, particularly the work of Mariana, De Rege et Regis Institutione, in which the killing of a king was termed a "laudable, glorious, and heroic action." It was by such writings that this assassin was spurred on to his diabolical act. Aubigny, his confessor, a Jesuit, when confronted with the murderer, and charged with being privy to the design, at first denied knowing the man at all; but when driven from that assertion, he declared that "God had given to some the gift of tongues, to others the gift of prophecy, and to him the gift of forgetting confessions. Such were the abominable principles which led them to these abominable actions. For a full account of this assassination, the reader may consult the fourth volume of Sully's Memoirs. So generally was the conspiracy known amongst the catholic subjects of this unfortunate monarch, that many people declared, on the day when the murder took place, that the king was then dying, though they were in distant places. An astrologer had foretold the very day and hour to the king, the manner of the act, and that it would take place in a coach. So much impressed was the king with his approaching fate, that he was frequently in great agony of mind, and would fain have put off the queen's coronation, which was about to take place at the time predicted. He had terrible dreams, and so also had the queen, waking in horror, and crying out the king was stabbed. All these things, which the common mind loves to believe supernatural intimations, only show to the more reflecting one, the audacity of these bloody wretches, who were so confident.in their power of doing evil, that they spoke of it till it became a universal impression." -William Howitt,  English Historian "A Popular History of Priestcraft", 1833,

"It is a strange thing to see men who have made a profession of religion, and to whom no evil or good has been done by anyone,to daily attempt against my existence!"

"Is it necessary that the great Jesuits convince me by my mouth?" -Henry After being struck on the mouth by a failed Jesuit-trained assassin.

"There have been many proposed attempts against my life that have been miserably made and confounded, and I am always in fear of being assassinated ; but these people have delegates and correspondents everywhere, and an amount of cunning to prepare their minds to assassination at their pleasure."

"Of necessity I must now do one of two things: admit the Jesuits purely and simply, relieve them from the defamation and insults with which they have been blasted, and put to the proof all their fine sentiments and excellent promises, or use against them all severities that can be imaged to keep them from ever coming near me and my dominions. In which latter case, there is no doubt it would be enough to reduce them to utter despair and to thoughts of attempting my life; which would render me miserable or listless, living constantly in suspicion of being poisoned or assassinated, for these gentry have communications and correspondence everywhere, and great dexterity in disposing men's minds as it seems good to them. it were better for me to be dead, being in therein of Caesar's opinion that the pleasantest death is that which is least foreseen and apprehended."

"If god grants me longer life, I will see that no peasant in my kingdom will lack the means to have chicken in the pot every Sunday."      -King Henry IV's numerous words about the Satanic Jesuits, as recorded in Sully's Memoirs. 

One sad day in 1610, the Jesuits, those masters of assassination, slew France's greatest King, Henry IV. While returning from a visit with his dear Sully (who later described this entire tragedy in his Memoirs) the king's carriage was stopped in the middle of the street (- just like President Kennedy's limousine was nearly stopped in the middle of the street in Dallas.) and Instantly Francois Ravaillac, the Jesuits' assassin, jumped upon the wheel, leaned into the carriage and stabbed his shocked victim through the heart.

When arrested, he was still clutching his bloody knife. The immoral theology of the Order, including the Papal Bulls authorizing its actions, its Constitutions, its Secret Instructions and the guarded works of nearly one hundred and fifty Jesuit establishes a trail in modern history, a chain of evidence, that when diligently sought out during the Order's "Golden Age" of the Twentieth Century, and now the Twenty-first, could be found amidst the decaying state papers and true histories relegated to the dustbins, libraries and antiquarian bookstores of the world.

Through the Grace of God, the Edict of Nantes would maintain religious liberty in France for eighty-seven years. In 1685, the Jesuits would cause it to be revoked through their most obedient servant and brother Jesuit (according to primary sources; Louis XIV received deathrites from his Jesuit Confessor in a closed ceremony, only given to Jesuits under the Fourth Vow), King Louis XIV (a dear friend of his English brother Jesuit, King James II, both having shared the same Jesuit confessor) who ". . . saw his kingdom impoverished, his commerce gone, his name execrated throughout the world, and lay in his magnificent palace at Versailles dying. He is utterly wretched. The people curse him, and hurl stones and mud at his coffin." 

And thus the True Faith, alongside the Bible, would be outlawed for over one hundred years, with Satan's Jesuit-controlled Papacy maintaining absolute control over every civil institution of France, until a series of tragedies for the Order would take place, culminating in the World-History-changing Abolition of the Order lead by the Bourbon Family Compact. [See Alexis De Saint-Priest's History of the Downfall of the Jesuits and Giovanni Niccolin's History of the Jesuits for two of the best expositions of these enigmatic events] 

Allegory of the Satanic Revocation
Allegory of the Satanic Revocation
Scenes of the Huguenot's Tribulation at the hands of the Dragonnades, commanded by Jesuit Order
Scenes of the Huguenot's Tribulation at the hands of the Dragonnades, commanded by Jesuit Order
Scenes of the Huguenot's Tribulation at the hands of the Dragonnades, commanded by Jesuit Order
Scenes of the Huguenot's Tribulation at the hands of the Dragonnades, commanded by Jesuit Order
Scenes of the Huguenot's Tribulation at the hands of the Dragonnades, commanded by Jesuit Order
Scenes of the Huguenot's Tribulation at the hands of the Dragonnades, commanded by Jesuit Order
The Sun King signing the Edict; overshadowed by his Superior, Father Pere Francois de la Chaise, S.J.
The Sun King signing the Edict; overshadowed by his Superior, Father Pere Francois de la Chaise, S.J.
Scenes of the Huguenot's Tribulation at the hands of the Dragonnades, commanded by Jesuit Order
Scenes of the Huguenot's Tribulation at the hands of the Dragonnades, commanded by Jesuit Order
Scenes of the Huguenot's Tribulation at the hands of the Dragonnades, commanded by Jesuit Order
Scenes of the Huguenot's Tribulation at the hands of the Dragonnades, commanded by Jesuit Order
Scenes of the Huguenot's Tribulation at the hands of the Dragonnades, commanded by Jesuit Order
Scenes of the Huguenot's Tribulation at the hands of the Dragonnades, commanded by Jesuit Order

The Order's Edict of Fontainebleau, which Revoked the Good King Henry IV's (Whom they assassinated) Edict of Nantes,  October 22, 1685.

The Satanic Jesuit Order, energized and led by an antediluvian, primordial spirit of absolute Evil, Satan,  "never forsakes or forgets" and would restore their ancient privileges of Temporal and Spiritual power once held over the Gallican nation. 

To begin to understand the cause of the Revocation of the Edict of Nantes one must needs review the Order's infamous intercepted letter of 1688, having been on display for decades in the British Museum. 

It was written by King Louis XIV's Jesuit confessor, Pere La Chaise, to Sir Edward Petre, the Jesuit confessor of England's corrupted King James II- who ultimately died in the palace of his French cousin, King Louis XIV, after their defeat in 1690 by England's King William III in Scotland's Battle of the Boyne. The letter concerns Jesuit La Chaise's instructions to Jesuit Petre for the "extirpation" of England's Protestants, citing how he, La Chaise, was successful in his mass-murder of the Calvinists throughout France. 

No sane, and true Saint of the Lord can read such a infamously satanic letter without that deep pitch of stomach raising, for which I apologize for in advance; however, as the defense of Truth demands, it is here laid out plain for the reader to reflect the calculating coldness of the Council of Trent carried out by this, yet another, heartless, possessed, disciple of Satan:

"'WORTHY FRIEND,-I received yours on the 20th of June last, and am glad to hear of your good success, and that our party gains ground so fast in England; but, concerning the question you have put to me, 'What is the best course to be taken to root out all heretics?'-I answer, there are divers ways to do that, but we must consider which is the best to make use of in England. I am sure you are not ignorant of how many thousand heretics we have converted in France, by the power of our dragoons, in the space of one year; having by the doctrine of those booted apostles, turned more in one month than Christ and His apostles could in ten years. This is a most excellent method, and far excels those of the great preachers and teachers that have lived since Christ's time. But I have spoken with diverse Fathers of our Society, who think that your King is not strong enough to accomplish his design by such kind of force; so that we cannot expect to have our work done in that manner, for the heretics are too strong in the three kingdoms; and therefore we must seek to convert them by fair means, before we fall upon them with fire, sword, halters, gaols, and other suchlike punishments. Wheedle them by promises of profit and places of honor, till you have made them dip themselves in treasonable actions against the laws established, and then they are bound to serve for fear. When they have done this, turn them out, and serve others so, by putting them in their places; and by this means gain as many as you can. And for the heretics that are in places of profit and honor, turn them out, or suspend them on pretense of misbehavior; by which their places are forfeited, and they are subject to what judgment you please to give upon them. Then you must form a camp, that must consist of none but Catholics; this will dishearten the heretics and cause them to conclude that all means of relief and recovery is gone. And lastly, take the short and the best way, which is, to surprise the heretics on a sudden; and to encourage the zealous Catholics, let them sacrifice them all, and wash their hands in their blood, which will be an acceptable offering to God. This was the method I took in France, which hath well, you see, succeeded; but it cost me many threats and promises before I could bring it thus far; our King being a long time very unwilling. But at last I got him on the hip; for he had lain with his daughter-in-law, for which I would by no means give him absolution till he had given me an instrument under his own hand and seal, to sacrifice all the heretics in one day. Now, as soon as I had my desired commission, I appointed the day when this should be done; and, in the meantime, made ready some thousands of letters, to be sent into all parts of France in one post-night [as did the wicked Haman in the Book of Esther]. I was never better pleased than at that time, but the King was affected with some compassion for the Huguenots, because they had been a means to bring him to his crown and throne; and the longer he was under it, the more sorrowful he was, often complaining, and desiring me to give him his commission again; but that I would by no persuasion do; advising him to repent of that heinous sin, and also telling him, that the trouble and horror of his spirit did not proceed from anything of evil in those things that were to be done, but from that wickedness that he had done; and that he must resolve to undergo the severe burden of a troubled mind for one of them or the other; and that if he would remain satisfied as it was, his sin being forgiven, there would, in a few days, be a perfect atonement made for it, and he perfectly reconciled to God again. But all this would not pacify him; for the longer it continued the more restless he became; and I therefore ordered him to retire to his closet, and spend his time constantly in prayer, without permitting any one to interrupt him;-this was early in the morning, and on the evening following I was to send away all my letters. I indeed, made the more haste, for fear he should disclose it to any body, although I had given him a strict charge to keep it to himself; and the very things that I most feared, to my great sorrow, came to pass; for just in the nick of time, the devil, who hath at all times his instruments at work, sent the Prince of Conde to the Court, who asked for the King. He was told that he was in his closet, and would speak with no man. He impudently answered, 'that he must and would speak with him,' and so went directly to his closet; he being a great peer, no man durst hinder him. And being come to the King, he soon perceived by his countenance that he was under some great trouble of mind, for he looked as if he had been going into the other world immediately. 'Sir,' said he, 'what is the matter with you?' The King at the first refused to tell him, but he pressing harder upon him, the King at last, with a sorrowful complaint, burst out, and said-'I have given Father La Chaise a commission, under my hand, to murder all the Huguenots in one day; and this evening will the letters be dispatched to all parts, by the post, for the performing it: so that there is but small time left for my Huguenot subjects to live, who have never done me any harm.' Whereupon this cursed rogue answered, 'Let him give you your commission again.' The King said, 'How shall I get it out of his hand? For if I send to him for it, he will refuse to send it.' And this devil answered, 'If your majesty will give me the order, I will quickly make him return it.' The King was soon persuaded, being willing to give ease to his troubled spirit, and said, 'Well, go then, and break his neck, if he will not give it you.' Whereupon this son of the devil went to the post-house, and asked if I had not a great number of letters there? And they said, 'Yes, more than I had sent in a whole year before.' 'Then,' said the Prince, 'by order from the King, you must deliver them all to me;' which they durst not disobey, for they knew well enough who he was. And no sooner was he got into the post-house, and had asked these questions, than I came also in after him, to give order to the post-master to give notice to all those under him, in the several parts of the kingdom, that they should take care to deliver my letters with all speed imaginable. But I had no sooner entered the house than he gave his servants order to secure the door, and said confidently to me, 'You must, by order from the King, give me the commission which you have forced from him.' I told him I had it not about me, but would go and fetch it; thinking to get from him, and so go out of town, and send the contents of those letters another time; but he said, 'You must give it up; and if you have it not about you, send somebody to fetch it or else never expect to go alive out of my hands; for I have an order from the King either to bring it or break your neck, and am resolved either to carry that back to him in my hand, or else your heart's blood on the point of my sword.' I would have made my escape, but he set his sword to my breast, and said, 'You must give it me, or die; therefore deliver it, or else this goes through your body.' So, when I saw nothing else would do, I put my hand in my pocket and gave it him; which he carried immediately to the King, and gave him that and all my letters, which they burned. And, all being done, the King said, now his heart was at ease. Now, how he should be eased by the devil, or so well satisfied with a false joy, I cannot tell; but this I know, that it was a very wicked and ungodly action, as well in his majesty as in the Prince of Conde, and did not a little increase the burden and danger of his majesty's sins. I soon gave an account of this affair to several Fathers of our Society, who promised to do their best to prevent the aforesaid prince's doing such another act, which was accordingly done; for, within six days after the damned action, he was poisoned, and well he deserved it. The King did also suffer too, but in another fashion, for disclosing the design unto the Prince, and hearkening unto his counsel. And many a time since, when I have had him at confession, I have shook hell about his ears, and made him sigh, fear, and tremble, before I would give him absolution; nay, more than that, I have made him beg for it on his knees, before I would consent to absolve him. By this I saw that he had still an inclination to me, and was willing to be under my Government; so I set the baseness of the action before him, by telling him the whole story, and how wicked it was, and that it could not be forgiven, till he had done some good action to balance that, and expiate the crime. Whereupon, he at last asked me, what he must do? I told him that he must root out all heretics from his kingdom. So, when he saw there was no rest for him, without doing it, he did again give them all into my power and that of our Clergy, under this condition, that we would not murder them [Which they ignored, and did anyway], as he had before given orders, but that we should by fair means, or force, convert them to the Catholic religion. Now, when we had got the commission, we at once put it in force; and what the issue hath been, you very well know. But in England the work cannot be done after this manner, as you may perceive by what I have said to you; so that I cannot give you better counsel, than to take that course in hand wherein we were so unhappily prevented; and I doubt not, but it may have better success with you than with us. I would write to you of many other things, but I fear I have already detained you too long, wherefore I will write no more at present, but that I am Your friend and servant, LA CHAISE."

So, the Edict was revoked, the Calvinists lost their religious liberty and the protection of French law; Extirpation and Annihilation followed.

"Let us see what the Revocation of the Edict of Nantes involved. The demolition of all the remaining Protestant Temples throughout France, and the entire proscription of the Protestant religion; the prohibition of even private worship under penalty of confiscation of body and property; the banishment of all Protestant pastors from France within fifteen days; the closing of all Protestant schools; the prohibition of parents to instruct their children in the Protestant faith; the injunction upon them, under a penalty of five hundred livres in each case, to have their children baptized by the parish priest, and brought up in the Roman Catholic religion, the confiscation of the property and goods of all Protestant refugees who failed to return to France within four months; the penalty of the galleys for life to all men, and of imprisonment for life to all women, detected in the act of attempting to escape from France." -Samuel Smiles, The Huguenots In France After The Revocation Of The Edict Of Nantes,  1867.

"It was to obey those bloody laws that Louis XIV revoked the Edict of Nantes, caused the death of half a million of men, women and children, who perished in all the highways of France, and caused twice that number to die in the land of exile, where they had found a refuge." - Charles Chinniquy, 50 years in the Church of Rome.

"The regions where the Huguenot population predominated were reduced to a desolation, and it is estimated that France by her frightful barbarity to her own people lost fully half a million of her most industrious inhabitants . . ." -John Clark Ridpath, Universal History, 1899

These points belong to one of the strongest arguments that can be brought against the Jesuitical claims the author brings against the Reformation: These horrid events are but THREE of the available hundreds of monstrous crimes available to detail the Satanic Hatred the True Gnostic Conspiracy (led by the Jesuit Order), bears towards the reformed Truths contained within "Calvinism", and those who believe such precious Truths. (Further, there are hundreds more examples of satanic persecution against other reformed believers, which the author attempts to vilify as being deceived, Judaized and Christ-less reprobates) 

For, why would they invest such unfathomable means, so as to bring the nigh-entire destruction of the Mystery of Iniquity had their attempts been fully realized, if what the author states is true?

For, if, it is true what they claim, the Satanic Jesuit Order would be devesting themselves of precious time and means to extirpate and annihilate men and women spreading Deception therein assisting them in conquering the very enemy they have sworn blood-oath to destroy. 

An order which plans at the least, decades, and at most centuries in advance, is not so fallacious or misguided as the Author who espouses this erroneous theory is. They know well the "Full naked truth" as proven at the beginning of this treatise.  

Why, then, doesn't the Author?

Answer: Deception.

The author's continual accusations of a Non-existent Jewish Conspiracy, are deserving of the most serious contempt; which Admiral de Coligny's beheaded corpse, and the 75,000+ Calvinist Men, Women, and Children, that were slaughtered, under the direct orders of Jesuit Superior General Francis Borja, would agree with, through their painful experience of Satanic Persecution at the visible hands of A Medici (Were not the Medici's plotters of the Reformation with the Rosicrucian Luther? How come they employ such dreadful, hateful means against their loyal servants spreading the Jewish/gnostic deception?), As well as the stabbed heart of Henry IV, and subsequent 500,000 Calvinist Men, Women, and Children, that were slaughtered under the direct orders of Jesuit Superior General Charles de Noyelle, would agree as well, through their likemanner Satanic Persecution suffered at the visible hands of the Terrible Sun King Louis XIV S.J.. (According to primary source testimony, Louis received funeral rites only given to Jesuits under the fourth vow)

Such accusations find absolutely no root in any works apart from those of the Jesuit Order, and the Roman Church, who are the sole reason their exists any anti-Semitic sentiment, (which the author, among many, David I. Kertzer proves in his work "The Popes against the Jews")in Society, at all. The interior reason of this continual contemptable theory they resort to, it is wagered, sadly, is the result of their utter lack of historic insights into the reality of these Centuries, and the History of the Vatican.

It also must be stated; that quoting the late Leo H. Lehmann, they have depicted the author as a bigoted anti-Semitic conspiracy theorist, which is utterly false. If the author had not abridged Lehmann's work, and quoted all the context of Leo citing those terribly deceptive protocols, the following would come to light:

" IT IS ADMITTED by all intelligent people that the so-called "Protocols of the Wise men of Zion" are criminal forgeries, and could never have been written either by a group of Jews or Freemasons.  Yet their authorship remains unknown.  The amazing part of it is that this fantastic fraud has succeeded in its planned objective-- the ousting of all Judaic-Masonic influence in Central Europe by methods that would bring a blush to the cheek of a Torquemada.

      The contents of these alleged Protocols are well enough known, and have been broadcast in every country as authentic reports-- proces verbaux-- of secret conferences at which certain Jewish leaders drew up plans for the formation of an invisible world-government.  With the help of Masonic Lodges and the liberal, democratic, socialist and communist parties, these "Elders of Zion" are said to have conspired for the overthrow of all non-Jewish governments and to destroy all religions other than Judaism.  Every despicable means to weaken Christian institutions is set forth by the imaginary leaders of this vast conspiracy.

      All this is to be accomplished principally by means of the Masonic orders throughout the world, as the blind dupes and willing tools of this supraimperialism of the Jews.  Credit is claimed for the Jews in having instigated practically all revolutionary movements of the past century, assassinations of rulers and heads of states, all the wars, civil, racial and international, and all the upheavals in and throughout the nations-- from the Protestant Reformation to the economic conditions that resulted in our business depression.  Behind it all there is pictured the cold calculation, the unscrupulous cunning and murderous fanaticism of these Elders of Zion.  Protocol One tells of a vast army of spies and secret agents, well supplied with funds, who bore from within and create dissension and revolution in all countries.  Support of anarchist, communist, and socialist movements for the destruction of Christian civilization is outlined in Protocol Three; also the debasement and ruin of the currency system, leading to a world-wide economic crisis.  Universal war against any nation or group of nations, which fails to respond, is planned in Protocol Seven.  Protocol Ten contains particulars how all morality is to be undermined and leading statesmen blackmailed, compromised and calumniated in order to force them to serve the ends of the conspirators.*

      The secret conclave, at which these monstrous plans were purported to have been drawn up, is said to have been held under the auspices of "one of the most influential and most highly initiated leaders of Freemasonry"; they are also said to have been "signed by representatives of Zion of the Thirty-Third Degree."

      No group of organization could ever be as evil and satanic as these Judaic-Masonic Elders of Zion picture themselves to be.  They are the apotheosis of the anti-Christ, and could only have been conjured up by minds imbued with the fearful expectation of the eventual coming of an anti-Christ.

      It must be admitted that there is a certain similarity between this revolutionary plan of action and the Bolshevist program that followed the assassination of the Czar of Russia and the overthrow of the Kerensky regime.  But of the seventeen members of the Council of People's Commissars of the Soviet government at that time, only one, Trotsky, was a Jew.  Neither have the Masons ever been the least bit influential in Russia, either under the Czar or the Soviets.  A world-wide economic depression also has since happened, somewhat similar to that allegedly planned by these elders of Zion.  By no means, however, have the Jews and Masons ever so completely controlled the world's finances.  They suffered as much as others as a result of the economic debacle.

      The Nazi-Fascists, who have successfully exploited these Protocols to their great advantage, and who have  used these criminal forgeries to attain their primary objective, might well be accused of their authorship.  But their publication  antedated the rise of Fascism by a quarter of a century, when Hitler and Mussolini were youngsters learning their multiplication tables in school, and Franco babbling his "Hail Marys" at his mother's knee.

      Now, authorship of an anonymous document is best discovered from the document itself-- by the cause it favors and the enemies it depicts.  These will appear even if placed in reverse.  A clear sample of this can be seen from such an analysis of a part of these Protocols of Zion which I have before me.  It is a reprint from The Catholic Gazette, of February, 1936, a monthly publication of the Catholic Missionary Society of London, England.  Space limits permit the quotation of only parts of this nefarious document.

      The Judaic-Masonic conspirators are speaking:

      "As long as there remains among the Gentiles any moral conception of the social order, and until all faith, patriotism, and dignity are uprooted, our reign over the world shall not come...

      "We have still a long way to go before we can overthrow our main opponent: the Catholic Church...

      "We must always bear in mind that the Catholic Church is the only institution which has stood, and which will, as long as it remains in existence, stand in our way.  The Catholic Church, with her methodical work and her edifying and moral teachings, will always keep her children in such a state of mind as to make them too self-respecting to yield to our domination, and to bow before our future king of Israel...

      "That is why we have been striving to discover the best way of shaking the Catholic Church to her very foundations...

      "We have blackened the Catholic Church with the most ignominious calumnies, we have stained her history and disgraced even her noblest activities.  We have imputed to her the wrongs of her enemies, and have thus brought these latter to stand more closely by our side... We have turned her Clergy into objects of hatred and ridicule, we have subjected them to the contempt of the crowd... We have caused the practice of the Catholic Religion to be considered out of date and a mere waste of time...

      "One of the many triumphs of our Freemasonry is that those Gentiles who become members of our Lodges, should never suspect that we are using them to build their own jails, upon whose terraces we shall erect the throne of our Universal King of Israel...

      "So far, we have considered our strategy in our attacks upon the Catholic Church from the outside... Let us now explain how we have gone further in our work, to hasten the ruin of the Catholic Church... and how we have brought even some of her Clergy  to become pioneers of our cause.

      "We have induced some of our children to join the Catholic body, with the explicit intimation that they should work in a still more efficient way for the disintegration of the Catholic Church...

      "We are the Fathers of all Revolutions-- even of those which sometimes happen to turn against us.  We are the supreme Masters of Peace and War.  We can boast of being the Creators of the REFORMATION! (sic).  Calvin was one of our Children; he was of Jewish descent, and was entrusted by Jewish authority and encouraged with Jewish finance to draft his scheme in the Reformation.

      "Martin Luther yielded to the influence of his Jewish friends, and again, by Jewish authority and with Jewish finance, his plot against the Catholic Church met with success.."

      "Thanks to our propaganda, to our theories of LIBERALISM and to our MISREPRESENTATIONS OF FREEDOM (sic), the minds of many among the Gentiles were ready to welcome the Reformation.  They separated from the Church to fall into our snare.  And thus the Catholic Church has been sensibly weakened, and her authority over the Kings of the Gentiles has been reduced  to almost naught...

      "We are grateful to PROTESTANTS for their loyalty to our wishes-- although most of them are, in the sincerity of their  faith, unaware of their loyalty to us...

      "France, with her Masonic government, is under our thumb.  England, in her dependence upon our finance, is under our heel; and in her Protestantism is our hope for the destruction of the Catholic Church.  Spain and Mexico are but toys in our hands.  And many other countries, including the U.S.A. have already fallen before our scheming...

      "Likewise, as regards our diplomatic plans and the power of our secret societies, there is no  organization to equal us.  The Jesuits are the only ones to compare with us.  But we have succeeded in discrediting them... for they are a visible organization, whereas  we are safely hidden under the cover of our secret societies.

      "But the Catholic Church is still alive...

      "We must destroy her without the least delay and without the slightest mercy... Let us intensify our activities in poisoning the morality of the Gentiles.  Let us spread the spirit of revolution in the minds of the people.  They must be made to despise Patriotism and the love of family, to consider their faith as a humbug... Let us make it impossible for Christians outside the Catholic Church to be reunited to that Church, otherwise the  greatest obstruction to our domination will be strengthened and all our work undone...

      "Let us remember that as long as there still remains active enemies of the Catholic Church, we may hope to become Masters of the World... And let us remember always that the future Jewish King will never reign in the world before the Pope in Rome is dethroned...

      "When the time comes and the power of the Pope shall at last be broken, the fingers of an invisible hand will call the attention of the masses of the people to the court of the Sovereign Pontiff to let them know that we have completely undermined the power of the Papacy... The King of the Jews will then be the real pope and the Father of the Jewish World-Church."

When all this is placed in reverse, the following appears:

The Catholic Church is the only upholder of morality, the social order, faith, patriotism and dignity...

The Catholic Church is the only institution which has stood, and which will always stand, in the way of antichrist.

The Catholic Church is the great exemplar of methodical work, edifying and moral teachings; she always keeps her children self-respecting, and will never bow to satanic allurements.

Only when Catholics become ashamed of professing the precepts of the Church and obeying its commands, shall we have the spread of revolt and false liberalism.

The Catholic Church has been blackened by the most ignominious calumnies, her history has been stained, and her noblest activities disgraced. The Practices of the Catholic Church are not out of date or a mere waste of time.

Freemasonry is allied with Satan against the Catholic Church. Not all priests are to be trusted; liberal Catholic priests only serve the work of the devil.

The Reformation was the work of evil conspirators. Calvin and Luther were financed by them to overthrow the Catholic Church.

Freedom and liberty are mere misrepresentations of good. Protestants have unwittingly helped to bring all the evils into our present world. Protestant England aims to destroy the Catholic Church. All that may happen in Spain and Mexico is a part of a plot against the Catholic Religion.

The Jesuits are not an underhand organization, but all they do is open and above board. The Jesuits are the only organization, however, who can defeat the force of evil in the world.

Finally: As long as the Pope remains on his throne in Rome the world is safe...

This is exactly what is taught in all Catholic schools. Every retreat and mission given to priests and lay people begins with St. Ignatius' picture of "The Two Camps"-- the Catholic Church led by God on one hill, and the combination of Protestants, Jews, masons, communists, socialists and atheists on the other led by Satan.

And all of this is to be found again in Father Coughlin's Social Justice magazine. In its issue of February 5, (1940), for instance, he reiterates that the Catholic Church is "the ideal Christian Front" and proclaims that all those opposed to, or not with it, belong to anti-Christian groups which will soon "appear incarnated in the person of Antichrist himself." He says that "lay Christian leadership of social matters is to be condemned." A Special Correspondent of his magazine in Rome writes an article that the "Only Hope of Christian Europe Lies in Rome," and that Europe can only be saved by the restoration of the Holy Roman Empire; that England, "who more than any other country now represents the neo-Judaic, anti-Catholic spirit," will be destroyed by Germany and Italy. In another part of this issue, liberal Catholic priests, like Mgr. John A. Ryan, are called "Hireling Clergy" paid by left-wing revolutionary groups. Towards the end is a trick questionnaire which implies twenty answers aimed to secure a poll from its readers which will be condemnatory of democracy.

Although first published in Russia in 1903, the Protocols of Zion had their origin in France and date from the Dreyfus Affair, of which the Jesuits were the chief instigators. They were planned also first to take effect in France, by the overthrow of the "Judaic-Masonic" government of the French Republic. But the discovery of the gigantic fraud of Leo Taxil, who had been openly supported by the Jesuits, the concluding of the Franco-Russian alliance, along with the Vatican's difficulties with the French government at that time, made it more opportune to have them appear first in Russia.

These Protocols of supposedly Jewish leaders are not the first documents of their kind fabricated by the Jesuits.

For over a hundred years before these Protocols appeared, the Jesuits had continued to make use of a similar fraud called "The Secrets of the Elders of Bourg-Fontaine" against Jansenism-- a liberal French Catholic movement among the secular clergy. The analogy between the two forgeries is perfect-- the secret assemblage in the forest of Bourg-Fontaine, the plan of the "conspirators" to destroy the Papacy and establish religious tolerance among all nations, the alleged plot against Throne and Altar, and the setting up of a world-government in opposition to the Catholic Church. There is the same dramatization of the negative pole of the historic evolution of the world, in order to bring out, by contrast, the positive Christian (Catholic) pole, around which all conservative forces-- the monarchy, the aristocracy, the army, the clergy-- must gather to save the world from Satan's onslaught.

Analyzing, therefore, the ends to be attained by these Protocols of Zion, the means to be employed, the forces depicted as evil and those to be considered good, we must reach the conclusion that only to those, whose objectives these forgeries were clearly intended to serve, can their authorship be attributed."

The Reality is, is that there exists Jews, who are not insidious conscious servants of Satan. Those said Jews, by and large, are the majority. It's utterly erroneous to claim that merely because one had a connection to something Jewish, that they are evil. It Should, if one is not corrupted through Jesuit/Gnostic Lies, lead to the opposite:

History plainly teaches that the Jews, since the fall of Jerusalem, have no power. The History of the systematic persecution of them by the Vatican, across all Eurasia, attests to this fact as well. 

Primarily, however, it should be found in the claim of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior; God incarnate, who said himself:

"Behold, your house is left unto you desolate."

It is an incontrovertible fact of history, and gospel, that Jews do not exercise any great Temporal Authority, and are not engaged in the intergenerational Conspiracy of the Mystery of Iniquity; this role Historically speaking (since the Mystery Cult priesthood adopted the 'shield' of Roman Catholicism), belongs to the Vatican. There is no existing documents, such as  (1) "secret instructions", (2) an "extreme oath of induction", or (3) 'secret constitutions', and (4) hierarchical structure with inter-continental communication, that such an accusation as they were the satanic plotters of the Reformation, requires. 

Every Secret Order/Society which has had any major role in carrying out the Mystery of Iniquity post AD, such as the Templars, Assassins, Ishmaelis, or the Roshaniya, have always had ample evidence of the (4) stated means in which the Mystery of Iniquity requires to be successfully completed. 

Bill Cooper. in the following video, highlights well this fact: even the enigmatic and terrible Roshaniya had their inner workings exposed to the 'profane':

The accusation the author continually makes against the Jews, of them being active workers of the Mystery of Iniquity, without any such available evidence of the 4 stated means ever have been exposed, while other Secret Orders, which were far deadlier, and unimaginably more lucrative, and decisive  contributors to the Mystery of Iniquity, were exposed, is completely fallacious. 

It is not only an utterly ludicrous, contemptable, and satanic accusation, it is Scripturally unsound; and could very well bring to bear upon those who make such obscene, superficial claims, the curse of Genesis 27:29 & Numbers 24:9. 

As to the claims regarding John Calvin being a ruthless and ravenous wolf in sheeps clothing (It must be noted that such claims, prior to the 20th and 21st centuries, could only be found coming from the water issuing forth from the poisonous fountain of the Vatican, and Jesuit Order), most come from a singular source by the name of Jerome Hermes Bolsec. 

As stated before, the Jesuit Order's Extreme Oath of Induction, and their entire history, prove that Calvin was no Gnostic, Jewish agent effecting an intentional Hegelian stratagem, and that the Gnostic Jesuit Order harbored the deepest hatred for Calvin, and those who followed what he revealed in Scripture; shewing the fruits of such hatred in centuries of Satanic persecution in all quarters of the Globe. 

Williston Walker (who was an actual historian, not blinded by Prejudice or Deceptive Jesuit-Created Forgeries), in his book, John Calvin (New York: Schocken Books, 1906; rep. 1969) writes about Bolsec on pp. 116-119, 315-320 the following:

"The more specific charge, to which reference is now made, was formulated thirteen years after Calvin's death, by Jerome Hermes Bolsec . . . that Calvin had been convicted of heinous moral turpitude . . . No evidence has ever been produced of the existence of such a document as Bolsec alleges. Jacques Desmay, the earnest Catholic writer who used his stay as Advent and Lenten preacher at Noyon in 1614 and 1615 to learn all he could of Calvin's life there by records and tradition, found nothing of it. An equally determined Roman historian of Noyon, Jacques Le Vasseur, in his Annales of 1633, expressly repudiated it; and careful modern Roman Catholic scholars, such as Kampschulte and Paulus, reject it as "unworthy of serious refutation.   . . The whole calumny would be unworthy of discussion had the accusation not been repeatedly renewed by a certain class of controversialists during the last century - in one instance as recently as 1898." (pp. 116-119)

Further, pertaining to the execution of Servetus:

* The sensibilities of the 16th century were quite different from those prevalent today. Atttacks on the trinity were taken rather seriously back then as endangering the public order, tempting weak persons into soul destroying damnable heresy, and a challenge to the political structures of society.
* Servetus was condemned to death by the Roman Catholics prior to his ill-fated visit to Geneva.
* Calvin was an "expert witness" in the trial, not the one entrusted with the authority of the sword. He was not even granted bourgois status in Geneva until 1559 (6 years after Servetus' death) and his popularity was at a particularly low ebb in 1553 when Servetus was put on trial.
* The Council sought the opinion of surrounding cantons, receiving the unanimous recommendation to execute Servetus.
* Everyone on all sides in Calvin's day agreed with the execution.
* During an era when hundreds of people were executed in Germany and religious atrocities were not uncommon (cf. Peasants' War in 1525 and the Münster Rebellion of January 1534), Calvin's quarter century combined tenure in Geneva was marked by all of ONE religious execution . . . Servetus (banishment was more common, I count the case of Jacques Gruet as civil, not religious).
* Calvin and the Genevan ministers petitioned the court to mitigate the sentence of Servetus by a more humane method of execution than burning. They were denied.
* Calvin made several efforts to persuade Servetus to repent.

For greater insight into the Life of Calvin, and the Historic Truth of those years, see the following works,  Jean-Henri Merle d'Aubigné's  "History of the Reformation of the Sixteenth Century" and James Aitkin Wylie's "History of Protestantism".

It should also be noted, the only cited source in which the author bases their theory of Calvin being a Jewish, Gnostic agent of deception (besides the Protocols of Zion) is G. Sujin Pak: an LGBTQIA+ defending, woman preacher of the apostate United Methodist Church. 

Lastly, As afore-stated:

If John Calvin's views of scripture were the result of the "Judaizing" of Christianity (The mere claim shows an appalling ignorance of Scripture itself, and the writings of Calvin), and all who believe such a doctrine, particularly Puritans, are indeed "not followers of Jesus", then the KJV was translated by "Judaized", Deceived, Christ- less, and thus unregerated, Holy Ghost-less men. 

There is a simple reason why Predestination and other theological 'teachings' of Calvinism was: 

1. Acknowledged as truth by William Tyndale,  John Wycliffe, Jan Hus, Robertus Stephanus, Theodor Beza & John Rogers, the "Puritans", Elizabeth I and the majority of her court, All but one of the Authorized Version (KJV) translators, King James I, and the majority of his court, and 'countless' other great minds, such as Johnathan Edwards (The greatest mind Americas has produced)

2. Unequivocally acknowledged as the most dangerous of Heresies by the Jesuit Order, and the focus of tens of thousands of hours of their indefatigable labors. 

And it's not because they were all deceived, and "Judaized" by a non-existent Jewish-Conspiracy

It's because the Holy Ghost shewed them the truth of it in the Received Texts.

I suggest all who read this that are still Pelagian, Semi-Pelagian or Arminian in their belief, to pray to receive the same. 

Peradventure you are moved to learn the Truth of Scripture, so you might not continue in the lie that your choice was the cause of your salvation, and thus salvation-by-works, the following series by the late R.C. Sproul is recommended for those who regrettably do not possess the affinity to reading:

An introduction to Predestination.

A series of videos about Predestination, and the grave err those commit who do not believe it

For those who do possess an affinity to reading, or are willing to do so despite not possessing such a gift of grace, the following works are again strongly recommended: 

'John Gill's The Cause of God and Truth

John Owen's "A display of Arminianism" The death of death in the death of Christ"

Jonathan Edward's "Freedom of the Will"

Thomas Vincent's "the shorter catechism explained from scripture"

Note: there are many, many, other 'puritan' works available to refute the Jesuit/Gnostic created Doctrine of Arminianism.'


Scottish reformers were Sephardic Jews who migrated from Spain. Scots "Scotti" were a mix of Scythian-Egyptian; Scotti and Picts (Black Magicians of Ireland) are identified by Tartan (Phoenician-Canaanite Cloth); Tartan being the Assyrian Army Commander under Sargon II (2 Ki 18:37). Babylonians, Medeans and Canaanites control Israel today as they have for 2700 years. Kirkin O' Tartan "Church of Tartan" is the Presbyterian Church originated by John Calvin's disciple John Knox, a Reform type of Judaism called Presbyterianism. The Protestant Reformation was a Judaizing movement; a Reformation, beyond being a movement against Catholicism, but rather a movement toward Judaism. John Knox's mother was a Sinclair "Knox assumed name John Sinclair with William Cecil, Elizabeth's chief adviser, for secret negotiations, but he was forced to return to Scotland when he was recognized." (Mason Shefa, Presbyterianism, pp. 61, 71) John Knox married a Stuart "In 1564 Knox remarried at the age of 50 to Margaret Stewart, age 17, a member of the royal Stewart family." (When Scotland Was Jewish, p. 203) Like John Calvin, there is no record of John Knox's conversion to Jesus Christ. Knox fled to Europe, first to Frankfurt, Germany, and then on to Geneva, Switzerland, where he joined forces with John Calvin and also assisted in the translation of the Bible from Latin to English, resulting in the Geneva Bible. It was also in Geneva that Knox wrote the tract 'Faithful Admonition' (1554) which advocated the violent overthrow of "godless rulers" by the populace. The bible is clear that we are to serve those who rule over us, not foment Revolutions to overthrow them. https://www.openbible.info/topics/respecting_those_in_leadership

"In 1577, several Protestant Scottish noblemen, including James Stewart signed a covenant declaring Protestantism the national religion of Scotland. Knox had been in correspondence with them and returned to Scotland at their request in May 1559. With Knox's leadership, the Scottish Parliament declared itself a Protestant nation and adopted the 'Scots Confession'; Catholicism was banned from Scotland. "In 1560, a general assembly was held to assist the reformation of the Scottish church. By 1561, the 'Book of Discipline' was adopted by the Scottish Parliament, placing Calvinist Presbyterian structure at the center of church governance. In this treatise, Knox outlined a system of education and welfare covering the entire Scottish population that was to be financed by the sale of former Catholic properties. Knox advocated that "God should send a Jehu to slay Mary Stuart"

Knox urged the adoption of Mosaic law as the governing rule of Scotland. Galatians 5:18 "But if ye be led of the Spirit, ye are not under the law." Under it, 'certain crimes [including] murder, blasphemy, adultery, perjury and idolatry' would be punishable by death. Noahide Law requires Blasphemy of Jesus Christ under the law of Idolatry; this is the Unforgivable Sin. Knox envisioned Scottish Society as building on Earth a mirror of that in Heaven; "As Above' So Below" is an ancient concept written in the Emerald Tablet of Toth, and later adopted by Canaanite trained St. Augustine in "City of God" which Knox emulated. In Knox's view, Scotland was "A new Israel" dedicated to upholding Old Testament Law.

In 1656 the Scottish Parliament institutionalized Sabbatarianism, 'forbidding anyone to frequent taverns, dance, hear profane music, wash, brew ale or bake bread, profanely walk or travel or do any other worldly business' on the Sabbath, essentially a National Jewish Mitzvoth regarding the keeping of the Sabbath. Knox developed very detailed guidelines for the religious training of ministers; Trainee ministers would study theology, Hebrew, mathematics, Physics, economics, ethics and moral philosophy, a curriculum patterned on Islamic Law (Shariah) and Jewish Law (Noahide Laws) Knox married Marjorie Bowes (Bovée is French Jewish), and named their two children Nathaniel and Eleazer. In 1564 Knox remarried at the age of 50 to Margaret Stewart, age 17, a member of the royal Stewart family claiming Davidic descent. Antichrist will claim Davidic descent and sit on Satan's Seat in the Jerusalem Temple https://theresnothingnew.com/articles/joseph-versus-judah/

In 1620 the Declaration of Arbroath proclaimed Scottish Independence, signed by the Sinclairs. John Knox's mother was a Sinclair. Rosslyn Chapel wasn't touched when Knox's Presbyterian mob was destroying statues and burning churches throughout Scotland. Rosslyn Chapel built by the Sinclair Family before the Reformation houses a statue of the fallen angel Lucifer, Green Man (Dionysus, Bacchus), Islamic and Judaic symbols. Knox benefitted from ethnic cleansing of Highlanders; If people with Highland descent knew the truth they would demand a formal apology of the Presbyterian church."

Here is the sum of the matter, which the Author themselves supplies: "In 1577, several Protestant Scottish noblemen, including James Stewart signed a covenant declaring Protestantism the national religion of Scotland. Knox had been in correspondence with them and returned to Scotland at their request in May 1559. With Knox's leadership, the Scottish Parliament declared itself a Protestant nation and adopted the 'Scots Confession'; Catholicism was banned from Scotland. "In 1560, a general assembly was held to assist the reformation of the Scottish church. By 1561, the 'Book of Discipline' was adopted by the Scottish Parliament, placing Calvinist Presbyterian structure at the center of church governance. In this treatise, Knox outlined a system of education and welfare covering the entire Scottish population that was to be financed by the sale of former Catholic properties. Knox advocated that "God should send a Jehu to slay Mary Stuart"

Knox was therein against the Gnostic Roman Hierarchy, and Jesuit Order controlling it (as shewn in his discourse and actions throughout his life against the Jesuit Curia, such as his letter to the Jesuit Tyrie), which, as proven throughout this treatise, was the Head of the Mystery of Iniquity at that time, and that there was no such thing as a Jewish/Rosicrucian Conspiracy at work controlling the Reformation. 

Half Truth Claim: "The bible is clear that we are to serve those who rule over us, not foment Revolutions to overthrow them. https://www.openbible.info/topics/respecting_those_in_leadership"

Full Truth: Such is true, however, why then did John allow the Roman Soldiers to continue in their employment, which inevitably evolves the overthrow of other countries, As well as the killing of other men? And further; without such bloodshed, and such means done in England, and Europe, there would be no KJV; how else would the Received Texts been preserved, having been smuggled, hidden, and rebelliously translated against the instated authorities? I agree with the Text, to live peaceably with all men; however, the fact stands, without such means, there would be no KJV, or any conditions in society today to have belief without immediate fear of persecution.

The Bible is also clear to spread it's word, and when there is no available means for such to be done, what then? The bible is clear that we are to serve those who rule over us, unless they are ruthless satanic tyrants persecuting anyone who dares to speak the word of God; killing anyone who even attempts to allow the Bible to be possessed by the common man. 

To not resist such a Satanic, and terrible conspiracy, is unthinkable and utterly damnable: the author is in direct contradiction to the mandate laid down in Revelation, and other Epistles.   

Erroneous Claim: "Knox advocated that "God should send a Jehu to slay Mary Stuart""

 Historic Truth: As so common throughout their article; the author fails to recognize the necessity to understand the societal norms of the times. Further, the judging eye of the Author, if gazed upon themselves in a like manner way of fallacious discernment, would certainly fail to be ascertained as an honest man; for, among many observed faults, they themselves are guilty of yearning for the deaths of others (not nearly as satanic and terrible as Blood Mary, might I add!), as heard from personal experience (O the hypocrisy of fallen man!). Men are inclined to such yearnings, most especially when those they yearn it to are systematically extirpating and annihilating the Word of God, and burning men alive for bearing witness to the Truth of the Gospel. 

Mary Stuart was a Jezebel working on behalf of the Jesuit Order, who among other unspeakable crimes against the truth, and God, partook in Jesuit Superior General Claudio Acquaviva's attempt to assassinate Elizabeth I, a conspiracy which cost her her head. 

Knox's yearning must be understood in it's proper context, which the Author continually citing the same inadequate source fails to do.

Erroneous Claim: "the Presbyterian Church originated by John Calvin's disciple John Knox, a Reform type of Judaism called Presbyterianism."

Historic Truth: It's wagered the Author has not taken the time to study the actual roots of the Presbyterian Church, apart from superficial readings of Anti-Semitic theorizers. It's based off of the existing church structure detailed in Acts, Titus, and other Epistles. 

Were those churches condemned by the Apostles as Judaized? No; by and large they instated them. There's a reason why the Jesuit Order had to infiltrate these denominations, as detailed in their Oath's, Recorded Actions, and their Conferences (Conferences of 1824, and 1836).

Erroneous Claim: "Knox assumed name John Sinclair with William Cecil, Elizabeth's chief adviser, for secret negotiations, but he was forced to return to Scotland when he was recognized."

Historic Truth: Due to insufficient reason stated for the author using this historic fact, it is understood that it is stated in the intention of it being a vilifying fact; on the contrary, it demonstrates that Knox was an ally of the Good Queen Elizabeth I, and had to conduct himself through such means of disguise as a direct result of the Satanic Persecution he faced at the hands of the Gnostic Jesuit & Roman Curias. If the author would venture to therein state that this is a damaging quality of a alleged Christian, I would thereto refer the author to the near entire life of William Tyndale, and his predecessors before him who handled Textus Receptus; the majority employed means of disguise in order to carry out Godly purposes, in a world united against them. 

Erroneous Claim: "Knox urged the adoption of Mosaic law as the governing rule of Scotland. Galatians 5:18 "But if ye be led of the Spirit, ye are not under the law." Under it, 'certain crimes [including] murder, blasphemy, adultery, perjury and idolatry' would be punishable by death. Noahide Law requires Blasphemy of Jesus Christ under the law of Idolatry; this is the Unforgivable Sin."

Historic Truth: King James I essentially enforced the Eternal Commandments as the governing rule of England; and fully believed in the Authority of the Old Testament, specifically to take heed to tradition and to God, who would "stirre up such scourges as pleaseth him, for punishment of wicked kings", as discussed in his work "The True Law of Free Monarchies". That James I (Calvinist) was correct in such assessments, and it was lawful for Knox to urge the adoption of the Commandments as a governing rule to the land. To suppose this included the sin of rejecting Christ, is utterly mad; as the entirety of the Presbyterian Church, had confessions, and various other means in place which directly professed Christ. 

Erroneous Claim: "In 1656 the Scottish Parliament institutionalized Sabbatarianism"

Scriptural Truth: Where, exactly, is the verse that states that the Eternal Law of keeping the Sabbath was done away with? There are only verses found of All the Apostles keeping it. 

Or that those countries which happen (through the Grace of God; unless one will therein argue dispensationalism) to become Christian, should not use the Scriptures as a basis for government? Should they resort to the satanic laws received from The Mystery Cults and the Mesopotamian Tyrants they ruled? James I, as already stated, himself was of the view that it was an absolute must for rulers to conform to scripture, and thus their dominions as well. 

The words of the Extreme oath of Induction, countless other Jesuit Sources may be consulted to further refute the mad claims the author reiterates. However, it shall be left to the words of Jesuit Superior General Jan Roothan spoken in an assembly of the Order's Provincials gathered from across the world (for If the Presbyterian Church was a gnostic/Jewish/satanic creation, why then such indefatigable means required to destroy and conquer the institution?):

"The Quakers unknowingly favor our system, by advocating liberty of conscience indiscriminately to all, and being naturally enemies to the Presbyterians, our agents steadily kept up the memory of it by word and print. There is a great prospect of a division among the Quakers, which will exceedingly help our interests. The Presbyterians have the wealth and learning, consequently they have an unlimited influence; our agents have succeeded by the help of St. Ignatius Loyola, effecting a breach, which is every day more and more widening, and the rupture must prove fatal to that body, and forward our Holy interests." (This "breach" was the new school-old school controversy)

The majority of the hideously false claims made in this writing, have now been refuted, however, the following shall further put to end such an outlandish claim as 

"The Protestant Reformation was a Judaizing movement"

These two sources, Watch-unto-prayer, and angelfire, stand in direct contradiction to the Reality of the KJV (That the majority of the translators were Calvinist, and as were all who contributed greatly to Textus Receptus: and that they were all Protestant.), and thousands, upon thousands of primary and secondary sources pertaining to the History of the Reformation, as well as the thousands of Histories of the Jesuit Order (the few histories listed before shall sufficiently depicts the true history of the Satanic Jesuit Order), which as already shewn, they in no wise properly, or fully, expose. 

Again, it is one of three reasons why this appalling rewriting of history has taken place:

either 1. Historic illiteracy, 2. Blatant bigotry, or  3. They are 'Agents' of the Jesuit Order; there are 

No Alternatives.

"John Wesley

Methodism sprang from Anglican clergyman John Wesley, influenced by the Hussite followers of John Hus and the Moravian Church in the mid 1700's. The Arminian Heresy "Free Will in Spiritual Matters" found safe harbor in Methodism. Wesley was influenced by Moravian Missionaries to America; after reading Luther's preface to Romans he "felt strangely warm during the storm, needing to trust Christ alone for Salvation". Ecumenicism promotes "Unity among Christians"; Christ is an ambiguous term meaning "Messiah"; the real Messiah is Jesus. Messianic Islam awaits "al-Mahdi"; Messianic Jews await HaShem as Melchisedek. I suggest using the correct Name Jesus! Hindus await Krishna; Buddhists await Maitreya (World Teacher) and most of Christendom await the Rapture, a Jesuit inspired Satanic doctrine https://theresnothingnew.com/articles/rapture/ promoted by Anglican Minster John Nelson Darby and the Plymouth Brethren. Methodism does not specifically teach Rapture Theology, it is rather vague; believing the Inerrancy of Scripture is low among Methodists; a necessary teaching as the Church promotes liberal interpretations, women pastors, abortion and homosexual clergy and weddings. AME African Methodist Episcopal; Wesleyan Evangelical Protestants, Nazarene and Pentecostal Church of Nazarenes all sprang from John Wesley or rather the Rosicrucians."

Generally speaking, there are great no disagreements to the statements about John Wesley, apart from the author spuriously saying Wesley was wrong for using Christ, and not our Savior's full name of Jesus Christ (The Apostles did this too, are they in err? No one during Wesley's day, in the common folk, would have misinterpreted his words; the author is obviously nitpicking for faults to vilify the man; which is an unsavory trait to be found in one dedicated to telling the truth: the deceptive results of this unsavory trait can be seen throughout this refutation.) 

Perhaps most interesting to note, is that the author acknowledges the Heresy of the Satanic, Jesuit Created doctrine of Arminianism, yet they themselves, are Arminian in their belief (Yea, even worse than Arminian, having no observable utterance of their belief of any influence of Grace in conversion)

Also, it should be noted, that Methodism was the deadliest enemy the Jesuit Order faced within Christianity during their early post-restoration years of the 19th century, according to Jesuit Superior General Jan Roothaan S.J., speaking to a congregation of provincials in the 1830s:

"The Methodists are the most powerful and dangerous enemies to our Holy Cause. Their preachers make no pretensions to learning as those of the other Sects, but they are zealous, they are enthusiasts, self denying, enterprising, untiring, and work upon the heart, as well as the understanding ; their modus operandi much resembles ours; they strive to occupy their ground, measure their space, count their numbers, balance their force, and they are the only sect we have to fear. Divisions among Methodists have proved more fatal to our Holy Cause, than their union; they split, and the branch never withers, but grows, flourishes, spreads, and even among our own subjects, that cursed sect is the most fatal enemy in the heart of our western Province, and like a worm corrodes and destroys the Holy interests of the blessed Society of St. Ignatius Loyola."

"... all sprang from John Wesley or rather the Rosicrucians." 

This is, however, as proven earlier, is historically untrue, and has it's roots in Jesuit created lies: By and large, John Wesley, despite the err in which he readily embraced, can in no found way be traced to any Secret Society, let alone the Jesuit Order:

I am confident to defend Wesley as being a genuine believer (though seriously lacking in his virtue; ref. his conduct with Augustus Toplady) in Jesus Christ, who contributed greatly to the spread the Gospel, and therein has resulted in the saving of countless souls through God's Grace. The ministry he started resulted in one of the staunchest enemies the Satanic Jesuit Order faced within Christendom; Methodism. 


Rosicrucians infiltrated the Protestant Reformation and labeled their movement "Evangelical" The legend of Christian Rosencreutz in the Rosicrucian Manifesto of 1614 originated with the Cathar Militae Evangelicae in 1089. Militia Crucifera Evangelica and Friends of the Cross both originate with Christian Rosencreutz as does the Georgia Guide Stones calling for the elimination of all but 500M people from Earth. Evangelical Rosicrucians are the Church of St John. John refers to Oannes the Chaldean Sea Beast called Dagan by the Philistines. Ever wonder why Catholic and Lutheran Priests wear the Mitre of Dagan? The Cathedral of St John the Divine in NYC https://theresnothingnew.com/articles/st-john-divine-cathedral/ represents the Deification of Man First stage Catholicism; Second Stage Protestantism; Third and Final Stage "Perfect religion of mankind"

Fama Fraternitatis The alchemical medicine and healing of the Rosicrucians Christian Rosencreutz is illumination of a religious and spiritual nature, an alchemical philosophy, which has nothing to do with turning Lead into Gold making but Spiritual Transformation seen in the Great Reset, a bowel movement founded by Klaus Schwab (Swabi is the land of the Chaldean Priest-Kings "Sarmations") and the World Economic Forum Great Reset

James I was against everything Magic He had disapproved of John Dee, Elizabeth I Court Astrologer and Father of Secret Ciphers "007" refers to 1/137=.007 the Fine Structure Constant, Gematria of Kabbalah and "License to Kill". The Jesuit Gun Powder Plot was hatched to prevent the Authorized Bible from publication, the 7th Purified Word of God promised in Ps 12:6. Today we see the remnants in Anonymous and Q:Anononymous Q being Secret Agent James Bond's gadget master the logo of the Great Reset and the Phoenician-Canaanite "Koph" aka Omega Point. https://theresnothingnew.com/articles/qanon/ Lutherans, Calvinists are suspected of being Jesuits. and for good reason. Today Jesuits are managing the Coronavirus Hoax https://theresnothingnew.com/articles/coronavirus/ Coronavirus means Crowned Serpent; it was after all the Serpent who convinced Cain to kill Abel.

The Rosicrucian movement includes different religious denominations. Rosicrucian Robert Fludd was devout Anglican; Michael Maier, a devout Lutheran, as was Johannes (Chaldean Oannes) Valentinus (Valentinus the Palatine Gnostic https://theresnothingnew.com/articles/valentines-day/ https://theresnothingnew.com/articles/valentines-day/) Andreae and many of the other Rosicrucian writers whose philosophies started the 30 Years War Johann Amos (Amos 5:2;26; 7:2-3; 6-7 KJV is a good read) Komensky aka Comenius the younger brother of Johann Valentin Andreae was one of the Bohemian Brethren, the mystical branch of the oldest reformation tradition in Europe, that stemming from John Huss interested in uniting Lutherans and Calvinists. Rosicrucians planned another Reformation called Evangelical Christianity. We see the fruits in Bohemian Grove https://theresnothingnew.com/articles/bohemian-grove/ Evangelical Christians like GHW Bush and GW Bush turning the Middle East to ruins using the the 9/11/2001 False Flag https://theresnothingnew.com/articles/9-11-2001/

Francis Bacon aka Jesuit Toby Mathew or Shakespeare: Bacon refers to Jesuits "Society of Gesu" aka Earth Pig; Breakspear a Black Nobility family uses the Papal Tiara and Keys as their symbol; with the Lancelotti family the Spear of Destiny and King Arthur/Excalibur myths arise. Bacon published New Atlantis: A Worke Unfinished a Utopia envisioned of an ideal religious and scientific society; Priest-scientists pursue researches in arts and sciences; It takes the form of an allegory, about the discovery by storm-tossed mariners of a new land, The New Atlantis; a reference to the Americas. Rosicrucian-Alchemist-33 deg Mason Isaac Newton worshipped the God of Forces (Dan 11:38) with "Gravity Theory"; the Apple falling from a Tree an allegory for Apollyon (Satan) falling from Heaven in Rev 9:11; Gravity, the mythical, unproven Force giving Mass to Matter and Order to the Universe is the Masonic G inside the Square and Compass now seen called the "God Particle"; about as Blasphemous as Science can get. Asked whether Coronavirus was Hoax, Evangelical Christian Zionist Mike Pompeo only answered "Coronavirus is a Live Exercise designed to see how far people will go listening to Scientists" Newton, like all Gnostics (Canaanites) love naming things after themselves; the Pale Horse "Death" is described in Rev 6:8; F=MA 68 Kg X 9.8 KgXM/S2=666 Newtons of Force Aren't Rosicrucians clever? https://theresnothingnew.com/articles/god-particle/

The religion of the New Atlantis is essentially a Rosicrucian manifesto. Christian in spirit, without doctrine, interpretation of the Christian Spirit in terms of practical benevolence using Christian love and charity as its main inspiration Christian-Jewish mysticism as seen in Kabbalah . Charity is the "Love of God"; one cannot love God and believe Him fallible; one cannot reject Jesus as God in Flesh (1 Jn 5:7KJV) and be part of the New Covenant. The inhabitants of New Atlantis respect the Jews; they call their college after Solomon and see God in nature; the Rosicrucian Georgia Guide Stones call for slaughtering all but 500M people living in Harmony with Nature; about as Rosicrucian as it gets. 7 World Trade Center was called the Solomon Center for a reason! Rosicrucians desire is a reconstruction of theology on the basis, not of God's sovereignty, but of God's holy love to all mankind, which he has made in his own image, and redeemed with the blood of his own son. Every age produces its own theology. No more a moving target like this than the Mormon Church, a Reformed Theology based on the Tribes of Dan (Prophets), Ephraim (White Sons of Israel) and Manesseh (Native Americans/Pacific Islanders); Mormons would do well to notice Ephraim and Dan are not listed among the "Saved" Tribes in Rev 7. Scripture warns "Solomon built his an house. Howbeit the Most High dwelleth not in Temples made with hands" Acts 7:48 Why? Satan dwells in man-made Temples not God; Mormons build Temples all over the world claiming to be the Restored Christian Church; don't fall for the deception https://theresnothingnew.com/articles/joseph-versus-judah/

Rosicrucians believe the Protestant Reformation and Catholic Counter-Reformation failed; a third reformation will find its strength in Evangelical Christianity with its emphasis on Brotherly Love, in the esoteric Hermetic-Cabalist tradition, and in an accompanying turning towards the works of God in nature in a scientific spirit of exploration, using science or magic, magical science or scientific magic, in the service of man. The Hermetic-Cabalist tradition is summed up "As Above; So Below"; man attempting to build Heaven on Earth; Masons refer to this as the solution to the 47th Problem of Euclid and symbolize this goal with the Compass set at 47 deg and the Square (90 deg); 47+90=137 the 33rd Prime Number; Gematria of Kabbalah; 1/137=.007 Rosicrucian Brotherly Love is that meant by Cain's love of Abel and Esau's love of Jacob. Evangelical Christianity is a Rosicrucian Death Cult. Nature's God "Cernunnos" (Horned One) can be seen at CERN in its 666 logo; in Green Man (Bacchus, Dionysus) and the Pale (Chloro=Green) Horse "Death"

Christian Unions and Christian Societies express the ideals in the Rosicrucian Manifestos, to engage in intellectual and scientific activities for the good of mankind. Sure thing; Science is the "Tongue of the Chaldeans" Dan 1:4KJV and "Vain, profane babblings" (1 Tim 6:20KJV) This is why new bible versions omit Science.

Rosicrucians like John "007" Dee imaged the Utopian City Christianopolis built on the light of a purer religion."

Erroneous Claim: "Rosicrucians infiltrated the Protestant Reformation and labeled their movement "Evangelical""

Historic Truth: As discussed before, Rosicrucianism was a creation of the Jesuit Order. The idea that the Evangelical movement, I.e. the spreading of the KJV to the four quarters of the Globe, and fulfilling the Great Commission of Jesus Christ, is somehow a gnostic initiated movement, is not only historically false, but by all purposes, satanic in it's effect: 

It is trusted, through God's Grace, none of His Saint's shall read, and believe such an erroneous, Antichrist, Jesuitical view that the spreading of the Gospel in the 16th, 17th, 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries was satanic in it's original inception.

The absolute madness of the claim, again, as so often shewn in this discourse, lies in the fact that without such means that the author maladroitly paints as being Evil, they themselves would not have a KJV, let alone any societal conditions to have faith without being burnt at the stake, or chased through depths of forest by barbarous heathens. 

It is a historic truth, that the first published use of "evangelical" in English was in 1531, when William Tyndale wrote in a commentary on the Book of John, "He exhorteth them to proceed constantly in the evangelical truth.".

What then? Was William Tyndale a "Rosicrucian/"Jewish" deceived Calvinist agent'? No: the entire world united (Vatican and State) attempted to stop Tyndale from publishing Textus Receptus, and failed utterly. When God Allowed, they did, however, execute him at the stake in 1535. But not before he prayed "Lord, open the king of England's eyes"! A prayer, answered within the year when Henry VII finally, and suddenly, broke ties with the Roman Curia, Allowed the Word of God to be published, and began to expose the Absolute Evil perpetuated by the Vatican in England, culminating in the publication of the Black Book, and the English Reformation; allowing (Calvinist) Elizabeth I, and (Calvinist) James I to ascend to the throne, and bring about the necessary societal changes to allow Christianity to flourish, giving rise to a peculiar "Calvinistic" people (I.e. those who understand scripture in it's entirety, without "damnable" private interpretations), who the Lord would use in the translation of his perfected word of God, the KJV. 


Puritan comes from the same root word as the heretical Cathars "Pure Ones" a Nicolaitane (Conquer + Laity) based elevated clergy. Cathar comes from the Greek "Pure" and Catharsis "Discharge of pent up emotion" "In 700 years the Laurel will grow green again" Cathar Prophecy. Norman Cathars got their revenge on Normandy Beach on D-Day 700 years after their Holocaust at Montsegur. Cathars believed that the world had been created by an evil being-that there were a series of spheres of being between God and the material world-that procreation was evil because it introduced another spark of the divine into matter."

This statement is a partial truth, however, in it's primary claim it is in contradiction to all ancient annals which have been preserved against the total onslaught of the Jesuit Order's attempts to rewrite history. 

Further, the claim shows Appalling ignorance at the true nature of the Puritans, and the Written works in which many Christian men, given such a name, produced.  It would be wagered that the author of this horridly spurious claim has not invested time to read any available Ancient annals concerning the progression of the "Puritans", or any works written by men who claimed to such a name. Men such as John Owen, Samuel Rutherford, Richard Baxter, John Bunyan, Johnathan Edwards, or 'countless' others, who dedicated the entirety of their lives to the spread of the Gospel, and edifying the souls of Christ's people, in an era in which the contrary influence of Deadly Deception was rampant, where there were no great available means to the common man to learn the Deep, and Sensitive truths contained within the Gospel. 

The name "puritan" was a derogative term, Given to the peculiar people by their enemies, and was not a self designated term. Contrary to the authors spurious claim, It does not find it's root in a supposed connection to 12-14th century breakoff group from the Vatican Hierarchy (Cathars). Rather is found in the peculiar people's great yearning, and their life's work of "purifying" all traces of Satanic influence from the faith, at an era in which there were no other identifiable groups/denominations that were dedicated to such a task; as the Lutherans, and Anglicans, would not progress to such degrees of Reform, as the Re-revealed Gospel demanded.

If the author was alive during the Elizabethan period with their current views, apart from being deemed an utter heretic and schismatic, and apart from all notable puritans of those day's undoubted refusal to be associated with such a heretic and schismatic, they would undoubtedly be designated as Puritan. 

Also, as aforestated, many of the KJV translators were Puritan, and the initiation itself to begin the Authorized Version translation, had it's source within the Puritans; the author by making such ignorant, vilifying and (ignorant or not) satanic claims, has greatly undermined the Authenticity of the Authorized word of God, and greatly brought false accusation against many of God's Identifiable people. (Key word; identifiable. I'm not saying everyone who used the name Puritan/Calvinist was a saint, I mean by this many of whom who were identified by such names, can be discerned through their fruits, to be genuinely beloved by Jesus Christ)

A few citations from the works of Some notable puritans (Which in no wise does them justice: I strongly, strongly suggest reading aforementioned works, and some of the works mentioned at the end of the Defense, to gain a proper insight to the great gifts of Grace these men possessed)

"Oliver Cromwell, the Puritan "Lord Protector" of England, Scotland and Ireland, was financed by Jewish Bankers; Manasseh Ben Israel, and other German and French money-lenders financed Cromwell. Fernandez Carvajal of Portugal, "The Great Jew" became Cromwell's Chief Military Contractor, providing soldiers with the best arms and equipment money could buy.; the US does this today with ISIS. The Jewish underground in England headed by De Souze was appointed Portuguese Ambassador, thus Sephardic (2 Ki 17:31 Babylonians, Cuthites, Canaanites, Medeans) fake Jews were protected by diplomatic immunity. Jewish underground then introduced Calvinism into England to split Church and State, and divide the people. 1666 was the target year for the Jewish Redemption and the return of their Messiah; a date originally false prophesied by Isaac Newton using "Private Interpretations" of Daniel. Manasseh ben Israel convinced Cromwell, readmission of the Jews into England was a necessary precursor to restoring Jews into Israel. King James advocated the death penalty for all witches; under Cromwell, Parliament took control of the English monarchy and eliminated witch trials.

Rosicrucians considered England to be the land chosen by Jehovah to be the scene of the restoration of all things, a commonwealth directed by the Invisible College, toward the Great Work, a mandate from Parliament to build Bacon's New Atlantis in England. Great Work is clever; Work=Force X Time/Distance, thus the Rosicrucian "God of Forces" (Dan 11:38) "Lucifer" would later supply Infinite

Work over 13.7B years of Time and 13.7B Light-Years, the size and age of the Universe according to "Scientists" https://theresnothingnew.com/articles/dna-of-light/ https://theresnothingnew.com/articles/light/ A bevy of Rosicrucian-Jesuits followed proposing unbiblical theories which were regarded as "Laws" like Gravity, Evolution, Constant Light Speed, Dark Matter etc."

It shall not be further labored to refute such anti-Jewish ravings of one proven to be a fantasizer, who has not the slightest grounding in the Truth; as these points have generally been refuted earlier.

As to Oliver Cromwell, and the accusation he was an agent of the Mystery of Iniquity (Oh the extent of this author's historic illiteracy and its deceptive results!), The fact that Cromwell beheaded Charles I; which was the culminating result of the Parliament's exposure of Charles' role in assassinating the Author's rightfully beloved King James I*, nearly obliterated the Jesuit Order from Ireland and England*, and made war against the Roman and Jesuit Curia's the entirety of his life, for which he faced numerous assassination attempts*, and that whence the Jesuit Curia regained the throne under Charles II, they exhumed Cromwell, Bradshaw, and Ireton's bodies, performed posthumous executions, and then beheaded them; mounting their heads above Westminster hall for well over a decade, shall be all that is stated in refutation of such mad claims; as the rest are so Jesuitically erroneous, it is a waste of precious time to refute them, when so many hundreds of works may be consulted for such a task, two of which shall be here quoted: 

First being James Wylie's History of the Jesuits:

James Wylie, Author of "History of Protestantism", and "The Jesuits: their moral maxims and plots against kings, nations, and churches", 1881.
James Wylie, Author of "History of Protestantism", and "The Jesuits: their moral maxims and plots against kings, nations, and churches", 1881.

"The cloud which had hung above England ever since the French marriage at last exploded in civil war. When hostilities broke out, and the nation was parted into two camps, the Jesuits in like manner marshalled themselves in two bands. One company espoused the King's side of the quarrel, the other placed themselves under the banners of the Parliament. Those who fought beneath the royal standard affected to be firm believers in the "Divine right," zealous maintainers of Episcopacy, and hearty haters of Puritanism. The others were all for Presbytery or Independency, and held bishops, and in particular the Bishop of Rome, in special abomination. It was edifying to hear with what virtuous indignation the one troop denounced the flagitiousness of the other. "Sons of the Harlot of Babylon " was the taunt flung at the Jesuit Cavaliers by those who served on the Independent or Covenanting side. The others returned the compliment by stigmatising those from whom it came as "Slaves of Calvin and the Devil." Not confining themselves to spoken invectives, they betook them to the writing of pamphlets.

The more acrimonious and violent of the brochures which appeared on both sides proceeded from the pens of Jesuits in Episcopalian or Presbyterian masks. The game was played with masterly dexterity. Its object, of course, was to embitter the quarrel, and render reconciliation betwixt the parties hopeless. The "red fields" that marked the progress of the strife, and the black scaffold, with the royal head rolling upon it, in which it ended, attest how complete was the success that crowned the stratagem of the Jesuits.

Whether Charles I. ever intended to carry over his kingdom wholly to Rome, it is now impossible with certainty to say. Plain it is that the Romanists expected this, and the frightful tempests which they raised around his throne were intended to force him to do so. When they saw that they could not effect their purpose, they destroyed him. Charles could not be other. than conscious of the strength of the Protestant principle in his kingdom, and he might think that the right policy was that of conciliation. He would try how much of a Papist he could be without being wholly one, and how near he could bring the nation to Rome without actually compelling it to enter the Roman pale. In short, he hoped to find a half-way house, where the two parties might meet and coalesce, and permit him to enjoy his throne in peace. This was not a policy, but a delusion. Those with whom he was dealing were not men to do their work by halves, or to permit him to halt short of the goal they wished him to reach. This delusion cost him dear. First Strafford perished in the attempt to realise it; next Laud was brought to the block; and, last of all, the King himself was made to experience how unsparing is the vengeance of that Church when she finds herself deceived in monarchs and statesmen who may have conceded much, but in her eyes conceded nothing unless they concede all.

While fawning at the feet of the Archbishop, let us mark how scurrilously they wrote of him behind his back, and with what malignant joy they contemplated the overthrow which their arts were preparing for him. This appears from a letter, entered in the Society of Jesuits at Paris, a copy of which was sent to Archbishop Usher of Armagh, in 1652.

"We doubt not but to make a great progress in what we have undertaken ; we have put the Mobile out of conceit with Canterbury, the head of their heretical episcopacy, and doubt not in time to perfect our designs through fractions between themselves. It must not be totally arms that can conquer heresy, as you have advised, but separation, which hath prevailed much of late. Many of the common sort are fallen from the heretic bishops, and are for a Synod or Assembly of Presbyters, who shall soon eclipse their pomp. We be encouraging the Independents purposely to balance the scales, lest they grow too ponderous, high, and lofty: and as we shall find them also, we shall encourage the Anabaptists, knowing all these were a distraction to an heretical monarchy.

" We shall hinder the heretics by finding them work at home, and thereby prevent their sending aid for Ireland ; for we have parties of great skill and policy on both sides, as well with the Parliamentcrew as with the King ; so that if either take, we are safe, so we do not discover our projects to our adversaries.

"We entreat you to signify unto the convent that we want wise, learned, and subtle scholars to come and assist these new sects, that they may still be at variance, especially amongst the Parliamentaries; and for the other party with the King, we have equality, and fear them not.

"The old cub, Canterbury, suspects not the Church-Catholic in the least, but is inveterate against the Puritan sort, and they against him, which is a just judgment on him for his inveterate piece written against Father Fisher. We seem very civil to him, and cherish him against the Puritans, whilst we visit him ; so that he dreams not how the net is spread to catch him." * *"Foxes and Firebands," pt. iii pp. 150-152.

When at last their plot was consummated, we find the Jesuits mingling in the mob around the scaffold of Charles I., and expressing their fiendish satisfaction at the ruin of the man who had first raised their hopes and then dashed them. The fact of their presence at the royal execution is attested by Du Moulin and Prynne, but we quote the following only from Mr Henry Fowles' " History of Plots and Conspiracies" :

"When the late King was murdered, Mr Henry Spotswood, riding casually that way just as his head was cut off, espied the Queen's confessor there on horseback, in the habit of a trooper, drawing forth his sword, and flourishing it over his own head in triumph, as others then did. At which Mr Spotswood, being much amazed, and being familiarly acquainted with the confessor, rode up to him, and said, "O Father! I little thought to have found you here, or any of your profession, at such a sad spectacle.' To which he answered, that there were at least forty or more priests and Jesuits there present on horseback, besides himself." + Ibid., pt. ii p. 86.

They confidently expected that the moment the King's head had fallen on the scaffold, England would become a chaos. Instead of anarchy, Cromwell stood up. The little finger of the great Puritan was thicker than the loins of the Stuart Of the plotters, some'fled beyond seas, others shrunk back into their hiding-places; but some entered the army, and in the guise of military chaplains, or simply of common soldiers, continued their efforts to kindle a flame betwixt the Presbyterians and the Independents, in which both might be consumed. We have a glimpse of their intrigues in the following letter, extracted from the Society's records at Paris, and sent to Archbishop Usher in 1652 :

"We desire some able assistance from you and other places, as from Italy, Portugal, and Spain ; and also your council and theirs, especially whilst this heretical Synod of Presbyters rule and govern. Truly we find them a perverse sort of heretics to clash with ; for since they have become masters, and conquered the heretical bishops, we find great opposition, and require more assistance.

"It is not ripe enough as yet to set Anabaptism a-madding at this time, but rather set enmity and variance between Sir John Presbyter (that tribe of John Calvin, their master), and the Independent. Jesu Mary be praised, that tribe holds Sir John tug. We have sent private intelligence unto Patience" (Patience was Fleetwood's chaplain in Ireland, and a great dipper of the people), "hearing he and that tribe have lately fallen out at New England, encouraging to return; for here he may better clash with the Presbyterian than with those, being bred up and trained up for that sect, and there be less suspected.

"I here send you a roll of the names who contend with Sir John's tribe. Mr. Peters, who was once a-going to New England, but 'tis thought expedient and fitter for that cause to retain him at home. Mr. John Lilborne is a stout blade against the heretical Synod, and has written sharply against them. As for the rest of their names, how they be qualified, what points they stand upon, and what new doctrines they have spread, the roll will inform the Society.

The Anabaptists increase a-main ; and Peter Pain, who was lately discovered, hath fled from these parts, and is gone into Yorkshire, where he goeth now under the name of T. C. Look into the licence-book, and you will know under what names he was to go in case of discovery."* *"Foxes and Firebrands," pt. iii, pp. 155, 156. 

To this we add an extract from information sworn at Bristol, on 22nd January, 1654, and confirmed by Cromwell's Speech in the Painted Chamber, on 4th September of the same year

" That there are multitudes of Romish emissaries and vermin now residing and wandering up and down freely amongst us, to seduce and divide the people, by setting up new sects, and separate congregations in all places, and broaching new notions and opinions of all sorts, or old heresies or blasphemies ; not saying masses, praying to saints and images, or crying up the Pope's supremacy, &c., as heretofore.

"That the Pope's, and these his emissaries, chief endeavours are to draw the people from our churches, public congregations, ordinances, ministers, and religion, and to divide and tumble us into as many sects and separate conventicles as they have Popish orders; and thereby into as many civil parties and factions as possibly they can, to ruin us thereby.-Matth. xii. 25, 27.

"By this new stratagem, they have gained more proselytes and disciples, and done more harm in eight or nine years' space in the Church and realm of England, more prejudice, dishonour, and scandal to our religion and ministers, than ever they did by saying mass, or preaching, printing, or any point of the grossest popery in eighty years' time heretofore." * *" Foxes and Firebrands," pt. ii. pp. 144-146"

Secondly, d'Aubigné's famous, "The Protector: a vindication":

THERE are great crises in the history of man, in which the sovereignty of God over kings and people, however it may be hidden for a time from the eyes of the multitude, is manifested with such demonstrations of power as to excite the conviction of even the most incredulous. While favouring breezes bear the ship smoothly over the wide ocean, the crew and passengers, careless and inattentive, forget the arm of God, and perhaps indulge in blasphemy. But when "the Lord commandeth and raiseth the stormy wind," ,"-when the billows dash over the vessel,-when the sails are torn away and the masts are broken,-when these thoughtless people "mount up to the heaven, and go " down again to the depths,"......then the Almighty appears to them in the midst of the storm :-All eyes behold Him; all hearts tremble before Him; and the most impious, falling on their knees, cry to Him from the bottom of their souls. When men will not hear the "still small voice" in which Jehovah ordinarily addresses them, then, to use the language of Scripture, " He passes by in a great and "strong wind, rending the mountains and breaking the " rocks in pieces."

Of all the events which diversify human history, there is none in which mankind more readily acknowledge the intervention of the Deity than in the revolutions of empires, -the setting up and pulling down of kings. These great changes are usually attended by circumstances so unexpected and appalling, that the eyes of the blindest are opened. Such events happened in England in the middle of the seventeenth century, when an attempt was made to revive the papal power. In every country this enemy, under the direction of the Jesuits, was rising from beneath the heavy blows inflicted on it by the Reformation. It possessed one spiritual head, which gave unity to its movements; and to support it, a stirring and fanatical power, Spain, was devoted to its interests, and ready to give it "her seat and great authority." (Rev. xiii. 2.) Thus the Papacy was recovering a great part of the ground it had lost in Germany, France, the Low Countries, Spain, and even in Italy.

It was imagined that if Rome could possibly succeed in reconquering England, her cause would be gained and her triumph secured throughout the world; the fruits of the Reformation would be for ever lost: and Great Britain and Europe, peopled anew with priests, Jesuits, and monks, would sink as low as Spain has sunk.

The fearful commotions and sanguinary conflicts which shook the British isles in the middle of the seventeenth century, were in the main a direct struggle against Popery. They were like the shakings and shuddering of the earth, in a country threatened with conflagration by subterranean fires. If a traveller in self-defence slays a highway robber, the responsibility of bloodshed does not rest on him. In ordinary times his hand would have been pure from its stain. War is war, and calls, alas ! for blood. In the days of Louis XIV. and of the Stuarts it was a real battle that Popery was fighting against the British islands.

In our days, Rome is striving to re-enter England by means of certain teachers : then-it was through her kings. It was the misfortune and the crime of the Stuarts to have rallied around Rome, and to have desired to range their subjects under the same banner. Charles I. was the victim of this attempt; for Popery ever destroys both the princes and the people who espouse it. Of this truth the Stuarts and the Bourbons are memorable examples.

Strong measures, no doubt, were employed to save England from the danger with which it was threatened. But so formidable a disease could not be averted, except by the most active remedies. Royalty was overthrown; and yet royalty possessed-as it does still-the respect of this nation. A republic was established; and yet a republic in so vast an empire is a madman's dream. Episcopacy was abolished; and yet this is the form of the Church which the nation prefers. The blood of a king was shed; and get the inspired Preacher saith, Curse not the king (x. 20). But all these things were accomplished, because the counsel of God had determined beforehand that they should be done (Acts iv. 28); and thus the prophecy was fulfilled, which saith, I gave thee a king in mine anger, and took him away in my wrath. (Hosea xiii. 11.).

If England should desire in the present day, as her princes desired in the seventeenth century, to restore Popery ;-if the number of those unfaithful ministers, who abjure the Gospel for the Pope, should multiply in her bosom ;-if that superstitious madness should spread to their congregations ;if the heads of the Church should continue to slumber, and, instead of rescuing their flocks, allow them to proceed towards the wolf that is waiting to devour them ;-if the government, not satisfied with granting liberty to Popery, should encourage it still farther by endowing its seminaries, paying its priests, building its churches, and restoring throughout Great Britain the power of the Roman bishop......then would England probably be convulsed by a crisis, different, it might be, from that which startled the reign of Charles, but not the less formidable. Again the earth would quake; again would it open to pour forth devouring flames. On this account the study of that remarkable era, in which the first contest took place, was never more necessary than in the present day.

In glancing over those times, however, we must make a distinction between acts and men. There are acts which we are bound openly and vehemently to condemn; but we should proceed too far were we to throw upon individuals the responsibility of the results. Does it not sometimes happen in the course of ages that circumstances occur so calculated to shake the mind, that dazzled, stunned, and blinded men can no longer see their way, and are mere instruments in the hand of God to punish and to save ?

Such is the idea put forth by an eminent writer, equally great as an historian and a statesman, when treating of this epoch: The time had now come when good and evil, salvation and peril, were so obscurely confounded " and intermixed, that the firmest minds, incapable of disentangling them, had become mere instruments in the 6 hand of Providence, who alternately chastises kings by " their people, and people by their kings.

But why should we endeavour to blacken the character of those whom God has employed in His work? Is it improper in this instance, more than on other occasions, to entertain respect for those minds which remain sincere, even when they are misguided, and are doing what they believe to be right, and to be the will of the King of kings ?

From the beginning of the seventeenth century England was on a steep declivity, which she seemed inevitably doomed to descend, and be carried by it into the gulf of Popery. The blood of the Stuarts was mingled with the blood of the Guises. What the Bourbons were effecting in France, the sons and descendants of Queen Mary, older veterans than they in Roman fanaticism, considered themselves called upon to accomplish on a larger scale on the other side of the Channel. Of a truth those unfortunate princes cannot all be placed in the same rank; but there is visible in them a constant progression towards the Church of Rome. Charles I. (1625) was more averse from the Word of God, and more inclined to tradition and hierarchy, than James I. (1603); Charles II. (1660) more so than Charles I.; and James the Second went far beyond his predecessors. This progression has all the strictness of a mathematical law.

The despotic counter-revolution attempted by the two last Stuarts demonstrates the necessity of the democratic revolution which it pretended to combat. It plainly showed that, in the eighteen years between 1642 and 1660, the English nation had not risen up against mere phantoms. Charles II.--who, as his mother Henrietta Maria declared to Louis XIV., " had abjured the heresy of his education, " and was reconciled to the Church of Rome;"*_Charles II. composing a treatise to prove that there could be but one Church of Christ upon earth, and that that was the Church of Rome; Charles II. acknowledging to his brother, the Duke of York, that he also was attracted to the mother-church ;-Charles II. sounding his ministers on their intentions with regard to Popery, and prepared to follow the duke's advice by a plain and public declaration of Romanism, if he had not been checked by the prudent counsel of Louis XIV.;-Charles II. refusing on his deathbed the sacrament from the Protestant bishop of Bathreplying to his brother, who proposed in a whisper to send him a Romish priest, "Do so, for the love of God !"- confessing to the missionary Huddlestone, declaring his wish to become reconciled to the Roman Church, and receiving from him absolution, the host, and even extreme unction :these most assuredly were not phantoms.

* Guizot, Hist. de la Révolution d'Angleterre, i. 278.

James II., his successor, declaring to the French ambassador, immediately after his accession, that the English, though they knew it not, were Roman-catholics, and that it would be easy to induce them to make a public declaration of their faith ;-James II. hearing mass in the Queen's chapel with open doors on the first Sunday of his reign; James II., in contemptuous defiance of the laws, filling his army with Roman-catholic officers; and when Protestant clergymen went over to the Church of Rome, giving them dispensations to continue in the receipt of their stipends, and even in the administration of their cures ;-a great number of Roman churches rising, even in the metropolis; -a Jesuit school opened without any attempt at concealment;- Roman-catholic peers admitted into the privycouncil, and along with them Father Petre, a covetous and fanatical Jesuit, who possessed the king's most intimate confidence; - Roman-catholic bishops in full activity in England ;-Magdalen College, Oxford, receiving a popish president;- seven Anglican bishops who had protested against these encroachments, conveyed to the Tower, through crowds of people who fell on their knees as they passed, and who, when these patriots were acquitted by the jury, lighted up bonfires in every part of the city, and burnt the pope in effigy William of Orange landing on the coast of Devonshire, on the 5th of November 1688, with the English flag waving at the mast-head of his ships, and bearing this inscription: THE PROTESTANT RELIGION AND LIBERTIES OF ENGLAND; James II. next seeking an asylum at St Germain en Laye, where he met with a magnificent reception from Louis, the persecutor of the Protestants, and where the two monarchs remained some minutes in each other's embrace, amidst a crowd of courtiers astonished at the sight of this foreign prince, who, as they said, "had given three kingdoms for a mass"...... these are facts of History,-facts which tell us what was to be expected of the Stuarts,-facts which show that the evil against which England revolted in the seventeenth century was not mere imagination.

* See a letter from Pell, English minister in Switzerland, to Secretary Thurloe, dated 8 May 1656, in Dr Vaughan's Protectorate, i. 402. London, 1839.

If, during the eighteen years of the Revolution, the evangelical faith and Protestant spirit had not been reanimated and greatly strengthened, England would have been unable to resist the invasions of the Papacy under James the Second. It was the Revolution begun in 1642, rather than the Dutch prince, which overthrew that king. The extirpation of Popery required an ingens aliquod et præsens remedium, as Erasmus said of the work of the Reformation in the sixteenth century-"a physician who cuts deep " into the flesh, or else the malady would be incurable."* There is not in England a single royalist, or episcopalian, who, if he is a Protestant, and at the same time a good citizen, can fail to acknowledge the necessity of the violent remedy then applied to the disease that was destroying Great Britain. And if the revelations of history show us that the men of those times were more sincere, more pious, and even more moderate than is usually believed, it is the duty of every friend of justice not to close his eyes against this new light. We may be deceived, but, in our feeble judgment, the address in which the peers of England thanked the Prince of Orange, in December 1688, for having delivered the country "from slavery and popery,' might have been presented by the nation at an earlier period to the authors of the Revolution of 1642.

*Saying of Erasmus on Luther.

In studying the life of Cromwell, the reader will undoubtedly have frequent reason to bear in mind the saying of Holy Scripture, In many things we offend all. He interfered violently in public affairs, and disturbed the constitutional order of the state. This was his fault,-a fault that saved his country. With the documents before us which have been published at various times, we are compelled, unless we shut our eyes to the truth, to change our opinion of him, and to acknowledge that the character hitherto attached to this great man is one of the grossest falsehoods in all history. Charles II., who succeeded him after Richard's short protectorate; the royal courtiers, not less immoral, but still more prepossessed than the king himself; the writers and statesmen too of this epoch,-all of them united in misrepresenting his memory. The depraved followers of the Stuarts, and more particularly some of Cromwell's republican rivals, (among others, the narrow-minded Ludlow and the prejudiced Holles,) have blackened his reputation. But the period has at length arrived which Oliver foresaw when he wrote: God will in his own time vindicate me. That he was sincere, all must acknowledge who carefully study the documents which history has bequeathed to us concerning this great man. And hence the following remarks by a distinguished critic in his review of the Letters and Speeches, edited by Mr Carlyle : If there is any one who still believes that " Cromwell was a thorough hypocrite; that his religion was a systematic feint to cover his ambitious designs, " the perusal of these volumes will entirely undeceive We look upon this hypothesis, this Machiavelian explanation of Cromwell's character, as henceforth entirely " dismissed from all candid and intelligent minds...... Cromwell was a genuine Puritan. There is no doubt of that."* There will , perhaps, be greater difficulty in rendering this tardy justice to Cromwell on the part of foreigners, and more particularly of Roman-catholics, than of the English and Scotch. Yet even among the former a change is beginning to take place. M. Philarète Chasles has published a series of articles in the Revue des Deux Mondes, in which we perceive that France is beginning to cast aside its time-honoured prejudices with regard to the Protector. M. Chasles exclaims against those who have represented Cromwell as a hypocrite, and declares that in his whole life there was nothing factitious, nothing false.* Cromwell was sincere, he was true: this is the first but not the only point we shall undertake to establish.

* Blackwood's Magazine, 1847, p. 394.

Protestantism was on its trial. There can be no doubt that the principles of civil liberty, which the family of James the First desired to crush, but which eventually triumphed in the English nation, and which have raised it to such an elevation, had a great share in this struggle ; and no one man did more than Oliver towards their development. But the principal thing which drew down the anger of his enemies was Protestantism, in its boldest not less than its clearest form; and the false imputation borne by this eminent man was essentially the work of Popery. In the seventeenth century, when the Protestant princes were everywhere intimidated, weakened, and dumb, and when some of them were making ready for a fatal apostasy, Cromwell was the only one to declare himself in the face of all Europe the protector of the true faith. He even induced Cardinal Mazarin, a prince of the Romish Church, to connive at his generous designs. This is a crime for which he has never been pardoned, and for which his enemies have inflicted a scandalous revenge. In this task so much perseverance and skill have been employed, that not only enlightened Roman-catholics, but even Protestants themselves have been deceived. We feel no inclination to adopt the hatred and calumnies of Rome, and we sympathize with Protestantism wherever it is to be found. 

M. Chasles, professor in the College of France at Paris, has collected and published these articles under the title of Oliver Cromwell. See more particularly pp. 33, 34.

This will not lead us to extenuate the faults of those who have been its supporters; nor will their defects blind us against their good qualities. In the struggle between Protestantism and Popery, which took place in the British isles in Cromwell's time, the noblest part indisputably belongs to the former; and the mistakes of its adherents are unimportant compared with the excessive immorality and the frightful cruelties of which the friends of Rome' were guilty: It may not be without advantage to direct the reader's attention to a remarkable analogy. In perusing the history of Cromwell's life, we cannot forbear thinking of William, Prince of Orange, who was the chief instrument in the hands of God, in the sixteenth century, to tear the United Provinces from the dominion of Spain and Popery. He also has long been described as employing religion merely for his own selfish purposes, and it has been seriously asserted that his grand object was to become Count of Holland. Mutato nomine de te fabula narratur. It cannot be denied that William was for a time frivolous and hesitating. But he soon became more serious, and he felt, like Oliver, the sentiment of his mission in the great struggle against Popery and despotism. The letters and speeches of William I. present many striking points of resemblance to those of the Protector. "subjects of the Low Countries," said the Prince of Orange, in March 1568, "have desired to live and serve their God according to His Holy Word, which has been imputed to " them as rebellion and mutiny, and is the cause of their " being put to death, banished, and ill-treated......But it " is the duty of all in the sight of God to have regard to " His glory, and to maintain their liberty and privileges." In 1573, when the Spaniards were masters of nearly the whole country, and the officers of the prince could see no means of safety, he said to them: "When I undertook the " defence of the oppressed Christians, I began by forming an alliance with the Lord of Hosts, whose strong and mighty hand will deliver them when it seemeth good to on the occasion of a victory William wrote: " Since it is the Lord God, the Lord of Hosts alone, who " has given us this victory, it is fit and reasonable that to " Him alone we should render thanks." In the following pages will be found many passages that will recall to our recollection these words of the illustrious founder of the family of Orange. Justice has been done to him sooner than to Oliver ; but earlier or later it will be done to all.*

The erroneous traditions of which we have spoken have spread everywhere, and have been adopted by France, that ancient ally of the Stuarts. But Cromwell's Letters and Speeches, by Mr Thomas Carlyle, and even some older works, such as the Memoirs of the Protector and his Sons, illustrated by Family Papers (1820), Oliver Cromwell and his Times (1821), and Dr Vaughan's Protectorate (1839), ought to produce some sensation on the Continent.

Mr Carlyle complains of the errors of most of the writers who have preceded him, and with reference to two of the ablest he speaks as follows: "Our French friends ought to be " informed that M. Villemain's book on Cromwell is, unluckily, a rather ignorant and shallow one.-Of M. Guizot, on the other hand, we are to say that his two volumes, so far as they go, are the fruit of real ability " and solid studies applied to those transactions."+ Although we agree in the homage paid by Mr Carlyle to the most profound of our historians, we think that M. Guizot's Cromwell ought also to be recast; and that the idea of the Protector given by this great writer, not only in his History of the English Revolution, but also in a more recent work, his Essay on Washington, is contrary to reality. M. Guizot is a native of Nismes, and on this ground alone there are reasons why he should be, to say the least, impartial towards Cromwell. With regard to M. Villemain, it is desirable that he should devote his leisure, his impartiality, and his great talents in reconstructing a work by which he first made himself known with such advantage to the friends of literature. I will not speak of Viscount Chateaubriand's work on the Four Stuarts: it is characterized by the great talent of the first writer of our age, and often by an honourable frankness; but not less by the prepossessions and prejudices of the author of Buonaparte and the Bourbons. The imperfect work now submitted to the reader has no pretensions to be a more correct biography of the Protector: its sole aim is to indicate, especially to continental Protestants, that it is a page of history which ought to be written anew.

* For a correct knowledge of the character of William I., I would refer to a valuable collection of documents entitled Archives de la Maison d'Orange-Nassau, by M. Groen van Prinsterer, Councillor of State at the Hague.

+ Cromwell's Letters and Speeches, i. 236 ; 2d edit. Lond. 1846.

My first idea was simply to publish in French some of Cromwell's most Christian letters, with a running commentary on the whole. But I have gradually been led farther than I originally intended. I asked myself, what is the worth of all the fine phrases used by this great ruler, if they are contradicted by facts? In consequence of this I was compelled to take his actions also into account, to weigh them impartially, to distinguish between good and evil, and above all to examine deeply into his mind in order to find out the law,-a law that easily escapes the observation of the inattentive eye,-which, by an invisible bond, unites great errors with great piety. I have endeavoured to ascertain his character as a whole: it was my wish to reconstruct an entire existence, and not offer merely a few fragments and startling contradictions of his life. The majority of historians, indeed, have also sought for this unity, and have easily discovered it: according to their views, it is found in his deep hypocrisy. But the documents now before us are a striking contradiction to this hypothesis; and no writer, who possesses the smallest portion of good faith, will ever venture to put it forward again. There is no man in history who has a better title than Cromwell to say with Saint Paul,-as deceivers and yet true. We must therefore seek for some other explanation. To this task I applied myself; and in the chapter on the death of the king I have more fully set forth the result of my inquiries.

Of the authors who have treated of Cromwell, some justify not only his principles, but even the worst of his actions : this is going too far. Others, on the contrary, censure not only all his acts, but his character; and in this they commit a serious injustice. These are indeed summary ways of rendering a man's life consistent. By adopting such methods the historian's task is soon ended ; but to them I could not have recourse. I was compelled to blame some of this great man's actions, and to vindicate his christian morality. This I have done. The solution I have given seems to be the correct one; but I do not know whether it will produce the same effect on others.

May I be allowed to direct attention to a circumstance of which I had not thought when I began this work, but which may in some measure be its justification ? Cromwell, during the season of his power, was really Protector of European, and, in particular, of French Protestantism. As I am myself descended from Huguenot refugees, it appeared to me that I had a debt to pay to this illustrious man. There were, perhaps, some of my forefathers among those inhabitants of Nismes, whom the powerful intervention of the English chief rescued from the vengeance of the soldiers of Louis XIV., already marching against that city to execute the orders of the court to the last extremity.*

"nobody can wonder," said Clarendon, a man who, it is well known, had no great love for the Protector, and who wrote shortly after the event, "that Cromwell's memory still remains in those parts and with those people in great " veneration." Even King James was struck with the esteem which the French Protestants in general entertained towards Oliver. "Upon this occasion he told me," says Burnet, " that among other prejudices he had at the Protestant religion, this was one, that both his brother and himself, being in many companies in Paris incognito, " where they met many Protestants, he found they were " all alienated from them, and were great admirers of " Cromwell."'t Gratitude is a debt that no lapse of time should cancel. I hope that no person, in the nineteenth century, will feel that wonder from which the prime-minister of Charles II. was exempt: and what he considered very natural then, in the midst of party feelings, will doubtless be thought so still by an unimpassioned posterity.

* One of the Author's ancestors quitted Nismes a few years after Cromwell's intervention, and found a refuge at Geneva.

+ Burnet's Own Times, i. p. 102.

The vindication, or rather the restoration, of the Protector's memory, has already begun; and perhaps no one can do more for it than Mr Carlyle has accomplished. I think, however, that there is yet room for many labourers in the same field. Oliver has been presented as a hero to the world; I present him as a Christian to Christians-to Protestant Christians; and I claim boldly on his behalf the benefit of that passage of Scripture: Every one that loveth God that begat, loveth him also that is begotten of Him. Although these pages will bear no comparison with the work of the writer I have just named, they may, notwithstanding, advance the same object in some degree, particularly when considered under a religious point of view. Others, I hope, will hereafter throw a still greater light on one of the most astonishing problems that time has handed down to us.

It is only gradually and by slow degrees that darkness is scattered in history, as well as in the natural world.

I am well aware that the task I have undertaken is a difficult one. We have so deeply imbibed in early youth the falsehoods set forth by Cromwell's enemies, that they have become in our eyes indisputable truths. I know it. by my own experience, by the lengthened resistance which I made to the light that has recently sprung up, and illuminated, as with a new day, the obscure image of one of the greatest men of modern times. It was only after deep consideration that I submitted to the evidence of irresistible facts.

I have no desire to write a literary work, but to perform an act of justice. I do not forget the maxim of pagan antiquity, that we should render to every person his due: I feel that among all the good things a man may possess, there is one which, according to the saying of the wisest of Eastern kings, surpasses all the rest : a good name is better than precious ointment; and above all, I remember, that if a Christian ought to confess the Lord upon earth in order that he may be one day confessed before the angels in heaven, it is also his duty to confess the disciples of the Lord, particularly when they are disowned, calumniated, and despised by the multitude Verily I say unto you, inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me."

It is strongly advised to read the entirety of this work; however, for those who shall not, hear the sum of Cromwell given by d'Aubigné's assiduously written defense of the Protector: 

"Without Cromwell, humanly speaking, liberty would have been lost not only to England, but to Europe"

* 1 "The mystery of James I's murder continued to draw attention in the 1630s, but it was during the revolutionary crisis of the 1640s that it left its deepest marks. During the opening weeks of the Civil War, multiple new editions of The Forerunner of Revenge poured from London's presses as hardliners worked to stiffen parliamentarian resolve for the military struggle against Charles I and his 'evil' advisers.

Throughout the war, parliamentarian writers reused the story of James's murder for their own advantage, but few could have predicted the stunning role that it would play at the very crisis of the English revolution. Forced to justify its vote to end negotiations with the king early in 1648, parliament published a scathing declaration detailing Charles I's legacy of misrule. Heading the list of charges against the king was the claim that Charles had dissolved parliament in 1626 to protect his father's murderer. The implication was clear: Charles had perverted the course of justice to cover up his own guilt.

Royalist pamphleteers reacted with horror to the implicit charge of parricide, an allegation that they feared would destroy the monarchy. But their deconstruction of the story's murky origins had only limited effect. That Charles I had murdered his father became a shibboleth of the radical cause.

Early in 1649, the regicides almost certainly considered incorporating the accusation into their formal charges against the king, and, if Charles had offered a plea at his trial, the prosecutor John Cook would have bolstered his depiction of the king's tyrannical misrule with allusions to James's murder. As the English republic struggled to shore up its legitimacy in the wake of Charles's execution, its newswriters returned repeatedly to the secret history of James's death: God had blasted the Stuart dynasty, they argued, and James's untimely demise was both a sign and a cause of God's righteous anger. Charles I had died, in part, for the original sin of his reign - the murder of James I." -(an admittedly poor source; cited for the ease of revealing the entirety of such a huge controversy, which is herein summed up in a well manner. Otherwise it would take many, many hours to accurately show) 

* 2. As stated in the afore-quoted History of the Jesuits by James Wylie.

* 3. See Cromwell's own account in his letters and speeches, and common accessible history.


Cromwell essentially revived the Kabbalist-Rosicrucian Orders as Freemasonry The Rosicrucian Order essentially created the Esoteric Branch of Freemasonry, and only they knew the secret meaning of Masonic symbols. According to legend, the Rosicrucian Order was founded by Egyptian "Ormusse" or "Licht-Weise" who emigrated to Scotland with the name "Builders from the East"; resurrected by Oliver Cromwell as "Freemasonry". Ormusse is the Society of Ormus (Serpent/Snake) East refers to the "Rising Sun"; this is why the Statue of Liberty and Angel Moroni face East. Puritan John Webster brought Rosicrucianism into universities as the "Language of Nature" Phi the Ratio of Life seen throughout Nature originated as the Phoenician Qoph or Q seen in the Jesuit group Anonymous and Q: Anonymous today https://theresnothingnew.com/articles/qanon/ So secretive eh?

Rosicrucian poet, John Milton wrote Paradise Lost and Paradise Regained; Cromwell's Foreign Secretary hid the Rosicrucian goal to re-create New Atlantis a return to LGBTQ Sins of the pre-Flood world seen today as the Rainbow Coalition. Rabbis began using the term Tikkun Olam "Repair the Earth" referring to returning to the Garden of Eden by building Heaven on Earth and killing everyone who disagrees with the "Great Work" The Golden Lion is an esoteric symbol used by the Evangelicals or Rosicrucians. Shamash the Babylonian Sun Lion can be seen all around Israel today and serves as the center candle of the Hanukkah Menorah Milton admits he wrote under direction of a medium/muse, a spirit who communicated with him as he slept; the same Witchcraft techniques used by Jospeh Smith to write the Book of Mormon and by Edgar Cayce the "Sleeping Prophet"

The Rosicrucian theme of Pantheism: God is everywhere, in all things, is all-knowing, all-loving is the All Seeing Eye on the $ONE; Coronavirus for example means "Crowned Serpent Venom" and was "Classified" a Pandemic meaning it affects "Pan=All + Deimos=People."

Erroneous claims: Cromwell "essentially revived the kabbalist-rosicrucian orders as freemasonry" 

Historic Truths: There is not a shred of evidence to support this outlandish claim, and on the contrary, their are plethora's of primary, and secondary sources to prove that Cromwell was a fervent Puritan (as already proved, to be a Puritan does not mean what the author spuriously, and ludicrously claims it does: but on the contrary tends to one who has a gracious, God-given understanding of the entirety of the Authorized Word of God), and defender of Christianity, the Received Texts, and a ruler who warred as a historically unique sovereign against the Jesuit Order in every way he could, and whom himself as a result of such valiant works for Good, finally succumbed to the Poisoned Cup, ministered at the hands of his Physician, on the order's of Jesuit Superior General Goschwin Nickel S.J., thereafter to be exhumed, tried, executed, beheaded, and put upon a spike for over a decade under direction by the same Jesuit General. 

That the entirety of this claim has it's root in One Source, namely "Abbé Larudan", an unknown author, whose identity is betrayed by the deception he (rather they) espoused from the work, and who it benefitted most: The Jesuit Order, the true founders of Freemasonry, as attested by dozens of sources, both Masonic, and 'profane'. 

Arthur Edward Waite, 33° Illuminized Freemason, Theosophist, Ariosophist, One of the Most Influential Members of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn & the Rosicrucian Society of England, and Founder of the Rosicrucian Fellowship of the Rosy Cross, themselves admit to this 'laughable' Jesuit-forgery in their writings. A fact attested as well by further incontrovertible sources.

Further err: Citing the already mentioned, extremely questionable (pertaining to possible maliciousness) and utterly historically erroneous www.angelfire.com's works on the Reformation.

"Bible Revision Committee

BF Westcott and FJA Hort rewrote underLYING texts for New Bible Versions aka a "New Reformation" "We stand in need of a new reformation on the foundation of the old, and especially on the foundation of the Bible, which is eternally new and from which many treasures are yet to be drawn-Phillip Schaff Jesus warned there was no Jot or Tittle out of place in the Word of God; the 7th Purified Word of God promised in Ps 12:6 being the Authorized Bible of 1611 was translated into English from Inspired Texts, not Gnostic tradition https://theresnothingnew.com/articles/authorized-bible-versus-new-bible-versions/ Revision of the Word of God coincided with the Zionist movement establishing the modern, British-Judaic, man-made state of Israel. Jesus is Shiloh, He came and was rejected; He will come again to gather His people (Gen 49:10); British=B'Rithish=Covenant of Birth; Esau married Canaanite wives (Canaan the "Cursed" product of incest between Ham and his Cainite mother) and achieves "Dominion" (Gen 27:39-41KJV) through the Common Wealth called Britain and their creation "Israel".

The Word of God was written in a advance of Creation. Pre-written, Infallible History (Prophecy) understandable (Prophesy 1 Cor 14) exactly as written by men moved by the Holy Ghost. We need Charity (Love of God; 1 Cor 13) not Reformation or Restoration of the true "Church"; it's been here all along."

Factual Claim: Wescott and Hort were Gnostic/Jesuit Agents.

This is readily agreed with, as there is ample proof and evidence to support the claim: the majority from their own pen! 

Erroneous Claim: "We need Charity (Love of God; 1 Cor 13) not Reformation or Restoration of the true "Church"; it's been here all along."

Historic Truth: Firstly, that we need Charity, is a true claim, as given throughout the Gospel (The author themselves seemingly could use some more, with all of the horridly deceptive, and wrongfully vilifying claims they have been making!).

(Perhaps further clarification from the author is necessary; as this is simply so ludicrous, I do not believe this was the authors intent in the claim; but rather they intended it to mean in the present, and not past; however, most will not understand this) No reformation or restoration of the true "church"? Friends, the very fact we have the ability to quote '1 Corininthians 13', or any verse, or even have the ability to possess the Bible without the danger of being burnt alive and hounded across Eurasia, is because we Did have Reformation, and a restoration of the true Church; as it had been nigh-completely (Apart from the small identifiable groups such as the Waldensians; which the author claims were gnostics, without a shred of proof) extirpated from the face of the earth through centuries of labor of the Roman Curia; and peradventure the author would claim that the true church did exist throughout those centuries, I would ask quite confoundedly, how can you speak as so, when you have vilified all identifiable groups of the True Church, such as the Waldensians, as being Gnostics? 

 To make the utterly mad claim that merely because the Church has always existed, nullifies the need to Reform, when the very idea of the existence of the Universal Church required a Reformation to produce it, through the indefatigable labors of decades, sprinkled with the lifeblood of tens of thousands of men women, and children, (the majority believing in the gospel doctrine of what has been designated 'calvinism', including James I and the majority of the translators of the KJV), shows further the utter ignorance the author of these claims, pertaining to History, and Reality itself. 

Readers, it is strongly recommended to refrain from using the website thereisnothingnew.com, for, as shewn, the degrees of deception spread on the website, far outweigh any truth spread, and "A little leaven leaveneth the whole lump." 

The majority of such deception exposed up in till now, generally, has been Historic and Temporal in nature.

However, The Doctrinal Heresy spread on the website, is, to say it lightly; Deadly. 

A few heretical claims made by the author, to deter any readers from visiting such a website, for Doctrinal matters as well as Temporal History:

"God's Name is Jesus/JESUS; invoking God, YHWH, Heavenly Father, or Christ won't work

Perhaps there is needed some clarification; however it would appear, and could be easily assumed by readers, that the Lord's Prayer, and countless 'benedictions' and words of the Apostles, didn't work because they used God, and Father.

(It cannot be grasped fully due to lack of adequate material; however, from that which the Author has written, it can be deduced that they do not believe in God the Father, and instead have created for themselves a heretical belief that Jesus Christ, the Son of God, is God the Father as well,  obliterating the "Person" of God the Father as the scriptures so plainly teach;  throwing the entirety of the Gospels, and Old Testament, into utter confusion; deceiving those who believe their unscriptural heresy)

"Holy means "To Separate" as does the Greek version Ekklesia.

Lack of further explanation can be eternally deadly. Holiness comes from Born-again Christian's imputed righteousness from Jesus, The daily mortification of Sin, and keeping Jesus's Commandments and statutes through Grace ministered by the Holy Ghost! This repeatedly stated doctrine that holiness is only "being separate", without any further depth in which the Apostles gave, can lead to Licentiousness, and lawlessness. 

)"Jesus is Father, Son, Holy Ghost and Word made Flesh

Jesus, the Son of God, is God the Father? Friends, believe what Jesus, and the Apostles said, and not potentially deadly heresies based off of one private interpretation of 1 John 5:7, which is against 'countless' other verses of scripture. None of the KJV translators believed this terrible private interpretation.  This false-teaching obliterates the "Person" of God the Father as the scriptures so plainly teach exists: the amount of private interpretation all who believe this must use to maintain this heresy while reading Any book of the New Testament, must be significant.

When you're the only one in the entirety of the Online-World (Historically there has existed none that profess such an absurd heresy, either) making such a theological claim, it's high-time to Reform your beliefs.

"The Unforgivable Sin is Blasphemy of the Holy Ghost; all new bibles commit this Sin as do readers of new bibles." 

That's a bold claim! Is the Author prepared to stand behind it at the Judgment? It's wagered at least half of the viewers who will read that absurd claim have read a New bible Translation, which can very well therein lead to great distress, deathly sorrow and despair. 

All times within scripture the Unforgivable sin happened, it was done Consciously, not Ignorantly; such a claim imputes quite an evil to God. 

"Saints? Everybody is a Sinner; time to discard Calvin's BS!"

Not quite. All are indeed sinners, but that doesn't mean none are saints. Christ's Forgiveness, imputed righteousness, and the striving of His people through His Grace to live within the commands and statutes of the Gospel makes people saints! 

Calvins "BS" (that's filthy language, commanded by God not to use!)? 

Time to read The Word of God, instead of private interpretations and vain attempts to vilify godly dead men. The Word Saint is used 62 times in the New Testament.

"The Christian "Church" is Holy and Ecclesia which both mean Separate. They are not in brick made Cathedrals, Mosques, Shrines, Church Buildings or Temples. Born Again Christians are not part of a Denomination "

This is an example of the aforestated heresy of their meaning of Holiness in full affect: By one private interpretation, while excluding other verses which demand for Christians to be gathered together, with strict forbiddance not to (Hebrews 10:25, among others), the author erroneously denounces that all who do follow the Word of God's command to congregate together, are actually not Born-Again.

The spreading of this potentially damnable heresy, is perhaps one of the worst repeated private interpretations this false-teacher promulgates: For to those who believe them, and bring such error to heart, it results in the absolutely unscriptural isolation of believers (which thereto can cause hosts of other spiritually deadly defects; the least of all not being having no accountability), and the bigoted and heretical belief that all who do follow scripture's command to be members of a visible body, are unregenerate, or at the least deceived.

Were those who gathered together in Acts, and as shewn throughout the rest of the New Testament, unsaved, un-reborn, deceived sin-marked men doomed for the lake of fire? 


And neither were ALL of the translators of the KJV, and the millions of other men who followed the commands of scripture before, and after those remarkable years in England. 

"Calvinism relies on 5 articles of faith. 1. Total Depravity 2. Unconditional Election to Salvation 3. Limited Atonement 4. Irresistible Grace 5. Fixed Pre-Destination. All 5 are Damnable Heresies."

The five tenants of "calvinism" are Damnable Heresies? As stated before: If this is true, then Tyndale, King James I, all but 1 KJV translator, and thousands of other reputable figures were unsaved, died damned, and the KJV isn't the perfected word of God (Having been worked on by men still indwelt by the spirit which works in the children of disobedience).

Friends, it's time to read the Word of God without private interpretations, or blinding believing false teachers. 

"T.U.L.I.P." shall be hereafter touched lightly on the first point (as all the others hinge on this tenet), in a manner commonly overlooked, and one that it is hoped will appeal to the Author's affinity to the Mystery of Iniquity, and evil:

 Total Depravity: 

"And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil."

- John 3:19 KJV

"In meekness instructing those that oppose themselves; if God peradventure will give them repentance to the acknowledging of the truth;

And that they may recover themselves out of the snare of the devil, who are taken captive by him at his will."

-2 Timothy 2:25-26 KJV

"And you hath he quickened, who were dead in trespasses and sins; Wherein in time past ye walked according to the course of this world, according to the prince of the power of the air, the spirit that now worketh in the children of disobedience: Among whom also we all had our conversation in times past in the lusts of our flesh, fulfilling the desires of the flesh and of the mind; and were by nature the children of wrath, even as others. But God, who is rich in mercy, for his great love wherewith he loved us, Even when we were dead in sins, hath quickened us together with Christ, (by grace ye are saved;)" - Ephesians 2:1-5 KJV

There are dozens of other verses, and arguments which can be made to support the truth that we, prior to conversion, were utterly lost, with no inherent ability to choose to believe: However, I have personally found the reality of Satan and the fallen man, to be the strongest point to prove it.

How, do you suggest, does one in of themselves, believe the gospel, when they are "dead in trespasses and sins", "loving darkness rather than light" walking "according to the course of this world, according to the prince of the power of the air, the spirit that now worketh in the children of disobedience", "fulfilling the desires of the flesh and of the mind", being "Taken captive by him at his will"

Without encroaching to the Reformed (Scriptural) truth that we had no ability to produce faith and it was entirely grace and we in of ourselves contributed no works to it, One must suggest that Satan would relinquish his power for some moments, and allow the fallen man to believe the word Preached, and refrain himself from taking such words away (Matthew 13:9). Therein stating in effect that Satan has the ability to will for men to be saved. (This there also supposes that man, even when not restrained by an eternally evil adversary, would even want to believe: which is in further contradiction to the Word.)

Such is utterly insane, and would therein give way for the possibility for Satan, and his legion of billions of fallen angels to repent unto the truth which is an unthinkable heresy.

The truth, is that,

"Regeneration precedes Faith"

We ourselves could NOT believe, being thoroughly corrupted in our moral inclinations, dead in trespasses and sins, loving the darkness more than the light, and hating god (John 3:20). And, if one were to deny these (and more) scriptural truths of our state of "total depravity", the final straw is that we were possessed, and incarnated by Disembodied Angels which are subject through the strictest supernatural discipline (Luke 11:17-18) to an eternally evil disembodied cherubim, whose only purpose is to consume, and destroy the souls of men. (Genesis 3:14)

The only way to believe, according to scriptural truth, being in such a state of Total Demonic Depravity; is through the Grace of God who Gives us the ability to believe: And thus it is no longer 0f works, but of Grace. 

We did not choose him first, He chose us first and Gave us the ability to believe. 

For further scriptural refutation of the Author's claim on the point of Total Depravity:

The following aforementioned works shall also avail to much: for the entirety of these scriptural truths: 'John Gill's The Cause of God and Truth, John Owen's "A display of Arminianism" The death of death in the death of Christ", Jonathan Edward's "Freedom of the Will", Thomas Vincent's "the shorter catechism explained from scripture", among many others which can be sought out, some from the Pen of King James I themselves.

Unconditional Election:

As it has been shown, man is unable to turn of himself to God, because of this spiritual inability, being completely captive to the god of this world; the destroyer himself. Why then does God help those who do come to believe? does he see anything in them to make him do so? Nay. It is unconditional; he does not see any preexisting condition to move him to grant those who believe, the gift of faith.
It relies entirely on the sovereign good pleasure of God, since the fallen man is absolutely and totally unable to respond of himself to God, and produce faith/belief unto the truth. 

Hereafter, it shall be left to the late R.C Sproul, and the still living John Piper, to Defend these Scriptural Truths, which has been understood to be true by so many (it is trusted I need not state who, it having been stated so many times throughout this treatise).

 Limited Atonement:

Irresistible Grace:

Perseverance of the Saints:

Those who will not willfully deny the Historic Truths presented throughout the defense, and more importantly the Authority of the Word of God, and continue in rebellious, self-exalting heresies, it is trusted shall be able to, at the least, begin to see the scriptural truths of what is now called (much to John's dismay; he specifically did not want any sort of grand name-recognition) Calvinism.   

As stated before, the listed and refuted heresies, are only Some of which are to be found on the Author's website: Such is the result of the sad and woeful condition of continually rejecting the truth so plainly available through the Visible Church (having systematically falsely vilified them all; descending to such low degrees so as to appeal to the Protocols of Zion, and other blatantly Anti-Jewish writings to support their err), and it's Laborer's sent by God; and the terrible result of continually rejecting brotherly admonition for reform:

For, as much as it grieves me to say, the Author has already been admonished, more than twice, on numerous faults, all of which were refused by them to correct: by writing this lengthy, and time consuming work, I myself am committing Err by going against the Command of the Apostle Paul in Titus 3:9-11; However, in light of such err, I appeal to the secondary cause of writing this article: that those who believe the same as the Author, may, by the Grace of God, be saved from such Terrible Deceptions, Insidious-Lies, and potentially Damnable Heresies.

Instead of going to privately interpreting false teachers of both the Word of God and History, how about we go to Learned and Godly men that the Jesuit Order hates with an "infernal" passion?  

The aforementioned works of Puritans such as Owens & Edwards, and more recent teachers such as Sproul, Packer, Piper, and therein countless others, shall avail to far, far, more edification (through the grace of God!) than anything offered from this website, or thereisnothingnew.com

"Whether therefore ye eat, or drink, or whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God."

All of this treatise has been written for the Glory of God, and therein the edification, and defense, of the beloved Saints, both asleep and alive, of the Lord Jesus Christ; who themselves, it is trusted, shall far more adequately edify, and defend the saints, from now, to eternity.